Wolfie McLonewolf’s Adventure Runs Amiss

I’m going to try to stay on topic here. I’ve started on my bucket list; I’m doing Wrath era dungeons that I’ve never seen before. It’s a great way to see dungeons really, as it’s pretty stress free. I can take my time to admire the content without the worry of being beaten to death.

I’m going to tell you about what happened when Jaina and I were trying to escape Arthas in the Halls of Reflection but first, I’ve got to ask. Is it just me or do you let your real life weather affect your virtual life? This morning I barely made it back from a dog walk. It snowed overnight and since then, has been sleeting. It’s freezing cold and the snow is covered with a sheet of ice. I logged in planning to continue my dungeon tour but instead ended up with my friend Winkey in Tanaris. I know it makes no sense but after lying in that hammock I really do feel warmer now.

Anyway, I went to Dalaran to do the Violet Hold. I’d never done it because it sounded a lot like The Black Morass which I don’t really like. Yep, it was. Probably just do it one more time on heroic.

Oh and if you’re a Wolfie McLonewolf by circumstance or choice and you’re wondering, I’m dual specced, kitty/bear, just wearing mediocre kitty gear of ilevel 360. I could probably do some of these as kitty, but in bear I can answer the phone or do something distracting without worrying about dying.

So after Violet Hold I see Apprentice Nelphi wandering around, and I did really have a vague memory that she started a quest chain to become attuned with the Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls and the Halls of Reflection but wasn’t really paying attention.

So Pit of Saron, Forge of Souls, lots of fun, didn’t get lost too much. Finally managed to figure out I had to take down Krick to get to Scourgelord Tyrannus. All good.

So on to the Halls of Reflection. That stupid Arthas is there. Wow, what a jerk. Couldn’t we just kill him here Jaina? What? Oh, Wrath of the Lich King, sure, no problem, I can do that.

Finally we’re at the part where I remembered WHY I do all this stuff alone. I found Jaina, there with stupidhead Arthas. I was auto running at the time I entered. The phone rang, I was waiting for a call from a client so minimized WoW so I could see their website on the screen. About half an hour later I came back to find that somehow I had managed to auto run off the side of the cliff by the ship and was dead. Yeah, welcome to my world.

It took forever to find my corpse BECAUSE I WAS LOOKING FOR IT OUTSIDE THE INSTANCE. Yeah, how stupid is that. Well it looked the same! Finally figured out why I couldn’t find it and resumed.

While my BFF Jaina and I were running from Arthas (this part is pretty scary) I kept thinking (to myself, I would never actually say this to Jaina) come on Jaina, hurry up and break through that thing, he’s getting closer and closer.

This happened a few times before I realized it was all up to me. Jaina somehow managed to break through just as I finished off the last bad guy before Arthas. OMG! We’re depending on me? Next barrier I pulled out Berserk and went to town on the bad guys with A LOT more alacrity and whew, we made it.

And I even got a new bag out of it, James Brown would be proud of me.

It was really a lot of fun, even alone. Is there a moral to the story? It’s more of a cautionary tale directed at me. If it’s going to take longer than a holiday boss, just say no. You don’t want the blood of innocent WoW players on your hands. You know you don’t deal well with guilt.

2 Responses to “Wolfie McLonewolf’s Adventure Runs Amiss”

  1. My home Internet is still out, so this text-typed message will be brief: yes I totally get the change of virtual scenary, hence Kiki on the beach in Whatever. Also, my sweet Death Knight and I have gone back to Halls many times (more on that) and next time if you are not interrupted by those pesky clients there is a chest of goodies in the boat, perhaps even a suitable transmog polearm? Poor Jaina. Leave him girl, he ain’t no good for you!

    • I know, the way that jerk talked to Jaina! I did find the chest after I found my way back, can’t remember what was in it though. The game keeps taunting me with staves that I can’t use but refuse to let go of.

      After coming back from the dog walk I think another visit to a beach in game is in order!

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