Introversion: My WoW Expansion Fatigue Armor

I’m an introvert; you can also throw in a large handful of social anxiety, a cup of plain old anxiety, and a dash of depression. This probably makes me a fairly normal person. Not the mix of maladies, but that I have them. I don’t think there’s any OCD in there because I’d be much more organized if there were. We all come with custom blends.

I am walking on tippy, tippy toes here. I’m going to talk about something I know nothing about and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I recently realized, yeah I’m a slow learner, that I don’t understand extroverts and never even tried to. I just knew that they don’t understand us introverts but never stopped to think about how they feel.

I’m married to an introvert with a different blend. He doesn’t have as much plain old anxiety but has more social anxiety. We have a running joke; we’re apparently psycho murderers just waiting to blow. At least if you watch the evening news when a reporter (they HAVE to be extroverts) does the rounds of the neighborhood after someone flips out. “They kept to themselves.” “They never really spoke other than a hello.” The list goes on. Absolute proof that they were certifiably insane. Not really, it’s also proof that you’re an introvert but see, extroverts don’t know that, cause well … they’re extroverts.

I thought about our neighborhood. If my husband or I went completely bonkers, what would the neighbors say about us when interviewed? On reflection we’re pretty safe because almost all the people in this neighborhood have dogs. If you have a dog I can talk to you, I seem pretty normal. My dog walking buddy thinks I’m quite outgoing, she doesn’t know it’s just because we have a common interest. Otherwise, when interviewed by the peppy extrovert reporter she’d be saying, “I knew there was something wrong there, she kept to herself.”

So yeah, yeah, there’s a point, I’m getting to it.

Recently, and even before SWTOR, I’ve read posts where the author says things about WoW like:

My friends are all gone, I don’t want to play, there’s no point.

What’s the point of playing alone with just pixels, it’s lonely.

The game is empty now, so many of my friends have left, I don’t want to log in.

In the past I just would have thought, “Oh, don’t be silly, there’s lots to do in the game,” almost exactly like my extrovert friends say to me, when I don’t want to go to a function. “Oh, don’t be silly.” they say, “You’ll know most of the people there.”

Then it came to me. Extroverts really feel that way! They really do need people to thrive and enjoy WoW. And geez, did I feel bad and sorry. I’ve heard people say those things before, but I didn’t really listen, just like they don’t listen to introverts when they helpfully drag them kicking and screaming on outings. My mother comes to mind. An extrovert, she still thinks she can “cure” me.

There are some strange quirks to this introvert thing. I have no trouble with public speaking, I just can’t chit chat. If I were in your guild, I’d be the one who never says anything other than, “Grats!” or “Welcome.” But I’m just downright chatty on this blog.

The best analogy I ever heard used to describe the difference between introverts and extroverts was comparing them to a battery. Introvert’s batteries are drained by being around a lot of people and extrovert’s batteries are recharged by groups of people.

For me, the defection of WoW players means I can go to Uldum and farm about four stacks of Whiptail in just a few minutes. That’s all the difference it makes for solitary me. For an extrovert, the defection of friends has caused unhappiness and loneliness and I’d guess it’s draining their batteries, not having friends around.

I think Blizzard is aware of this; they must have some extroverts working there. I’d say the BattleTag system is a big step to helping with this, at least while playing Blizzard games. I wish I had a solution but I don’t. I do know now that my … introvertness? Introvertism? Oh whatever, being an introvert is apparently my WoW anti-fatigue armor. Being a weird, reclusive, mountain man of WoW has finally paid off. I’m apparently immune to expansion fatigue.

Thanks Matty, for the inspiration. She started the train of thought that ended with my being grateful for being an introvert, just this once. I sympathize with you extroverts, I finally think I get it. We’ll be waiting hopefully for your return, come Mists of Panderia.

Yep, that’s mah kin up there. I thought they looked like a bunch of introverted mountain men … except … that’s Minnesota. It’s where they ended up after leaving Ireland for Nova Scotia and then from Nova Scotia they moved south and stayed a while. It really looks like they’re running a rest stop for outlaws but I don’t know if Minnesota got a lot of outlaw traffic. The gentleman on the right is my great-great grandfather (could be another great in there, not sure) and the one in the center is his father. I’ve decided to blame my introversion on them since they’re not here to protest.

And oh, they have dogs. Definitely my people.

20 Responses to “Introversion: My WoW Expansion Fatigue Armor”

  1. Minnesota got a TON of outlaw traffic.

    The city of Saint Paul was damn near founded and funded on providing a safe haven for gangsters when Chicago got too hot.

    No shit.

    Plus… great post, darn great post.

    • Okay that is so cool, it gives my relatives a whole new rakish feel! And they were 90 miles north of the Twin Cities so maybe it was a hideaway for when it was really, really hot.

