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Yesterday I did the self-portrait above. I do this kind of stuff when I’m upset. Maybe a year or so ago I wouldn’t have been caught off-guard by a comment, but no one has ever been anything but nice here … so yeah … I was lulled into a false sense of security. We’re all friends here I thought, and then I got my feelings hurt by a comment.

My problem is, when I get a compliment I tend to think, oh, they’re just being nice. When I’m told something negative I just jump right on that bandwagon. They’re right, I’m awful, what was I thinking. I should just shut up, go out in the garden and eat worms. If negativity is directed at me I just seem to embrace it. I don’t get mad, I get depressed and accept I deserved it. After the worm-eating stage I then vent by doing self-portraits. Which is lucky, as when I’m really, really, angry I lose my words, seriously. My vocabulary shrinks to one word, you know the one, and I scream it using it as noun, verb, adjective, etc.

If you’re such a delicate little flower perhaps you should be writing in a padlocked diary instead of on the freaking internet, stupid. But that would be giving in and if nothing else I am stubborn, so no, I’m not.

I deleted the comment so fast it’s as though I thought it carried the Ebola virus but to paraphrase it said more or less, that I was unqualified to speak about WoW and should stop. Apparently, and in fairness to me I didn’t know this, you have to raid to be qualified to write about WoW. I was stunned, a lot of, probably most of the commenters here raid. They’ve never taken me aside and said … Ancient … come on now … no one wants to hear your adventures as Wolfie McLonewolf.

I dug out some other pictures I’ve done under the affect of varying amounts of self-loathing.

This one is work related and I call it “Just a Few Changes.” I don’t think it needs any explanation, I think EVERYONE has heard that one before. Yes, I did. The blood on my teeth is what was left of my employer.

The one above was after my traditional, homemade, Christmas Ginger Snap cookies failed to, I don’t know, cook. They lay flatter than pancakes. This didn’t upset me too much and I learned from it. Don’t use baking soda that’s possibly ten or twelve years old, so it was a learning experience.

This last one I did because I don’t know how much longer I can, or what I’ll have to end up doing, in the battle to try to retain even a semblance of attractiveness. This one’s so last year. I have given up. I don’t care anymore, I am free!

So anyway, I was left with a decision. What to do. Continue writing this unlicensed WoW blog and possibly risk the wrath of more players? What are my options?

Take GoDaddy up on that tomeoftheelderly domain name and blog about fighting off becoming elderly? Because really, I’m fighting that one. Elderly is going to have to drag me kicking and screaming because I’m not going willingly when my time comes. I could offer advice and health tips, like take up gaming to improve your hand-eye coordination and stuff.

Could I start a SWTOR blog? Do you think having done Black Talon twice is enough street cred? Or would I be drummed out of SWTOR blogdom too?

I’m feeling a lot better. Between the self-portrait and writing about it I feel almost back to normal. So I’ve decided to STAY HERE AND ANNOY YOU. Oh, not you, I didn’t mean you, I meant the person who commented and caused all this.

Oh, and the whole thing may have hit me harder than it would have normally because once again, WordPress and Blogger aren’t speaking so I’ve been hitting PUBLISH, over and over on blogs I read and nothing. I started to get paranoid that they had a unlicensed WoW blogger filter on their blogs. I know silly, but I did.

So my next blog post … let me see … what would be supremely annoying. I have it! It will be “A WoW Soloist’s Bucket List,” by Wolfie McLonewolf.


34 Responses to “Unlicensed WoW Blog”

  1. Rubbish – your blog, you write what you want to write. End of story.

    I never once blogged about raiding (aside from how pleased I was when I stopped!) when I was blogging about WoW.

    People make a choice to read your blog. They can also make a choice to NOT read it. That’s their problem, not yours. As I no longer play, I value the writings of those that write about something other than raiding possibly more than those who do write about it.

    You did the right thing – delete the comment, get the self loathing out the way (if it has to be there at all, it’s ok, I get that it does. I’m similar…) and carry on regardless.

    • Thank you Imp, I’m glad you understood the self-loathing part because try as I might I can’t keep from doing it.

      I’m hoping next time I can just delete it and go on without having a whole bad reaction, doing creepy self-portraits day.

