What do you do IRL Gamer?

Okay, just humor me. I’ve wanted to do a poll since the first day I had this blog. Just couldn’t think of anything. Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf told me a post of mine gave her an idea for a post. I read it and finally got an idea for a poll. Thanks Navi!

I’ve always been interested in animal minds, human minds, and how they work. I’m fascinated by Ironyca’s posts on gaming. She does all the hard work and research and I get to enjoy the results.

So in a totally unscientific fashion, I’m going to try to determine if there is a correlation between what people do in real life that might make them gamers. Or not.

I am so excited about having an idea for a poll that I’m going to just plop this thing right here without trying to make it pretty.

The groups are really broad, so just pick one that’s closest. I’m in the Creative/Arts one. So, come on. I showed you mine … you show me yours.

Back when I worked for other people, I used to get a lot of eyeball rolling from the codey IT types. You want it to do what? Because it’ll look pretty? Are you nuts?

And farther back when I was a print designer I got the eyeball rolling from printers. It can’t be done. Why do you people come up with this stuff, it can’t be printed. Why do you want to do this? What! Because it’ll look cool! Are you nuts!

So I guess on reflection, my profession has always been being nuts, but I’m not including that one … just check “Creative” instead. If anyone responds, we can see if a pattern emerges. Does your profession predict the odds that you’ll be a gamer? Come on … it’ll be fun … and um … pretty and cool!

22 Responses to “What do you do IRL Gamer?”

  1. I’ll add one that wasn’t on there. I work for the Gov’t.

    None of those seem to fit.

    Great idea BTW!! =)

    • You know I didn’t realize how hard it was to make a survey/poll until I did this. Quickly going to see if I can figure out how to add government!

      And my Hunter says thanks for her new Lost Torranche!

      • Been thinking about this too but from a slightly different angle. If I ever get my Internet back I will post it. Anyway…may skew your data because I can truthfully check two at least. Since we live in an age where many folks have more than one profession over their adult lifetime you may want to provide a statistical variation to account for this. No, I am not going to count pizza delivery girl among my careers. Got lost a lot.

      • Yay! Thanks for adding it! Gov’t checked!!

        Grats on your purple chicken! πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh Matty, that’s awful your internet is still down. I’d be trying to sneak 165lbs. of dogs into a motel with internet with me by now.

    Oh gosh, you’re right. Long ago I taught riding and then did a hitch working for a goldsmith. Never did the pizza delivery thing. Would have been way too dangerous, pizza is my all time favorite food group!

  3. Hey that’s an awesome poll! And why didn’t I think of that? So brilliant! I can’t wait to see the results!

  4. You flatter me so much! It’s nice though to know that someone out there enjoys your reading, it’s very motivating, thank you.

    I clicked “student” and I can see now that results are already spreading across several areas.

    • I always love to read your studies. I find us humans very interesting!

      And a few people pointed out that they have more than one profession which I hadn’t thought of, so the results will be very unscientific but interesting!

  5. I’ve chosen “Education” because when the semester starts in a week, I’ll be back on campus as an instructor. “Science” or “Academic” would have fit me better, though. I’m just a wee bit elitist and think that college/university level instruction is not quite the same thing as preschool and K-12 level instruction (what I thought of first for “Education”), and not all professors do much instructing. And “Stay-at-Home Mom” — what I would like to do in the future — isn’t exactly the same thing as “Unemployed”.

    Those minor quibbles aside, I’m looking forward to your results!

  6. πŸ™‚ I just love voting on blog polls, the results are always so interesting.

  7. I was not really sure where on there I could place myself – I am an Admin for a non-profit (Girl Scouts). I do a lil bit of everything – IT support, customer service, admin support, tech writing… πŸ™‚

    ~ Effy

    • I should have asked my daughter to help with this poll. She’s in marketing and knows more about it than I do.

      Executive should have been Management, I had no Admin at all. These are really harder than they look, but it still looks like the IT people are in the majority.

      Yay! Girl Scouts!

      • Yah, were I still at my previous job, I could probably get away with IT, because I was Admin at a Data Center to all the techies. πŸ™‚ The extent of my IT support lately is more fixing jammed printers.

        ~ Effy

  8. When I first starting playing WoW I was a student who did factory work in the summer. Now I’m just a jobless bum who writes blog posts :p

    I’m rather surprised that there isn’t any military representation on your poll yet. Back in Wrath my guild had a whole band of military men who raided with us when they were stationed in Germany, some of which continued to do so once they moved back state-side. Most quit by the end of Wrath sadly. I can also think of a few military WoW bloggers, which funny enough seem to druids (which is what about half of our military boys in my old guild played).

    Very neat poll. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that there’s so many in the IT department. If I had a dime for every IT person I knew, I’d be a rich little bugger!

    • Truth be told, considering the lack of work I get lately I’m a jobless bum who writes blogs too. I really failed on the whole category thing. I should have had a jobless bum blogger one!

      I know! I know there are a lot of WoW players in the military. Maybe they are all serious types who don’t frequent silly WoW sites. Maybe they’re all about theorycrafting, and all that serious mathy kind of stuff that’s over my head!

      That’s so interesting about the large percentage of military Druids. Wonder what it means?

      I know, those IT people are kicking our jobless bum blogger’s butts!

  9. I am surprised – I would have thought military would be Orc warriors. Typecasting, shame on me!


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