Meanie Stupid Heads

Yes, I’m sorry. Generic Uldum screen shot there. I forgot to take the screen shot I wanted to use for this post last night.  Servers are down for maintenance and I can’t wait till later as I have work. And I CAN’T have a post with no pictures … ick … just wrong. I’ll try to find another for later in the post.


So anyway, I seem to have these “all over the place” posts after a weekend. Probably because on the weekend I have some interaction with actual people rather than just NPCs like week days. My interaction this weekend was not the good kind. It left me feeling ashamed of the Alliance.

My main, the character that I identify most with is Alliance. My alt crafters are all Alliance. LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!  Having gotten that out of the way, you’re all meanies! At least on Fenris.

Since 2006 I’ve been killed countless times by the Horde but they seem to go about it in a workmanlike fashion.  They kill me and then proceed about their business for the most part. Over the weekend my Forsaken Warlock was trying to collect 50 coins for a pet.  We were sitting at the Flight Master in Everlook; I was on Wowhead trying to decide where to fly next. When I came back I wasn’t AFK yet but close.

Two Alliance were in the process of killing my Flight Master. I just went back to Wowhead to look up other Elders. I came back to find them still standing there emoting … stuff. Went back to Wowhead listened to music, etc. After what seems like an inordinate amount of time they left. Okay, whatever floats your boat but you do know the person probably doesn’t even see you. They’re looking at Wowhead or something. You’re wasting all that spit. I did get a giggle out of their guild name though. The Benevolent. I guess that only applies to the Alliance.

Next stop Wintergrasp. I know I was asking for it but still. It’s not the killing it’s all the bizarre dancing around and emoting that gets me. I am not familiar with the mechanics of Wintergrasp. Horde had Wintergrasp so I couldn’t figure out why the doors weren’t open. Suspended mid-air I once again headed to Wowhead. On returning I found my Warlock falling to earth. Splat. A Death Knight had death grasped me down I guess, and then finished the job. Fine. But what’s with all the meanie emoting? I was spat on, I was farted on, I was tea bagged, I was danced on … the list is endless. What is up with that? Going for total immersion or something? And he was ten levels above me, so it wasn’t like he was overcome with joy by besting me. Well you Alliance are big meanies and I’m telling Mommy.

This caused me to have the urge to make the biggest Horde character I could think of. I made a Tauren Paladin who plans to grow up and beat up the Alliance. His picture was supposed to be up there. I don’t like his odds though as I have a bad track record playing as a male. But anyway, he’s coming for you!

What! I’m sorry; it’s the best I can do on short notice. I had to repurpose an image fast. Just like some bloggers have half finished posts I have a folder with just started or half finished images and I don’t usually need scary pictures around here as most people, with the exception of one troll, are nice here. Well, who else would I use but Captain Placeholder while I look for an appropriate body. Sorry, sheesh.

WoW Ironman Challenge Overtakes SWTOR

Search Terms. Over the weekend the Ironman Challenge beat out swtor speeder. It caused some problems here as Ironsally wanted me to change the header to something like “tomeoftheancient, HOME OF IRONSALLY THE IRONMAN CHALLENGER.” She’s sulking cause I wouldn’t do it.

OH! OH! This just in! I was visiting Psynister’s Notebook and found this post! It leads to Ironman Mode: The Blog. Now how about that for re-purposing! I’ve got to go, Ironsally is asking for my PayPal login.

Hawt Plate

Over at MMO Melting Pot there’s an interesting post about terms used to describe transmog gear. I have never heard anyone call it Slut Plate myself but I did think of an alternative, Hawt Plate. I think it’s catchy and it works for both male and female characters, even though I’ve yet to see any Hawt Plate for males. Shame really. As usual I’m not posting my idea because I’m too frightened. Hugh is really nice and I’m not scared of him, I’m scared of the commenters. Maybe his might be meaner than mine and I’m just not ready for more meanies right now. Until I level up my Tauren Paladin, yeah, then look out!

