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Navi, I got your back!

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Sorry, I had a fit of premature postulation (darn, that’s a real word, I hate that, never mind I’m still using it) this morning. Yesterday Navimie posted about PvP and rude little twits, but in a comment she said, “Those young punks. I wish I could hit them with my handbag, old lady style.”

So I’m here to tell her I’ve got her back. I’m ready. Well … okay, strictly speaking I don’t actually PvP cause I’m a big wuss, BUT Granilla here does and that handbag is full of Dark Iron ore, she doesn’t fight fair. Old Lady Style, FTW!

Dangerous Vacations and WoW Goals

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Maintenance day and I was caught up with work so I thought I’d pay a visit to my Bounty Hunter. It’s been a while, and I know I should have taken the time to re-familiarize myself with my skills and keybindings but I thought, hey she’s a badass Bounty Hunter, I can just faceroll, she’s still in Tatoonie, what could hurt her here?

Well, there’s your answer. As it turns out just about anything. That Mako, never around when you need her. It’s obvious now that if I’m going to take extended vacations a little study is in order before she returns to combat. So instead I decided to visit Skyrim. That didn’t work out much better. I keep drawing my weapon by mistake and I accidently attacked my host’s wife, which he took exception to and the two of them killed me. I’m just glad I have a save before that event so they’ll never know what happened because it’s embarrassing … and frankly really rude. And I thought I took a screen shot for you too, but it turns out I don’t know the right key for that either.

What now? I definitely wasn’t going to clean.  I know, I’ll take stock of my WoW goals. I’m really all over the place. First, Ferricat, my Ironman. I sorta wish she’d die so we could get on with it. This being careful sucks. Yesterday, and I really can’t believe I forgot this, I ran into an area with her and there was someone coming out. I know not to go into an area of mobs where someone else has been questing.  Respawns. Luckily she got out unscathed but sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to get her killed.

Ironman Ferricat

I felt a little bad about it so when we got to Stonetalon Mountain and all the quests were ones I hadn’t done before I decided to leave for Stranglethorn and give her a fighting chance as I already know those quests. She’s level 30 now, and I bought her some jewelry to kind of make up for the whole almost getting her killed thing. She found one more rare, Two Toes, she’s no Ironsteve but she’ll keep looking.

Effraeti’s Fault

In my last post I might have mentioned that I’m awful at magery. In a comment Effraeti said she’d had trouble with the class too, but was having a whole lot of fun with her Mage that she specced fire. Well, when I first got WoW I wanted to be an Orc but since my son-in-law was Alliance that was not to be. So, yeah … Orc soon to be specced fire. Maybe the 27th time’s the charm! Little Brujaha is a young level four so I can’t wait to get to 10 and pick her spec! I could have respecced an existing Mage but I thought maybe starting over would bring me luck.

I did a quick count to see if I might want to commit to Amateur Azerothian’s 2012 but at that point in time (it changes hourly) I was only at 1007 and when my Druid and Forsaken saw what I was doing they yelled, hey what about us! My main and my Forsaken Warlock are a little put out by all this, mostly my Forsaken; she’s embarrassed to be taking so long to get to 85. I promised we’d login and look for her leveling buddy.

My main is fairly patient. She wasn’t always but now she takes the long view. Right now she’s fairly happy to keep digging for that elusive Crawling Claw, getting United Nations for her guild, only ten more to go … oh and taking long romantic walks on the beach with any Stormwind Guard she can persuade to leave their post.

The Mage Conspiracy Document

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Yes, a bunch of my failed Mages, and these are just the ones that survived the big delete. I thought it was because I’m … well fail at mageing but through a little investigative reporting by Ironsally, she’s managed to uncover a huge hoax perpetrated by Gnomes, yes Gnomes, who really aren’t what they seem  …  wait I’m getting ahead of myself here, I’m all excited about being confrontational.

To start at the beginning, Gnomeaggedon posted this challenge.

Challenge: Find one of my old posts from the 830 odd posts I have written and choose to agree or disagree with it. Compare life during TBC with life pre-MoP. Hate me, go on, hate me – ill love you for it!

I commented that I probably couldn’t go the “disagree” route because I’m not confrontational. I’m more of an appeaser. I blame that on my mother who always told me “if you can’t say anything nice, just be quiet.” This got me put in a “special” group in first grade because I never spoke. My mother got confrontational with them though, and put an end to that nonsense. So anyway, I’d like to be confrontational, just once.