  2. You tell ’em Ancient. I’m sure it feels good to get that off your chest and I wouldn’t say you’d be needing that domain name any time soon. Keep writing what you write, there are more than enough of us who love reading your words – and I loved the pics too.

    • Thanks Cymre! I felt kind of bad posting about it. I mean if I can’t take the heat, stay out of the fire and the internet is definitely the fire!

      But after getting over being hurt about it, it then annoyed me that this person was taking it on themselves to act like they were speaking for people who raid which just isn’t so.

      I’m glad you liked the creepy pics!

  3. That’s horrible as well as being rather ridiculous logic.

    You can’t write about WoW, which covers a whole variety of activities because you don’t raid?…

    Yes, not partaking in one small subset of the game means you aren’t qualified to write about all the other stuff. Oh wait!

    There will always be jerks (or trolls) out there who want to be more than they are, whether they show this by not letting little goats cross bridges or trying to put clever, kind people down. Whilst drowning them in a river is a bit extreme, ignoring them is the best course of action.

    Of course, artwork in which they are drowned in effigy would work too πŸ˜€

    I’d glad you chose to stick around.

    Also the bottom picture is exceedingly creepy.

    • The bottom picture was done after I had to spend 600.00 paying a dermatologist to cut off a mole and burn off 3 other stupid things in various places. I started wondering if I had the staying power or the money to keep with looking good, lol!

      That is the best idea ever, next time I get a disturbing comment I will do a portrait of them instead!

  4. Tome: Haven’t you learned how to spot trolls yet? If anything, that you got a reaction from one says that your blog is being very well-read and received, my talented and beautiful blogging friend! Now I’m kind of jealous that no one has said a negative comment on mine. Not many comments at all. There is a key word search that’s appeared a few times called “firestarter cougar.” That one fascinates me.

    Young druid was watching me put together my stupid little movie yesterday, and I can only imagine what he thought of Luperci’s role in the “pool hall” scene. Point being, my blog embarrasses, whines, laughs, and informs. If the trolls don’t like it, they can kiss my goatcheese.

    Your self-portraits remind me of all the ones I did when I was in undergrad working on my BFA, except mine were of me being witchy and mysterious. Now – consider this: your reminder of self-portraits has now created a concentric circle of creativity – I am going to use this idea at work, and it will affect and engage MANY people. See how that works? One pebble in the pond, and out pours love?

    Raiders-bah. Good raiders, like Manalicious’ blog, or I Like Bubbles, or hell, even that lofty theorycrafter Sacred Duty, are true heroes–kind, upstanding folks who want to inform, not tear down. And anyone who has ever stepped hoof or toe in a raid will tell you, the man behind the curtain is a blowhard. What if our own world was made up of nothing but ten-man teams who fought others? I’d much rather live in an expansive universe of players (and I mean people) who make the world, virtual or otherwise, a great place to be. Consider again, why we play–if not for this game, and if not for blogging, I wouldn’t have a new friend like you.


    PS Don’t feed the trolls. They love salted-heart with a side of tears and self-esteem.

    • First, yes, That Cynwise can write. He is the ultimate raider of writers to me. And it’s so fun to get Cynwise snippets on Twitter too even though he’s a Meerkat there.

      It’s my first mean comment. I have had a mildly mean one on YouTube but I was steeled for that as they’re a tough crowd and for some reason it just got me giggling because it was sort of true. If some of my videos are watched on YouTube without the blog context they are sort of stupid!

      I’m happy the self-portrait memory gave you an idea for work! I’d say 90% of my blog ideas are from all the blogs I read, I’d sputter down to nothing without them.

      Thanks Matty, and I like the new videos in case Blogger won’t let me in again!

      • *cough* Speaking of which, have you looked at your Twitter followers lately? Any Clark Kents masquerading as Supermans out there?

        I took down that last video because it really is awful, by my standards. Going to reshoot it–it was way, “Let’s put on a show!” spontaneous mess. I can do better.

        Yours, Firestarter Cougar πŸ™‚

  5. Good choice! Stay put and “annoy” those trolls/jerkbutts and many other descriptions I could easily come up with. Including the formation of lynching partys. ( I could easily see a 40-man coming to your defense! lol)

    Azeroth needs it’s heros, imho, you’re one of them.

