WoW Bucket List or the Dangers of Feralas

I’ve been feeling bad about not organizing a bucket list of things to do before Mists arrives. I thought I had one but after taking screen shots of Theramore I realized that’s really all I had on my bucket list.

What to do … what to do.

I have favorite locations in Azeroth. I’m a sightseer. I like to hang around in isolated spots waiting for the NPCs to go off script cause they know nobody else is around. I just KNOW they’re going to do it, I just need to be patient. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m still hopeful. I thought I’d travel to Feralas and kind of commune with an Ancient about it, seemed appropriate. I love Feralas, I even still love Dire Maul after all the Insane grinding there. I spent some time with an Ancient at Feathermoon Stronghold in deep meditation and finally sorted things out.

My blog should really be called something like “Go Ahead, I’ll Catch Up, I’m an Expansion Behind You” because I haven’t seen most of the dungeons in Wrath, forget about Cata dungeons. I thought about getting to 50 exalted reps but just wasn’t feeling it. So I decided to try to see as many unseen dungeons as possible … before, you know … I start dying too much. And then I found this great guide for the Lunar Festival at Achievements Ahoy, so I can do Elders of the Dungeons at the same time. I had it almost finished but it was reset by Cata. So, Ta Da!

My Bucket List

See as many unseen dungeons as possible before Mists

That’s it! And I might try to pick up a few exalteds along the way.

Okay, mission accomplished. Thanks, Ancient One.

So I was there in Feralas and I thought, you know, you can’t really come here and not visit the Twin Colossals. Yeah, well nothing is ever easy is it?

The view from the top is incredible, well worth the trip. I was enjoying it, but Kalin Windflight kept pestering me about buying his parachute. Sometimes I think fishing all alone up there, all the time, is making him a little … you know, looney.

He hasn’t gotten the word yet about flying in Azeroth maybe. Anyway, I told him I didn’t need one, thanks, I’m a Druid, I can fly. I felt kind of bad. Maybe I should have just bought one. I don’t know what his financial situation is.

I jumped, and yeah. I forgot I’d rebound my flight key. Dead. I heard Kalin call down, “How’s that whole I don’t need a parachute I can fly, I’m a Druid, thing working out for you?” Now that I remember, he always was a Mr. Smarty Pants.

And things just got worse. I smacked into a ledge about half way down. I released and tried to fly up to my body in wisp form. Duh, can’t fly in wisp form here. I don’t know how long I tried to jump, hop and hop-jump up to my body, but I finally gave in and went back to the spirit healer and the whole thing cost me 34 gold. I should have bought his parachute.

Did I learn something? Yes, no more nostalgia tripping about how good everything was back in the day. Many things were great back in vanilla, but not being able to collect your corpse and having to use the spirit healer, ugh, not one of them.

And next time I visit Feralas, I’m getting Kalin back. I mean he could have thrown me a rope or something, geez.

12 Responses to “WoW Bucket List or the Dangers of Feralas”

  1. LOL, I remember showing the Twin Colossals to a friend of mine and the exact thing happened to him, only he used his parachute as soon as he jumped. Wanted me to rez him all the way up the mountain. Not a chance at that height, then he got lost trying to find his way back to the spirit healer. Hilarious.

    • Oh no! Well I guess progress is a good thing as at least we now have that “Return to Graveyard” button, I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure we didn’t have that way back then.

  2. I’ve had to perilously climb down that cliff face a few times to res people who misused their parachutes 😀

    Rebinding flight form/levitate/slowfall is always a bad idea. I have plunged to my death more than once in “humorous” circumstances.

    • I know! I put it back to the old way after that. Apparently my mind just can’t make the shift to the new keybind, lol.

      And I admit, it’s not the first death I’ve had there either. That parachute is Blizzard’s way of trying to teach us to READ before you leap!

  3. Going on hour 17 of no innereargnat service….so many posts to write, clogging the pipes! Say a prayer for me…and thank you for the sightseeing tip! I am also an expansion behind…

    • OMG!!! Matty, that’s horrifying! I don’t know what I’d do if that happened. You are in my thoughts, I’m wishing real hard for restoration as soon as possible. I feel your pain!

  4. You’re right, no ‘return to graveyard’ back then, ugh 😦
    I recall one time I couldn’t reach my corpse to rez, and could’nt find my way back out to the spirit healer as well. Just sorta got stuck. Long story short, I ended up taking my wisp as far out to sea untill it died from fatigue!

    The things we get ourselves into sometimes, lol.

    Great read, I hope you see all those dungeons for sure.

    • Oh no, your wisp had to re-die! Yes, having the return to graveyard option is pretty nice.

      I’ll see how it goes, I kind of accidentally did The Forge of Souls, The Pit of Saron and The Halls of Reflection the other day so I’ve got a start on it!

  5. I like the fact that there is a rare up there 🙂 Now you’re making me wonder if I should jump on the bandwagon and have a bucket list… must resist!

    • I felt I should have one, I usually do. But mine’s pretty lenient, just sightseeing dungeons until I start dying too much. Last time it was The Insane before the Shen’dralar disappeared so this time I’m taking it easy!

  6. Hold the phone! There’s a rare up there?

    I’m starting to think about a bucket list too …hmm

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