While browsing Gnomeaggedon’s blog I did actually come to the point where I took exception to something, in fact I disagreed with his WHOLE BLOG. PvPing with a Mage, I mean a whole Battle Mage section, really, as though that’s possible. I mean it can’t possibly be ME who’s a fail Mage. Something’s going on here. I always thought the Gnomes were up to something devious, I just wasn’t sure what … well now I know and I’m here to reveal it to the world and I’m not sure, but I think the probability is high that Gnomeaggedon is in fact the ringleader of this dastardly plot.

Yes, can you believe it? Ironsally unearthed this shot in a secret archive Gnomeaggedon keeps. He’s taking credit for the Alliance AND THE GNOMES for the moon walk and everyone knows the whole thing was staged and shot in the Motion Picture District of Stormwind. Nobody’s ever walked on the moon, ridiculous. The link? I seem to have misplaced it, but look, there he is!! If anyone could walk on the moon it would mean they aren’t even Gnomish, or Human, or Orc, but alien.

Not convinced, I have more. Don’t think the Gnomes are really aliens who have special powers that allow them to Mage? Well look at this, another telling article where they divulge their nefarious plot to hide among us until they strike, they have an appearance guide! Aliens hiding as cute little Gnomes, right here in Azeroth!

There’s more, this one saddens me, as you can see by the comments even I was at first taken in. Imraith Dos Santos, yes, one of them. And don’t be fooled, if you see a Human or Troll Mage, means nothing. They can disguise their appearance. Good at Mageing? It’s an alien. Case in point, note the comments on Navimie’s post about her Ironman. That’s right; Big Bear Butt accidentally let on that he’s good at being a Mage.  “Bigironbutt the draenei Mage, which is just inside my comfort zone.” Sad but true, our beloved Bear must be one of THEM.

Oh, there were early signs but we missed them.

If you listen closely you’ll hear Cranius frequently allude to his “stature.” All these years we took it to mean his high station as a killing machine while all the time he was actually bemoaning the fate of all Gnomes, he’s short in his true form. And look at the chorus … Gnomes.

Still not convinced? Well another inquiring mind found evidence that they aren’t just up to no good here in Azeroth. In a telling exposé Vrykerion uncovered the truth about Jedi right here. If all that hasn’t convinced you I have one last irrefutable piece of evidence.

Yes, a high level meeting between Gnomeaggedon and his handler. Need I say more? I don’t know if it’s too late. I don’t know if we can save Azeroth from complete alien takeover but we must try! Gnomeaggedon, you’ve been confronted. We will stop at nothing to foil your evil plans! Aarrrgghhh! My Mage Druid is coming for you!

Not again Druid, and a SWTOR Canine Alert

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Yesterday we had visitors, it was fun. Went out to lunch, I had Shepard’s Pie, yum. I could not wait to login this morning though, because I knew Navimie had a new Ironman on Zangarmarsh. I wanted to see if I could catch the overlap in time zones and talk to her.

What did I find on logging in? THIS!! What is it with these Druids. It’s enough that my main runs after the human guards and dark, dangerous looking types in Stormwind but now Ferricat’s doing it too. Because, and apologies male Gnomes, I know she’s not hanging around the Inn at Menethil Harbor because of the Gnome.

So from the safety of the Inn, cause she’s a scaredy cat Ironman, doesn’t want to accidentally fall off a pier and drown while talking, she finally got to talk to Navimie! I can’t wait to read the next installment of her adventures!

Later today I hope Ferricat will stop chatting up that human male and actually get back to leveling and not dying. We’ll see, it’s hard to tell with these human male crazy Druids. She’s having a rougher time of it than Ironsally the Warlock did. She can take one mob at a time, that’s it. My main, a feral Druid, has forgotten she can heal, she never heals herself. Ferricat on the other hand heals A LOT, and immediately shifts back to cat form and runs away because she has no energy to attack after shifting. Dash is becoming another rediscovered spell. It’s interesting to find out which spells are useful with an Ironman as opposed to leveling regularly, they’re seldom the same.

Anyway, I wanted to get out this warning to all you SWTORers. I read this post at Psynister’s Notebook but I obviously didn’t pay enough attention so I don’t want this to happen to you. DOGS DON’T LIKE SWTOR!

Sorry about the picture quality but I think you can get the idea. If you bought a boxed collector’s edition of SWTOR then you know about the lovely Journal of Master Gnost-Dural that’s included. The one I hadn’t finished reading. The one up there. Ripped apart. In pieces. Gone.

