SWTOR: Bounty Hunter Music and the Womp Rat Blues

Bounty Hunter Music

Okay just humor me for a minute. There’s not much to watch in the video and it’s short, it’s all about the sound. I have at least one of each SWTOR class, although I think I might have three Smugglers, not sure how that happened. But my Bounty Hunter undoubtedly is my favorite and I’m pretty sure the sound of her missiles is why.

Poor girl is trying to save money. Her gear is whatever she finds for the most part, but she doesn’t care how long it takes to kill something, she is just getting down with that Bounty Hunter music. There is such a visceral feeling of power with that sound, I’m a literal killing machine, aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhh … oh God, somebody stop me before I kill again. What? I’m a Bounty Hunter, I don’t have to stop? Yesssss!

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be using skills based on the sound they make but I just can’t help it!

The sound of a Bounty Hunter echoes for a fair distance. When I hear it echo through the hills, I think … Oh, my homies are near … I’m rolling with my homies … my brethren in arms, killing things with giant missiles, flamethrowers, two blasters … sigh, life is good.

I think the last sound that affected me to this extend was the THX Sound Effect. I love that thing, but this is better.

Womp Rat Blues

So last time I talked about SWTOR I think I promised I’d go out and find some information that was at least as exciting as speeders for you swtorers … swtorians? Do we have a name yet? This is proving harder than I thought. I have some info but it’s no where near as exciting as speeders are, but I’m trying okay.

I was speeding around Tatooine questing and killing things to level my bioanalysis when I noticed I had an extra … what … buff? On further investigation I found that I had contracted Womp Rat Fever and I mean it’s serious, you can die from that stuff. I was understandably nervous. Since I’m a big tough Bounty Hunter I refrained from running around screaming, “Help me! OH NO, somebody help me!”

I thought I’d better hurry and seek medical attention and found every Medical Droid I checked had the cure for sale, the Czerka VX-736 Injector. Buy that baby and you’re good to go, right as rain again.

Security Chests

Yeah I know, not as good as speeder info but in case you haven’t seen these yet, there are Security Chests that can be found almost anywhere. I’ve started checking any empty building I come across because I’ve made a few thousand credits from Security Chests in vacant buildings. I’m not going to farm for them but I do keep an eye out, free credits are a good thing.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got right now. Since the thrill is not gone from WoW for me, be patient, I’m working double shifts here. I need to get out there with my missiles, and AAARGH, burn baby burn … oh, sorry. I meant I need to get back to my class quest and hopefully find more new and interesting news. Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. You might want to check out Psynister’s Notebook, long a source for solid WoW information, he’s now sharing SWTOR tips with leveling guides soon to follow!

I think Joan Jett is a perfect accompaniment to the sound of missiles and blasters, don’t you?

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