Stormwind News Team 9 Meets SWTOR

Ironsally has been insufferable lately. If she isn’t pestering me to check the leaderboard at the new Ironman Challenge, she’s driving me nuts about interviewing my SWTOR characters. I told her I didn’t really think she’d like it in SWTOR.

Finally, I lost my patience and said, fine, I’ll see what I can do about arranging passage for the News Team. I feel sort of guilty because I just knew she’d get frazzled by the whole SWTOR thing but she wouldn’t leave it alone. Kind of mean of me.

Anyway, here’s Ironsally’s take on SWTOR … she didn’t stay long, didn’t even hang around long enough to meet my crew. I don’t think she’ll be begging to go back anytime soon.

10 Responses to “Stormwind News Team 9 Meets SWTOR”

  1. First, how do you DO THAT?!

    Second, amazing.

    Third, that is probably about as close as I will get to SWTOR until the Mac version. Please tell Ironsally I appreciate her op/ed piece. Did she ever get a snack?

    • I don’t think I’m ever getting past being a noob with this machinima stuff. I never seem to have time to actually learn how to use Premiere (Elements, the cheap version) and I had an old copy of Adobe Audition for the sound. But it’s fun.

      Someone offered her a Stim but she’s afraid of shots so she didn’t get to eat until she got back to the Blue Recluse poor thing!

  2. The Blue Recluse is highly overlooked by the “foodies” in Azeroth. Most of the movie parts I get, but her cut-out over the background – may have to pester cross-dressing rogue for that one. If I say “pc” he will buck and balk, tnough, so I’ll dig out my plethora of Mac tools.

  3. That is amazing! And why has matty changed her name?

    • I think I”m just sleepy. I hit post when I hadn’t finished. That video is so cool, I love how you’ve done it.

      • Thank you Navi, my characters are all over the place, Druid comes to real life all the time and now Ironsally’s checking out SWTOR.

        Yeah, why is Matty getting all formal on us? I’ll have to remember to ask her.

  4. Hey Navi – not sure why it’s showing up as my full user name. Weird. But it’s me, no name change!

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