While I don’t know what’s causing this phenomenon I do now know it’s real. Dogs are not SWTOR fans, in fact it seems they’re bitter enemies. Hide your authenticators from them, hide your journals, maps, and any other SWTOR paraphernalia you might have if you value it. I’m just saying, even a Darth is no match for a strong-toothed dog.

WAIT! WAIT A SEC! Whew, thought you’d left. Ironsally is so excited. Frikky over at Drunkards Regalia made a forum post and said he was taking requests for character drawings. That Frikky isn’t all looks and no brain, that boy’s smart. He knows how to get the girls! Ironsally quickly requested a portrait, and in no time it was complete and she loves it.

Isn’t it great! If I were you I’d lose no time contacting Frikky. That boy’s going to be famous and then who knows how much gold he’ll want for a portrait! Ironsally’s just glad she got in on the ground floor. And oh, she thinks he’s dreamy, great, Druids and Humans, now Humans and Undead, what next. I don’t even want to know.

Ask The Ancient — Dangerous Buckets

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I’ve been shirking my civic responsibly; I haven’t done an “Ask The Ancient” for a while. I’m sure you’ve missed it. No? Never mind, I’m at 204 posts which bothers me, this new WordPress thingy that keeps spurring you onward to dizzying new heights of productivity by giving you goals tells me my next goal is 205 posts, so I feel compelled to write something so you’re getting this. I feel like I’m leveling WordPress, but OMG there’s no level cap. WordPress, the MMO of blogging platforms.

I don’t get a lot of outlandish search terms and it’s a pity because I enjoy them, but this one however has me baffled, the dangers of having a bucket. I want to be helpful but I’m not sure I know those, I’m also really wondering how they ended up here. I don’t remember talking about dangerous buckets but I’ll give it a go. Um, if you wear one as a hat it might get stuck, hows that?

Moving on, theramore night life. Really? Is something going on in Theramore that I knew nothing about? Is Jaina running a seedy, underbelly of Azeroth night time scene there in Theramore, illegal cockfighting, Baccarat, ram racing, belly dancing, what have you? I’ll have to be sure to check into that. Perhaps that’s why it’s going to be destroyed, NPCs out of control.

Finally something I can actually answer, can the crown chemical co gas mask be transmogrified? No, sadly.

tomerama Yeah, I have no idea. Sorry, but I like it. Tomerama of the Ancient, wish I’d thought of that one.

is there a nude patch for swtor You know, I’m pretty sure there isn’t but I can’t give you a definitive answer, you never know. But just to cheer you up there is one for real life.

I must have been name-dropping. “cymre” or “mischiefus” or “bubbles of mischief” Didn’t mean to poach this person from you Cymre, I hope they found their way to you from here.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Aeonaxx, speeder, camel …. Oh wait! This next one I can’t help with cause I still haven’t found a fix. razer mouse buttons not working swtor Yep, still not working BUT! How ’bout this.

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

I have a new Nvidia graphics card that has been driving me crazy. The screen goes black or occasionally freezes the computer and then you get that display. I’ve searched for months for a fix. I found quite a few that seemed to help some but not me. So here, try this:

Go into your Nvidia control panel, manage 3d settings, program settings, select (whatever program you’re having this happen in, mine was Firefox), and set power management mode to maximum performance.

Okay, I feel like I should add something extra. There’ll be company over the weekend so if I get time it will be spent in game, not talking. Hmmm … I KNOW!

This is my five-man crew. Yeah, most mornings we patrol the neighborhood looking for butt to kick. Yeah, beware any bad men made completely out of dog biscuits, my dog can so take you. The other human part of our five-man team only let me post this if I cut off her head, dogs didn’t care. My dog, as you can see has me on a leash, so that’s me that you can’t see on the end of that leash. The Shepard is my dog’s girlfriend, at least that’s what he says. The other Lab is his buddy, they share the same tastes, which would be FUD, we haz to haz it. They’re having a snack while my dog’s girlfriend stays on alert for mobs.

Posting 205th post … Ta Da … hopefully that’ll keep WordPress off my back for a while.

Of Furbolg and (Iron)Men

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One of my favorite things about WoW is that no matter how small the bit of time you have to play there’s something to do. I had a half hour this morning before an appointment. I decided to visit blogs and when browsing Bubbles of Mischief, Cyrme had this post. I did not know that. I had The Defender of the Timbermaw but knew nothing of the Stave of Fur and Claw. 20 more minutes, plenty of time to pick one of those up. I even had time to spare to menace the children of Stormwind, and visit Ithurian Whitespire, dancing about as a Furbolg for him hoping to cheer him. He was downsized and he’s been a little melancholy since then.