  6. Should I change my avatar name to “Firestarter Cougar?”

    • Oh you absolutely must!!!!

    • Can’t reply to the one I want to reply to so I’ll try this. Just looked at Twitter followers, oh gosh, give me a bigger hint. I don’t thing you’re Maeve89, Un peu de tout, beaucoup de n’importe quoi πŸ™‚

      I can’t follow her cause I don’t know what she just said. Which I hate, such an underachiever with only one language.

      Okay my next guess would be Sahen, then I’m stumped!

  7. Oh, geeze! If not raiding means you can’t write about WoW… what the heck am _I_ going to do? My blog doesn’t have a lot of advice, experience, lore, tips, tricks, and/or relevant pictures! Just a crazy guy rambling about extremely random things!

    I often get discouraged when I get a nasty comment. Or no comments. Or good things happen. I just try to keep going and remember to stick with what I always argued in my college writing courses: “Write what you want. Your audience will find you. Because no matter what you write, someone will eventually enjoy it.” And clearly, plenty of people have found you and like it! ^_-

    • Hi Vry! Thanks for the good advice, I remember when I started the blog I tried to be more serious (than I actually am) finally gave up and decided to just be goofy me and I’m having more fun.

      Serious, I get enough of irl, now a crazy guy rambling, that’s all good!

  8. You could write about rainbows and unicorns and still call it a WoW blog, because it’s YOUR blog, and if you miscategorize it, well, no one looking for WoW stuff will come read it.

    I know I enjoy your adventures, so keep doing what’s fun πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Windsoar! I think that’s what makes WoW the place I’ll never leave until forcibly removed by Blizzard, everyone can make their own fun in the world and it’s a big world!

  9. Like the others said – do your own thing, love. Don’t worry about others.
    In a way, I’m reminded of a recent post by Matticus on way’s to drink coffee. (Sorry can’t remember the link). Even non-trolls play the game different ways. I’m so casual it’s not funny (20 toons none over 60 πŸ™‚ )but I have a blast. Everyone rolls differently. You go girl! Your way or no way.

    • Oh, I saw a link somewhere to Matticus’s post yesterday and meant to read it, I’ll have to go find it.

      Thanks, Martin. I’m glad it happened now rather than when I started the blog or I might have run away from the computer altogether so I guess I’m a little tougher.

      Yes, it really never occurred to me that people thought you should play WoW only one way. I find a million alts and crafting and doing old dungeons tons of fun.

  10. Just FYI: I have a bazillion or so blogs on my feeder, just in case I am in the mood to read…Yours is one of maybe 3-4 that I ALWAYS read as soon as I see that you have posted. Your writing is great, but most of what I love about your blog is your unique voice and point of view. NEVER GIVE IN TO ASSHATS! Keep on writing, you are one of the best out there – seriously.

    • Oh, thank you so much Imraith. I feel guilty now for whining, because I really have so many great readers that I shouldn’t run around like chicken little when one comment is negative. But then, that’s kinda me irl too.

      I’m taking Erinys advice and constructing an asshat attack dog. If I get another attack he will smite them!

  11. That’s just silly hun. It’s the internet, you’re free to do as you please (within lawful reason). It’s not as if you were trying to pawn off terrible raiding tips as fact, you’re simply babbling about what you enjoy in YOUR little corner of the internet. If he/she has a problem with it, why, there’s a navigation bar at the top of the page. The snarkier ones who have nothing better to do may chime in with what sounds to be raiding elitist rubbish, see if you bite at the troll bait, and have a twisted laugh.

    It definitely sounds as if this person was trolling you. In this case, since the comment was not constructive criticism, deletion was probably the wisest choice. You didn’t feed the troll. /high five!

    I know that I’m not the only person who enjoys hearing about your adventures and thoughts about WoW. Last I checked that game wasn’t just for the raiders, the PvPers, the RPers, but for all of those I just mentioned and more. I think you’re in the right company, buggy comment systems be damned!

    Love the looks of the art pieces, by the way. Many are twisted with the frustration, and yet so amazingly vibrant. I envy your talents greatly.


