Website Protection by Tiny, Angry, Holiday Baby

I’m not sure this is necessary, but after the recent attack by a troll I’ve retained the services of a website protection company. They seem to be rather new but really, really, scary … I mean scarier than a troll in my opinion. And they are angry, really, really, angry. I wouldn’t mess with them.

Yesterday I had to clear the use of their imagery with the top guy and I got the go ahead so I’ll share it with you in case you want to contact them about a troll problem. I’ll put their logo up too, so trolls will know I have 24 hour protection here.

Sorry, after being semi-quiet yesterday I find I can’t stop talking. Maybe two posts today to get it out of my system.

I have to say I was astounded by the support of WoW bloggers when I had my little hissy fit the other day. I knew WoW bloggers were nice but I still got all teary-eyed from the show of support. Thank you all. You managed to shake me out of my pity party and I’m pretty sure I don’t need angry baby to protect me anymore … but they work real cheap so it can’t hurt.

In retrospect, I think Ironyca put her finger on the problem. What could I have expected? All that nude, naked teasing I did. It was bound to really enrage someone who came here looking for nudes … AND FOUND NOTHING!! Can you blame them for wanting to lash out? Thank you Ironyca, after your comment sunk in I laughed so hard imagining that scenario!

Since I wanted to be far away from the computer yesterday to avoid the temptation to post, my daughter and I went to have lunch with my Mom. It went okay … the player piano in the lobby must be broken, no show tunes. Thank all that’s holy … so I managed to survive. I really wonder if I get to the age that I’m living in a senior community will the player pianos be playing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” or will they still be rocking show tunes?

Okay, I should stop. I’m being told it’s time to patrol the neighborhood with my neighborhood protection dogs. I’m all about protection today. And oh, angry baby, this one’s for you.

Note: No tiny, angry baby fingers were pried into that configuration … it just comes natural to some. Hang in there Mommy.

10 Responses to “Website Protection by Tiny, Angry, Holiday Baby”

  1. Rolly McEyeballs Says:

    Ha, and we thought she was a little pixie when she was born…little did we know.

    • So see, it’s not you letting her watch Nickelodeon causing behavior problems. There were early signs … we just didn’t pay attention.

      Let’s hope she can sing, maybe she can start a band to channel her aggression and since the tiny wild child will probably want tattoos soon, they won’t look out of place!

  2. I only have one issue with this post, and that is Angry Baby works cheap. Oh no, not in my experience. Pound-for-pound, they are very pricey. Usually worth it though.


    (Love the link to Ironyca’s site–thank you! However, if logic dictates that a troll trolled you while trolling because he was disappointed in not finding any, well, other images for personal enjoyment, then I would be flooded with troll droppings. But, now I have fodder for another post…gracias!)

    • LOL, they sure aren’t cheap are they! And we can’t figure out where this one came from, her personality bears no resemblance to anyone on either side of the family. Maybe she’s a throwback to the wild west. I can definitely see her killing her share of internet dragons much to her Mommy’s horror.

      Well you just be careful Matty, teasing trolls can be dangerous business indeed, as I found out.

      Oh good, I’m always glad to provide fodder since I get all mine from all you guys!

  3. I’m happy to see you back with full force, that’s right, show them nasty trolls the tiny angry holiday baby face!!!
    Maybe I should get one of those in case it’s my turn…

  4. LOL Ancient! All your fault now I have to churn out another post!

  5. Welcome back friend! 🙂

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