Speaking of melancholy my little Ferricat has been moping about Ashenvale with a sullen expression on her face. I waited forever to take this screen shot, hoping for a smile or at least a Night Elf jiggle, nothing. Fine, is it something I said? What’s wrong? She’s a very solemn Night Elf to begin with, nothing like my other Druid. What gives here? I mean you’re still alive and all.

OH. That got a reaction. No thanks to you she said. WHAT! What have I done? She told me to look at my quest log. Oops. They were all yellow. She was mad because I’d been making her do yellow quests and then complaining about her being “squishy” as opposed to my Warlock Ironman. Last night she kept having to run for the hills and I couldn’t figure out what her problem was. Duh. Silly me. I think there’s some ill will between the Warlock and Druid, I’d better watch what I say from now on. Don’t want to start any drama among them.

She may also have been annoyed that I insisted we go to Northern Barrens and hang out until we found at least one Takk’s Nest. Selling companion pets enabled Ironsally to buy her fast flying mount so it’s never too early to start saving. She’ll thank me later.

I’m dying to login, she’s almost level 24 and then she’ll finally be able to train Faerie Fire (Feral) which should make a difference. I can’t right now. Death and Taxes. While Ferricat is going to try to cheat death I’ve found no way to get around taxes. This is the last stretch and by later today, Ashenvale lookout, kitty’s coming for you!

One More Time … with Feeling

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This is embarrassing. Ironman, I wish I knew how to quit you. I think it’s because I had so much fun doing it with Ironsally. And then Effy entered Ironeffy, cool, I’ll follow along. And then Euphyley’s Ironsteve entered the race. Next, Big Bear Butt declares for the Ironman with Bigironbutt. I cannot stop myself, I tried but I can’t.

Let’s see. There was Ironmary the mage who I just tossed aside when it became evident that I’d never make it to 85 with a Mage. Then came Ironsally, dear little iron-willed Warlock. The Druid above is Ferricat. She was born a few weeks after Ironsally reached 85. I thought I’d see if a melee character could reach 85 under the Ironman rules. I abandoned her at level 20, with the nerfs to questing in 4.3 I thought it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. Then came poor little Ironadilla who couldn’t take the stress of the new Ironman’s no-death clause and committed voluntary death by Defias.

Ferricat is on the move. She has no deaths but I think that’s because I wasn’t trying to be careful. Compared to Ironsally at the same level she feels squishy, I’ve got to remember I have a bear form. I don’t think I’ll sign up officially as an Ironman as I’m afraid I’d then stress about trying not to die. After reading Euphyley’s post she’s been on the lookout for rares. She was thrilled to find three in Redridge. Snarlflare, Ribchaser and Chatter and they all gave nice XP. I’m going to level her and if she dies, so be it; she’s continuing using the original Psynister/Vrykerion Ironman Challenge rules. If it looks like she can’t make it to 85 without resorting to grinding or dailies I think I’ll call defeat but she’s going to give it a shot.

So anyway, if I’m not around you’ll know where I am. Last time, really, I promise.

Musical Accompaniment: Here I go Again.

Confronting My WoW Demons

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Over the long weekend my husband brought work home from the death camp where he works. It was nice to have company but it limits what you can do in game. If he starts in on a diatribe about his place of employment it’s only polite to turn to him and give him my undivided attention and throw in an occasional, “Hell yeah!” and “Those $%#@ers!” And they really are. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So I thought about all I could manage without risk to me or others was sightseeing. I decided to visit places that had scared the bejesus out of me back when I was starting my WoW career. I thought I’d see if they had the same power to frighten now that I was a big tough level 85.

Yeah, that first one doesn’t look all that scary does it. The Ban’ethil Barrow Den. If you were a Night Elf you have to know that one. The inhabitants aren’t particularly intimidating, it’s the fact that I’ve never successfully found my way out of a Barrow … any of them … ever. And yes, after taking the screen shot I had to finally hearth out because I still can’t find my way out of one.

I remember being asked while in Desolace to go to the Valley of Bones and clean up the undead ravager infestation. There was just something creepy about this place. Okay maybe I was just jumpy from spending all that time in Desolace but boy, was I ever happy to leave the Valley of Bones. Oddly I moved on to Mannoroc Coven where the Demons didn’t seem to bother me at all.

