Sympathy for the Devil

I’ve been playing my Forsaken Warlock lately and having recently reread Cynwise’s On The Forsaken I started to wonder more about her background, her story. I don’t RP, I am fascinated by it but always felt my lore knowledge wasn’t strong enough to come up with believable stories for my characters. The Forsaken has always been the race that I’m most sympathetic with of the playable races.

I don’t ask her about what happened, but I can’t help but wonder. Sometimes I think there are hints of a possible past. Anytime we’re around books she seems to linger. Perhaps she loved books as a child, or perhaps they remind her of a loved one now gone. I don’t know, she doesn’t say.

I do know she’s never at peace. Even in Undercity she’s always on constant watch for some perceived threat. At other times it’s a different watchfulness. You can catch her starring off into the distance as though she’s waiting or hoping for something or someone. But we never speak of it.

I don’t know what she did before Arthas and the Scourge happened to her. I don’t know what she went through to break free. I assume her allegiance to Sylvanas Windrunner must be strong but she never mentions it. She does her bidding, but I don’t know if she stands behind all of the actions of her leader.

I can’t fault her for her silence. We are both quiet people. We don’t speak much unless it’s related to the task at hand. I hope one day she’ll come to trust me enough to talk about her past, or for that matter her present feelings, but that day’s yet to come.

I guess the most important question has to be, is she evil? Did the killing and suffering endured by her and those she loved break her? Is she insane, evil, driven mad by what was done to her? Is she beyond redemption? I don’t know. Traveling through Hillsbrad Foothills I got the feeling that she isn’t, she may even have a sense of humor, but the flicker of humor was gone as quickly as it came. Now I’m not sure if I just imagined it.

We’ve traveled a long way together and she’s always had my back. We ride in silence. I still hope for just one sign of who she really is. Maybe one day I’ll have one. Until that day she has my sympathy. I will give her the benefit of the doubt. We’ll continue down the road until her story ends, one way or the other. Perhaps then she will share it with me.

Note: Yeah. You’re thinking, Ancient, what was that all about? My only explanation is the entire time I play her I’m hearing a steady diet of music like Within Temptation’s Faster, The Howling and of course my all time favorite Warlock music, Sarah Brightman’s – Fleurs Du Mal. Oddly, she is the only character that has this effect on me. The only character whose backstory I wish I knew. I don’t know, maybe I will someday.

8 Responses to “Sympathy for the Devil”

  1. JD Kenada Says:

    The thought “what’s this all about” never even entered my head. My thoughts were “awesome character description.” As a D&D player it can sometimes be harder to capture the essence of a character than it is to create his/her backstory. You’ve done a fine job of defining her here.

    • For the most part I live in the land of silly when posting but when thinking about my Forsaken I tend to get more serious about her situation.

      Thank you JD, I’ve read that some people see their characters as an extension of themselves and others as separate entities. Mine are separate. The ones who don’t seem to develop a character are the ones that end up deleted so this little warlock is safe!

      Oh, and thank you for the Iron Maiden suggestion, I found some more music for my Forsaken playlist.

      • Yay for Maiden. Actually, I find that whole genre can provide a great soundtrack…and yet my Hunter runs around Warsong Gulch with songs like “The Touch” by Stan Bush…

  2. Oh my gosh….Tome, a few days ago I started a post with Sympathy for the Devil as the theme song….SPOOOOKY!

    • …and lack of lore knowledge has never stopped me from writing about my characters…shhh…don’t tell the Lore Masters! They’ll ban me from the club…!

      I thought of Escarlata, my undead warlock who is now human, but who may go back to being gratefully dead, as a young girl who was taken away from all she loved too soon, but at her core was selfish. She toyed with the dark side, and got more than she bargained for.

      I am fascinated by the Forsaken lore, and planned on brushing up on it. Thank you for saving me some bone-work!

    • Oh, it is spooky! I wonder if we’re sitting on opposite sides of the country, typing away, DRESSING THE SAME, muhahaha!

      Probably not, I think you have more fashion sense than I do. Right now I’m wearing layers but one of them is a Sturgis Rally T shirt, I didn’t attend. It was a gift. Got to represent.

      Yes, I think I know her but I’ve got to do some more reading and maybe I’ll get a sense of where she came from. We wandered around the area on horseback hoping it might jog a memory but nothing yet.

  3. There is one Lady Sylvannas fight in the new dungeons I have a love/hate feeling about. When it goes well, everyone pats themselves on the back, and howls triumphantly. However, when not, it all unravels. And she, Lady, just looks on with a deathly smirk. Of all the bosses in Azeroth, for some reason I feel most sympathy for her. Talk about holding a grudge.

    (Maybe we need to do a collaborative post, like I’ve done with Guarf?)

    • I guess I’ll probably get to see it somewhere around the end of The Mists of Pandaria, lol!

      I remember when I played through the WoW battle chest games before I grew up and played MMOs I so wanted to be a Forsaken.

      Sure, but you’ll have to tell me how to collaborate, you’ll have to tank it!

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