    • Thanks Saz, although I always think I’m prepared, I’m really not. It’s a shock when you realize some unknown person is trying to make some other person they don’t even know unhappy. And what’s worse I let them do it.

      Thank you, I collect things like squirrel skulls, turtle shells, scans of crumpled aluminum foil, lol, everything and then take random body parts out of photos and see what comes out. Except the diner which was done in a low budget 3D program.

  12. I could write a whole essay as a response here, but I’ll try and contain myself.

    This person had no right to silence you, they were probably just disgruntled that they were looking for info about how to be a jerk in LFR and clicked on one of your naked posts getting upset they didn’t find what they were looking for, but that’s the logic of such people.

    When I started blogging, I was convinced I was going to get trolled right out again. I guess reading my realm’s forum both prepared me but also did some damage to what I expected of blogging.

    And I have had a few nasty comments, but far less than I expected. They weren’t too lengthy and some of them I didn’t even understand, so I deleted them. But I also want you to know, that even if you let a negative comment through, there’s a whole army ready to take him/her down, just look at the comments above! You’d have a whole choir of barking commenters!

    We’re all in the same boat, a lot of us write about random stuff as well.
    Don’t get demotivated, we’re a lot of people who enjoy your writing.

    • Thanks Ironyca, I’ve often found it strange that in game and in forums there is so much unwarranted nastiness and yet I’ve found WoW bloggers (who play the same game) to be some of the nicest people.

      If it happens again I really don’t think it’s going to upset me as much because like you said, we all have A LOT of support!

  13. Ancient, look at all your supporters here! Every single one of us comes to your blog to read about your thoughts on WoW. Raiding is a TINY part of WoW, there is so much more. I wanted to wait and read everything that people write before I wrote my bit because when I read your post yesterday I was outraged and had to take some time to think carefully about what I wanted to say.

    It felt to me like some of those nasties in LFR had just come out and stepped into your blog. BLEH!!!

    If I wanted to read a blog on raiding, I have so many to choose from. I come here to read about fun things, the solo things, the challenges you can give yourself in WoW, and because I like that someone out there likes all that other non raiding stuff that I like so much (though there are lots of people out there who write about that non raiding stuff that I also like to read *cough* Cymre).

    Everyone gets bad comments. I only had a few, but people rallied to my support when idiots put me down on my blog. And that’s what happened here!

    ❀ your Blog Ancient πŸ™‚ Who cares what one little troll says when 100 others say good stuff πŸ™‚

    • I know! I don’t think I’ll ever let a comment upset me again when I know we all have so much backup from other bloggers.

      And I read your posts about raiding although I don’t do it. I don’t know what it is about them but I feel like I’m a part of the raid when I read them.

      I was so excited when I saw you on Wowinsider!!! That’s Navi!!! Hey, that’s Navi The Rhyming Machine and Healer Supreme!!

      (Does that count as a rhyme? Took me forever to think it up, that rhyming stuff is hard.)

  14. Oh, Ancient! I missed this yesterday — but what can I say that hasn’t already been said? That person was trolling you, and what they said is their bad attitude problem, not yours. You did the right thing by deleting the comment immediately — now, don’t let its contents bother you any longer!
    Personally, I enjoy the different perspective you have.

    • Thank you Kamalia. I’m afraid I’m always so eager to embrace anything negative anyone says about me I don’t always stop and think.

      IRL and here on the blog I try to find the humor in things as sometimes it’s the only defense against life, the bad parts anyway.

      Now thanks to all the kinds comments I think I’m back to normal!

  15. Comments say more about the commenter than about what they’re commenting upon. It’s a lot easier to destroy than it is to create, to tear down instead of build up. Negative comments (and I think we all get our share) make me feel sorry for the other person.

    Looks like you’ve already moved on, which is a great thing! πŸ™‚

    (Let me join in the chorus praising your art, btw. Really nice stuff!)

    • Thanks Cyn! I have to draw monsters every once in while to get them out of my head.

      I did move on rather quickly for me, I was so touched by all the kind comments. I really don’t think I’ll have such a bad knee-jerk reaction when it happens again. Next time I’ll take a breath and try to wonder what went so wrong in their day to cause it and not take it so personally.

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