The Dragonmurk, back before the patch 2.3 overhaul of Dustwallow Marsh. A dreary, lonely place full of whelps and crocolisks, ugh. Not my favorite place. After patch 2.3, later characters enjoyed the zone, but my early characters … not so much.

The Noxious Lair. I have always loved Tanaris, but I really have a problem with spidery things. I don’t care if you call them silithid, they are still just big damn spiders to me. I hate them. I hate going into barrowy places where I’ll get lost … with spiders.

Say what? You want me to go in that thing. You want me to do a Noxious Lair Investigation? You can keep your 50 silver buddy, I’m so not going in there. I’m sorry about the water pools but you’re going to have to find some other brave adventurer for that one.

Okay, Eastern Plaguelands. THE WHOLE ZONE scared the crap out of me. I mean really, really. The first time I stumbled into it I was not the correct level and I was immediately massacred by Plaguehounds. I leveled up and went back, saw Corin’s Crossing and decided I’d skip it. Later characters spent more time there, and it’s a kinder, gentler Plaguelands now but still creeps me out. I think I have a problem with undead. Except my own undead who’s really rather nice.

Were they still creepy? Well, I still can’t find my way out of a barrow. In the case of most of the other locations, while I could remember how frightening they’d been the first time through, they no longer held the same level of terror for me. The only one that still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up was the Valley of Bones. I kept looking over my shoulder, there’s something not quite right about that place.

Non-WoW but Scary

While I was visiting these creepy places, my husband told me a story that seemed to fit in with the general theme. So if you’re a WoW purist this part isn’t for you. The firm my husband works for publishes an employee roster daily. Yes, it’s updated daily, the turnover is that high. My husband noticed someone that he’d talked to the day before was no longer listed. Working there seems to be like living in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers because if you go to the desk of the missing person there’ll always be someone there, working away as if they’d always been thus seated.

He thought it strange that she hadn’t mentioned leaving the day before so he sought out information from those in the know. When told she’d been “let go” he said she seemed fine at lunch. Oh no, that’s not how they do it, he was told. They call you in at the end of the day and tell you to pack up and get out. In this case after four years of employment she was told, “You don’t really fit in here, it’s best that you leave.”

I guess they’d grown the next pod person to replace her, scary place, almost as bad as Desolace.

I really shouldn’t mention this one, if you’re a Tweeter this one will be too horrifying to contemplate. No cell phones allowed in the building … at all. No computers have internet access except the one that’s closely monitored in the library, muhahaha, how scary is that!

Mistaken Identities and Stupid Adult Tricks

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Well I guess this had to happen at some point. Last night I wrote this post for this morning so I could get right down to business on acquiring boatloads of Frostweave Cloth for my Forsaken. When I reread it before posting I thought … naw … not doing it. It’s bad enough that anyone stopping by here sees the whole stupid parental lock thing I got myself into but then the second thing too? Nope, just way too much stupidity to share. Makes me sound like a complete buffoon and while I might be, I’m not going to make it that easy for you to find out.

So, I needed something to replace that part, and being too lazy to try to think up a new title it kinda had to fit. So here’s what I came up with in a pinch. Weak, yeah but I’m in a hurry to farm Frostweave so it’ll have to do.

Mistaken Identity at Senior Thursday

Eggs. Eggs are like ketchup, you need to always have some in the house. So on Thursday I had to run to the grocery store cause I was out of eggs. I got there, and there were all these little white haired ladies zipping around. I mean A LOT of them. What the … oh, OMG, it’s Senior 10% off day. I had forgotten. I never shop there on senior 10% off day because I’m afraid of being mistaken for a senior. I’ve said in the past that I kinda look like one of the twins from Matrix. I have about two feet of PREMATURELY gray hair all flying around which might lead someone to believe that I might qualify for a senior 10% discount. So, very risky behavior shopping there on a Thursday but I needed eggs.

I strode up to the cashier using my best posture and trying to look full of vigor. She looked at me and greeted me. OMG! OMG! Here it comes! No! But it was okay, she did not inquire into my qualifications for a 10% discount, whew. I took my eggs to the car and got in and a horrible thought struck me. Maybe she thought it was obvious from looking at me and just gave me the discount! I sat in the parking lot, hands shaking I got out the receipt to see if a senior discount had been applied. YAY!!!! YAY!!!! No discount! Having narrowly escaped wounding my self esteem I’ve learned my lessons. NEVER RUN OUT OF EGGS. I’m keeping dozens of those babies around, I don’t ever want to go through a senior Thursday visit again.

