My WoW Wishlist — Mix and Match Titles

First, I don’t know what my Druid is doing, always hanging around in that dive. The Slaughtered Lamb is a Warlock hangout. I guess my Warlock told all the others about Jarel Moor. I don’t know why they all fall for the biker types. It will lead to nothing but heartbreak, mark my words, but I can’t always be around to watch out for them.

I was GOING to say I can’t talk long as I’m on a mission, but I see there is ANOTHER scheduled maintenance today, after the scheduled maintenance yesterday so I guess I have plenty of time to talk.

I’m in a hurry to complete the Elders of the Dungeons achievement because then I’ll have the Elder title and I’m making a request to Blizzard which I’m sure they’ll be eager to implement for me, I mean how hard could it be. I jest Blizzard, “how hard could it be” has been used so many times on me in my working career that I just wanted to see how it felt to say it. But it would be a nice gesture and would help keep our morale high while we wait for Pandaria. And this is like my fifth request, they haven’t fulfilled any of my other desires so I’m pretty sure this time they will … oh, and I have another. So at least one of them they might do for me.

I got the one I was dreading out of the way yesterday.  Maraudon, yeah, no need to say more, just Mara. Some kind person had very good directions posted on Wowhead so it turned out to be relatively painless and I made sure I could hearth out before I did it. Last time I found that elder I was in there lost for about 3 hours.

Off topic here for a second, my computer just locked up and I tried to Alt F4 out of it. Does that mean I play WoW too much? I have a lovely new computer with a GeForce GTX 560 Ti that frequently locks up. Not in game, but almost exclusively while writing posts … in WordPress. I don’t know if it hates WordPress or Firefox. Very inconvenient but I give up. Searching for fixes has only resulted in the knowledge that a great many other people are also in the same pickle. But enough of that.

So anyway, all I want from Blizzard is to kind of mix and match my titles. I know the Elder title is supposed to be “Elder Whoever” but I think we should be able to combine our titles and move them around so that I could truly represent the real me. Ancient the Insane Elder would be just perfect. I’m sure now that they’ve been alerted they’ll get right on that. So that’s why I’m in a hurry to complete the Elders of the Dungeons, so I’ll be ready.

My other request came to me after Ironyca found out that there is a new Ironman Challenge going over on the EU servers. Of course Ironsally was all ears, any chance to gain the spotlight and she’s right there. I think she wants to interview the participants. She even joined their forum to make sure she could follow everything. But here’s the thing. These people aren’t just Ironmen, they are CRAZY IRONMEN, which is even better as they’ve included a no-death clause, YIKE!!

Ironyca, Vrykerion and I twittered … tweeted … whatever about it and Vrykerion, one of the founders along with Pysnister of The WoW Ironman Challenge, said they had considered having a no-death requirement but had tabled that one. Sheesh, I’m glad they did. I could never have done that one.

So, if anyone completes this new Ironman I wanted to be able to send them something. Blizzard, you already have the faction balloons how hard could it be to add balloons to the store. You know, you could pick, Happy Birthday!, Get Well Soon!, Go Go Ironman!, yeah, that kind of thing. I know I would buy them, so just think about it will you.

Oh and I see someone else has requests for Blizzard! Hmmm, these are somewhat more sensible than mine so maybe these might get done. Professions could certainly use an overhaul. Blizzard, take a look at what The Godmother has to say, she’s done all the hard thinking part already, make it so!

Lastly, Akabeko of Red Cow Rise came up with a really fun shared topic on Blog Azeroth.

How do you express your geekery? Do you own obvious paraphernalia like a Horde-symbol bumper sticker, in-joke tshirts like the dps/ups pun, or less obviously related items like a gift from a guildie? Rather than physical indicators, do you mix nerd lingo into your everyday speech or talk/post about geekdom in non-nerd spaces? How do you advertise your nerd tendencies? Does it help you to attract new nerd friends?

I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m a geek, never really have. But recently, I’ve noticed that I don’t really seem to care anymore what anyone thinks of anything about me. It’s like my last birthday was some kind of tipping point. I used to answer my business phone with a tone that implied that I was dressed in a suit. Yesterday I talked to a potential client for the FIRST TIME and I told her that I would email the information to her “before nightfall, muhahaha.” I KNOW! Have I completely lost it. Anyway, we’ll see how that goes, haven’t heard back from her yet. It’s a law firm. I’m sure lawyers are jokey people, aren’t they?