12 Responses to “Meanie Stupid Heads”

  1. I’m leveling my first horde toon, having been all alliance for years. There’s me on my little 60ish hunter just minding my own business, trying to honor my elders and GANK! CORPSE CAMP. Stupid alliance are stupid jerks. Let me get my freakin’ achievement. Please. I haven’t played since them. Right now that toon is dead in Ashenvale. 😦
    No reason to be mean outside of bgs. Maybe I’m too much of a care bear. My main is a healer….

    • I guess I’m a care bear too then. I never bother the Horde when they’re trying to fish up Old Ironjaw in Ironforge.

      I thought maybe it was just my server. I’d hate to think the Alliance are meanies everywhere. I can’t afford to change all my character’s faction, lol!

    • And oh, enjoying your blog. I’ve bookmarked “Things NOT to do While Trying to Raid” so that if I ever need it for reference it’ll be right there!

  2. I managed to get old crafty in Ogr and only got killed 3 times. Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂
    I will be diplomatic and say there are meanies on both sides.

  3. I love the term Hawt Plate. That’s brilliant and I am actually a bit scared of Hugh at MMO melting pot so I don’t think I can get the guts to send an email today Ancient!

    If Ava Donja is reading my reply, I’ve just wandered over to her site too and been enjoying the read! She came to my site from yours Ancient, so I should thank you for the traffic 🙂

    • Ha! No, the email you did send was enough! Getting a comment from BBB, it doesn’t get any better than that! My problem is that I’d get there and just write … hawt plate, real quick and then just sneak away quickly. I don’t have anything else clever to say, lol.

      I’m glad you found each other! I’m like a blog matchmaker!

  4. Oh, sweetie. If only it was that clear-cut. I have been killed by more Horde, teabagged, laughed out, spit on, shot at, and slapped around by many an Orc, Tauren, or Shadow Priest. I have had to wait for the next flight out of town when a flight master was killed, or gentle Elves of Ashenvale are pounded to the ground by go-getting, off-their-meds Horde players. But I hold no grudge. Because for every one of those, there’s been the Orc warrior who has danced around me, letting me take the first shot and then killing the spiders in Tol Barard for me, or the player who is on the same tough quest and through pantomime and gestures, help each other out. To me, the real meanies, are the ones who are supposedly playing “on our side” and then exhibit all those behaviors. To me, they deserve a court martial.

    But what really, really, REALLY bugs the living snot out of me are those players who park on top of an NPC quest person, daily or otherwise. In quests where both sides are playing, it’s universal. I wish I had a SKADOOSH button and vaporize them, just like a dungeon timer, and they get put in time out for 10 minutes.

    • Well that’s a relief. I was afraid I’d been mindlessly playing along as Alliance all these years and I didn’t know we were all meanies. Whew.

      I carry Baby Spice for those quest-giver-sitter-uponers but hardly need it anymore as unless there’s a holiday it’s pretty barren leveling up.

  5. And again – those holiday achievements? Both sides act like punks. No one does Long Strange Trip without bruises from both sides.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    (Murloc Editor says to delete the comma after ‘meanies’ above on my comment.)

  6. Baby Spice?!? Like pepper spray without the politics! LOL!!

  7. Oh I love the baby spice idea, although I haven’t had any for a while…

    There are tonnes of bad apples on both sides and I especially dislike the people who steal nodes, etc from you who are the SAME FACTION as you…

    Oh that that stupid fish from Ironforge, I spent countless hours trying to get it up to 6or so hours at a time. I left those guys alone in Org as I would have appreciated them leaving me alone too. Luckily I didn’t really get killed, and some of the time, towards the last few Times I had my HAWT PLATE bodyguard doing just that 😛

    Tip of the day: Don’t try to fish it up when the Daily is the one to go fish something up form your city =/

    • I’ve got stacks of everything in my backpack. Population is so low when I’m on that I still have lots of Baby Spice!

      I still haven’t managed to fish up Old Ironjaw or Old Crafty, on my attempts in Org my Druid hasn’t been killed but then she is sneaky and stealths back there.

      And you know I can’t remember having a node stolen by the opposite faction, it’s always someone from my side!

      They still haven’t learned not to try to steal nodes from a hunter fighting a mob, I love that one, I just feign death!

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