Stupid Adult Tricks — Parental Lock

Ah Ha! I had received a response from Blizzard. In case you don’t know I’ve parentally locked my account … from me. I’ve been trying to correct this. Be very careful what you do and learn from my mistakes.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m always flummoxed by forms and instructions. I always find them ambiguous. Below is part of the communication from Blizzard.

Please submit the following information:

1) A legible photocopy of the identification of the current registered account user displaying the full legal name, date of birth, and expiration date (if applicable). Acceptable forms of identification for the child are: Passport, Driver’s License, State ID, Military issued ID (with the back photocopied) or Birth Certificate. (School IDs are *not* accepted.)

2) A legible photocopy of the identification of the account user’s legal guardian displaying the full legal name, date of birth, and expiration date (if applicable). Acceptable forms of identification for the adult are: Passport, Driver’s License, State ID, or Military issued ID (with the back photocopied).

3) A copy of the Terms of Use (TOU) Form completed by the legal guardian (please be sure to provide an email address to which your child DOES NOT have access). The TOU form can be found here:

Sorry part of that last bit had to be redacted because of the other stupid thing I did. I always wanted to be able to say “redacted” makes me feel like a spy. Anyway, I think I’ve successfully cleaned this post up, I think I can post it now. I’ve got to get busy proving I’m not a child to Blizzard but first things first, I need me some Frostweave!

Go Away … I’m Fishing by Sound

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Yeah, random thoughts again. No real topic here. My Druid ran up and down the ramp on the Exodar trying to get her Lovebird to take flight. Take wing, little Lovebird, fly! The bird did try; I’ll give her that but so far no luck, so I’ll keep trying.

As for the fishing thing, this has to be the funniest thing anyone has ever said to me in WoW. My Forsaken Warlock reached level 80, leveling this fast causes problems with professions. Her cooking and tailoring are so behind she’s going to have to stick around Wrath for quite a while as she’s not rich enough to buy her mats. I realized she hadn’t trained fishing.  Stupid handler, how’s she supposed to level cooking quickly without it? She trained it and went to the sewers to start the leveling process. You’d think it would be pretty deserted wouldn’t you.

Fishing by Sound

Not so! Along came a bouncy Moonkin who stood beside her and proceeded to cast. Oh, that’s nice she thought, company. After a few casts the Moonkin told her to move along, that they were fishing by sound and she was screwing them up. She thought that was a little cheeky so she remained. The Moonkin then did the “dance on your bobber” thingy for a while not knowing this would only insure her continued fishing, cause she’s real stubborn. She asked him why, in such a big empty sewer he needed to fish right there. He said it was his spot. WELL, he should have said that to begin with, she could certainly understand a lucky fishing spot so she moved on.

Investment Portfolio

Yes, I know I hang on to a lot of dumb junk. I can’t help it but never mind that. This is a snapshot of my investments. I have an extra Lovebird and Lantern that I hope to sell later at a huge profit. I’m not sure when the optimal moment will be to do this. Three months? Six months? I’ll have to consult the AH wizard’s blogs, but I was happy to have something SENSIBLE saved in my bank wedged between Bad Clams and Honeymint Tea.

Stop with the Freakin’ Changes Already

I know we ancients get called a lot on not liking change. I’m generally fine with change; never get upset about changes to my class or the game but geez, Twitter’s interface changed, and then Blogger based blogs changed their @##$$/&@!! captcha to something that causes me to have to try over and over to post a comment because I now can no longer EVEN BEGIN to figure out what the letters are. DAMMIT, I AM a human, and humans can’t read that crap! And I was already on shaky ground with these blogs as they already wouldn’t let me comment with my WordPress info. If you two can’t get along fine, but don’t involve me in it! I wish Blogger and WordPress would kiss and makeup. So if you’re a Blogger blogger and don’t hear from me it’s because I had a brain aneurysm from trying to figure out the captcha.

Dangerous Life of an Alt

My poor Forsaken. She needs lots and lots of Frostweave cloth. I forgot that she was an 80 and flew her to Icecrown and landed her in a group of about nine Converted Heroes to grind cloth. Oops, it’s what my Druid does but then she’s level 85. She landed and I stopped to take a drink and then she was dead, well Undead AND dead.

She received a helm that needed a gem and again I forgot that she was still in Wrath and bought her the appropriate and very costly gem. Couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t equip it, duh, it’s a Cata gem. I don’t know how she puts up with me. Oh well, I’ll look at it as doing my part to keep the server economy going.

I must be off, she only has eleventy billion more fish to catch to level her fishing, it seems my work is never done.