SWTOR: Space Combat or how do I fly this thing?

Yup, Mako and I are doing a pre-flight check before trying to complete a space mission again. I need all the help I can get so I want to make sure the ship is in tip-top condition.

I’m going to try to post this under the radar. Maybe I won’t tweet about it. I read a post by Gladly at The Ready Check about how SWTOR has affected her WoW raiding. I felt really bad about it. She’s not the only one feeling the effects of SWTOR, it seems many guilds have been touched by the SWTOR flu.

Someone was recruiting in Tatooine the other day and they gave me the address of their guild’s application form. I was thinking about it, but when I read the apps of people applying it put me off. Almost everyone seemed to think saying something negative about WoW was required. What’s up with that? I’m a WoW player too; I don’t want to be in a guild of WoW haters.

In my case absolutely no WoW raids have been affected by my vacation in SWTOR. No raiders died in the making of this post. I’m not even really gone from WoW, never happen unless Blizzard locks me out. I am not a butterfly who flaps her wings and causes a butterfly effect across the face of Azeroth. So if you are causing a WoW butterfly effect, shoo … go on … get back to your raid.

I really just wanted to let you know I put up a link on the SWTOR resources page about space combat. I was having a lot of trouble with space missions and this helped a lot. First, I thought I was in control of the ship. I kept trying to wrestle control of my path from the ship. You have no control, stop trying to turn around. You can’t. And thank you so much Star Wars: The Old Republic, all that time I thought I was firing my missiles I was really just shooting measly bullets at them.

Just one more thing, how do you say SWTOR when speaking? Someone pointed out that if you sound it out you get sweator, yeah, I’m not sure whether I like that. Maybe I’ll just drop the SW and refer to it in conversation as TOR. I’ll have to alert my son-in-law as he’s the only one I’d be likely to be conversating with about TOR.

Anyway, if you have something better than TOR, let me know. We need to all vote on this or something.

3 Responses to “SWTOR: Space Combat or how do I fly this thing?”

  1. Hi, thanks for the link! I must admit I’ve been very busy this past week and hadn’t even logged into my blog’s admin in a few days, but I was happy to see the link today when I finally did. Also, since you mentioned the wow-hating in the SWTOR guild in this post, I wanted to share a comment I received on my SWTOR post yesterday as well to kind of expand on that. I didn’t approve the comment as it was very juvenille and sounded like a big fat load of stinkin bullshit, but I will probably be working it into a post of my own soon, as it is just too good to pass up. I think it’s really funny how much my post was taken out of the context of what I was expressing as concern over the state of my guild (couldn’t have possibly have been from the “I hate SWTOR!” title lol). At any rate, here is the comment from “OPsuxDic”:

    “You can hate other games all you want. WoW is tried, played out, and turning into a joke. If there is any sense in the online gaming community they will let that game sink, and the faster the better. Its already made its impact on the gaming mmo community. You can’t read any comment about a mmo game without reading a WoW comparison. Its past its prime, deal with it.

    Not to mention Blizzard itself is an unscrupulous company with the majority of their employees sitting on their high horse convinced they can do no wrong. Not to mention the large number of current employees that are coke addicts. So I would love (although doubt it will happen) to see that company take a dive, and have to lay off tons of people.

    For the record, I know people that work for Blizzard, I’ve had a job opportunity at the company, Played WoW starting at month one, and even have a life time subscription for WoW. I can go back to WoW at any time for no cost, and I still have no problem walking away from that game. Times have changed, and so should you.”

    Wish this person would’ve left a name or link or contact information to verify these supposed connections and job opportunities, eh? This is a great example of the type of personalities and comments I’ve experienced that have affected my opinion of SWTOR and/or it’s playerbase as a whole. Of course I don’t mean that applies to everyone, but wtf come on, I don’t tell people how to spend their gaming time or blatantly run down or hate on their games. Immaturity at it’s best, regardless of the subject I suppose.

    Thank you again, hope I didn’t offend you by sharing this with you!

    • No, Gladly, I’m not offended at all, I’m happy you shared this!

      Well Mr. OPsuxDic certainly sounds upset and somewhat bitter. Reading about his “connections” brings to mind the whole Ocean Marketing vs. Penny Arcade kerfuffle. I don’t think he has any, maybe he applied for a job with Blizzard and was turned down and he’s left feeling disgruntled.

      I can’t for the life of me understand what makes people do this.

      Anyway, in spite of your title I didn’t take your post as criticizing SWTOR. I have no idea why people always have to compare WoW negatively to every new thing that comes along.

      My track records for new games is pretty dismal. I play them and like them for a couple months and continue on with WoW. When I stop playing them I feel no need to disparage them.

      Still like SWTOR still love WoW. I hope things work out with your raiding. See you in Pandaria!

      • Things are great still with raiding, was able to switch to another 10 man group in our guild which we really enjoy. Thanks for your reply, you may find yourself being quoted soon. 😉

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