As always I’m disorganized and unprepared and only have this one thing but I wanted to secure my nerd cred so here’s a photo of my note holder, I checked the important note and it’s reminding me to watch The Misfits on Hulu. I don’t know, does that enhance or detract from my nerdiness?

P.S. I didn’t post this as a shared topic cause the only thing I had was Darth Noteholder. Whole wrong galaxy thing and all. But you should go check them out!

15 Responses to “My WoW Wishlist — Mix and Match Titles”

  1. Am in the middle of a project around Crafting in game, and found myself thinking it would be great to have titles specifically linked to Professions. I’d be ‘P, Leatherworker’ , ‘P, Skinner of Beasts’ and ‘P, Artisan of Azeroth’

    I think we need more titles linked to the Professions and less linked to biffing hard monsters in 10/25 mans.. ^^

  2. Combining titles would be fantastic. Class-specific titles might be fun as well. In Wrath the running joke whenever I played my ginger warlock was that I needed the title “the Soul-Eater”. Shaman could be something like “the Earth Caller”, druids “of the Wilds”, rogues “Backstabber *name here*”, etc. To gain each title you’d have to go through some epic, class specific questline that would have you use all of your abilities to the fullest, kind of like what they’re doing now with legendaries.

    So many possibilities!

    • Oh! Class specific would be wonderful! I really loved doing the swift flight form quest line, I would love more class specific chains.

      And if you could mix your titles you could have “Stabby the Insane Backstabber” “Saz Professor of Soul Eating” it would be so much fun!

      Blizzard, hey, Blizzard, can you hear us!!!

  3. Yeah so about the title thing.

    A friend in a disbanded guild of mine made an addon that basically scrolled all of your titles. Think.. “Salty Fayona” one second.. then “Elder Fayona” the other. Over and over through EVERY one of your titles. We freakin’ loved the addon and all rocked it through Naxx and Ulduar.

    And then Blizzard got all uppity and stole our toys and banned him.


  4. OMG another Ironman challenge? You go girl. And that noteholder looks fragile. I think I could bump it and it would break.

    • I’m just going to watch it this time, there is no way I’d be able to do a no-death Ironman.

      Yes, he’s a fragile little Darth. I had him in the kitchen but my husband banned him to my computer room where all my other nerdy things live in peace and harmony!

  5. JD Kenada Says:

    I started doing the “One Life To Live” project over on my blog last year. I think I went through a few toons and it was far harder than I thought (especially because I made a point of doing it on a newer server, so no shiny BoA’s or decent Enchants or Crafts from my uber toons). Alas, it fell by the wayside. I would’ve probably picked it back up if I hadn’t designed The 2012 instead.

    Also, yesterday’s “scheduled maintenance” never actually happened. Considering everything suggested to me we’d be getting it, I was confused. To log on late last night and find out we were getting maintenance today was even more befuddling.

    • I am all over the place with abandoned projects. I have a Druid at level 20 who I was going to do the Ironman with as melee but just wasn’t feeling it. I checked yesterday and she has no deaths so I was thinking about doing just the no-death part with her.

      Was also thinking of doing your 2012 too! Too much to do! Can’t decide!

  6. I don’t know if you’re getting Navi’s subtext of the “noteholder looks fragile” comment. Let me translate (I speak Geek): “That amazing figurine should have his own place on the mantlepiece, enshrined by tiny ewoks, not being made to do double service as a noteholder.”


    • Thanks Matty, I missed that! He did have a place of honor in our kitchen/family room but he was upsetting my husband so now he holds court in the computer room.

      All my cool stuff gets banished here.

  7. Geez Ancient, you and that human male. He’s getting to be a pretty common occurrence.

    The merging of titles would be awesome. There are so many that I like, esp the profession ones and Lunar Festival is one of my fav. events in the game, but I’m not sure about merging the Elder title with Salty. 😛 I think Professor would have to be in there somewhere too with all the Arch I’ve done and I love the idea of spec titles too…

    • Maybe it would depend on your name, Peanut the Salty Elder would be good!

      Profession and class titles would be so much fun, even if they didn’t let us mix and match.

      Here’s hoping they’re working on these for Mists.

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