Ancient the Insane Elder Turns to the Dark Side

I got nothing. No important information like carrot cake to impart. Yet I still feel the need to communicate so I will, but I promise I’ll try to come up with something of value, be it WoW or SWTOR related over the weekend.

While I’m mentioning SWTOR, I have something of a problem. I had thought the timing of SWTOR was perfect, I could have a vacation while waiting for Mists of Panderia like I’ve done in the past with other games, but what I didn’t count on was that I’m having trouble finding time to vacation there. I’m really behind. I haven’t hit the “I have nothing to do in WoW wall” yet so my poor Bounty Hunter is tapping her foot at me, looking at her watch. She doesn’t even have a last name yet. The other problem is I really like SWTOR, so how do I decide who to piss off. I decided my new friends will just have to be patient.

I finally finished off the Elders of the Dungeons which was the last thing I needed to get my Elder title. Now I’m ready if Blizzard decides to let us do title mashups. Yay! The last dungeon was Utgarde Pinnacle where Ceremonial Pyre Mantle dropped. There they are, up there. I can’t let them go, I really like them. I don’t think they go with that outfit but I’m saving them along with all my cool staves and the Cowl of Defiance which I would wear if I decided to show helm. But it’s hard to find a hat that works with those ears.

So now, I promised my Forsaken Warlock she was next on the priority list. The problem is I have to get my Warlock back on. Right before Cata I was at the peak of my warlockery knowledge and I’ve pretty much forgotten most of it and it’s probably changed since then anyway.

I have to go do some studying and then I’ll listen repeatedly to this, which for whatever reason really helps me connect with my inner warlock. So that’s it, just wanted to chat a bit before lunch … I’m having carrot cake with the sautéed souls of my enemies.


9 Responses to “Ancient the Insane Elder Turns to the Dark Side”

  1. Your SWToR friends will wait for you. I played WoW for six years and SWToR has been out for one month. You have plenty of time to get into SWToR, many people didnt start playing WoW till WotLK came out. I’ll be in Star Wars, look me up, I’ll play with you.

    • Thank you Niki! When Rift came out I played furiously for a month and then just left, I had lost interest and the guild I was in just fell apart.

      I really like SWTOR, I don’t see me dropping it anytime soon. I thought I’d need a break from WoW but so far it doesn’t look like it yet.

      I’m hoping to at least visit my Bounty Hunter this weekend!

  2. I haven’t got time for SWTOR 😦 I wish I was retired and rich with no kids and no debt so I can play games all day 😛 I want to be that 70 year old grandma playing WoW with a legendary staff!

    • I’m finding out I don’t either! I thought by this time in Cata I would have run out of things to do so I could play SWTOR but I haven’t.

      I keep buying lottery tickets every once in a while but still no million dollar ticket 😦

      I know, she’s terrific, I wonder how many more are out there that we don’t know about.

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    Honestly, the game I think that will pull me from WoW will be Guild Wars 2. But even that will be wait and see and will depend on WHO plays it as well. But dang if it doesn’t look all kinds of awesome. I’m hoping it launches to a solid release this year and ends up under the Christmas tree next year, lol.

    I’d never heard that Sarah Brightman before. I like it, but I raise you a Dream Theatre…and a Trans Siberian Orchestra.

    …and I thought of about a dozen more songs but should just stop now. lol.

    • Thanks JD! I’d never heard On The Backs Of Angels before, definitely warlocky.

      Christmas Eve/Sarajevo I love and own but it always makes me all teary eyed cause it was the soundtrack for a great video (that I can’t find now) at the end of Wrath.

      I’m just not going to pay attention to any other games that are on the horizon now. I not only got SWTOR at Christmas I also got Skyrim and Dragon Age, so I’ve got too much of a good thing going right now!

      I hope Santa’s good to you come Christmas!

      • JD Kenada Says:

        Backs of Angels I discovered via Rock Band, lol. Depending on your tastes, a few Iron Maiden tracks are suitable as well. Can I Play With Madness and Fear Of The Dark come to mind.

        I’ve heard great things about Skyrim (despite the daftness that has become “arrow to the knee”) and I know how good it’s predecessor “Oblivion” was. As for Guild Wars 2, I don’t even know if it’ll be out for Christmas. I would think so, but it’s already 8 years in the making and no release date has been announced.

  4. The heck with it all. I’m going back to Animal Crossing. 🙂

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