      I’d ask my Minnesota relatives more but they’re still in the whole “they were lace curtain Irish” denial thingy so they’d be no help.

      Thank you BBB and thank you for visiting!

  2. Relax. Ted Bundy was an extrovert.

  3. …and I am typing this on my phone during a break…

    You could probably guess this but I love, crave my solitude. Most of my day is spent performing, on stage as it were. I tend to be a social creature because I had to be….I moved so much that for friend survival I had to be my own envoy. The upside if being somewhere in between is that I have a few lifelong friends. I don’t like parties, I tend to shun any grouping or gathering, and more often than not turn off guild chat. My few friends in game and I have a respectful understanding. But yes, I think we agree that one of blizz’s missteps is in forcing strangers to play. I have had some great moments with surprises and help in pugs and don’t want to give that up. But like we said it would be nice for some independent epic quests too. And let is also be known I never help anyone with farmville. Ever. You may be an introvert Tome, but I get you. I will try not to be too loud…not the alice cravitz to your samantha stevens….:) J(typing on phone…no time for capitalization!)

    • Matty, I don’t know how you can type on a phone, I can’t even manage it on my freakin big iPad.

      Oh! You moved a lot too? I spend about 17 years living everyplace but here. It left me with friends that I just communicate with by email because they’re all over the world so I think that’s maybe why MMO friends seem quite normal to me.

      You could never be Alice Cravitz. That drove me crazy, I knew the name but couldn’t place it, had to resort to Google!

  4. Hi! I can relate to being both ‘verts. I’m naturally an introvert and growing up I absolutely DREADED going anywhere if I had to talk to people. And even if I didn’t have to talk to anyone, I couldn’t bare people looking at me. I still have days like that… days when mining for hours in Uldum is the best medicine.

    Being bipolar allows me to see inside the extrovert’s world too. How’s that for bonkers? When I’m hypomanic I want to talk to everyone and get them involved in everything.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Lilpeanut!

      Wow, I never thought of that. You can relate to both sides. I hated speaking for the extroverts cause I sure don’t know how that feels so I hope I got it right.

      When I was a wee little kid I remember hanging behind my mother’s leg, crying and saying, they’re looking at me. I know she didn’t have a clue what was up with me!

      My herbalist and miner are stationed in Uldum, there are days that gathering in lovely, sunny Uldum are just what’s called for.

  5. Awsome post and I think a lot of us can understand because most of us are ether interverts or extroverts. Me I would be a introvert and I love it that way the pice and quite of people not being near me I just love it.

    Wouldnt you know it I went and married a extrovet and sometimes being with her just drains me but I love her to death and her hole family is the same way always some kind of family function to goto yukkkk! But I deal for the most part and anti anzity med’s do help a lot.

    As for the public speaking compared to talking to people one on one its kind of like when you up in front of a group and giving your speach there not realy there and it’s not on a personal level. One on one on the other hand is way to close up and personle. But I digress and am going to goto my fav leather farming spot for some solitude.

    • Oh I know! I don’t know if extroverts know that even if you love the whole group of people, they still wear you out. I’m pretty good at them if they just let me sit in the background and don’t try to drag me into the festivities.

      I honestly think I started smoking to look like I was doing something so people wouldn’t bother me. Bad idea, it took forever to finally stop!

  6. I have both introdays and extrodays. Sometimes I’m totally fired up for a party, other days I need to cave and avoid going out my door. I used to be terribly shy, but I’ve worked in it over the years.

    n WoW it’s the same, although I’ve become more secluded over the years. I react more negatively to players quitting WoW than you do though 🙂

    • I do get sad when I see people leave WoW, but it’s more of a “they must be sad they’re leaving so I’m sad for them” than they’re leaving will impact me kind of thing, if that makes any sense.

      BUT … I see Elford’s on the move again! Might he talk about his travels? It was my most favorite thing about the Ironman Challenge!

  7. What a great post! I think I am an introvert trying to be an extrovert but I really enjoy reading your take on the whole thing. I can never get bored of WoW since I like playing single player games anyway but the wanna be extrovert in me craves the raiding and guild social interaction. Thanks Ancient for the great read 🙂

    • Thanks Navi! Yup, I was wondering. From your posts you definitely seem to be an extrovert but you also have your posts about more solitary pursuits like rare hunting. Maybe you’re one of those people that have an equal dose of both extro and intro!

  8. This is a wonderful post Ancient!! And I hadn’t thought about but you are precisely correct about the observation between introverts and extroverts. As a introvert myself, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped playing WoW due to friends. For me, I’ve always found great guilds for the most part, but I’ll generally only find one or two kindred souls that I really hit it off with within those guilds. I’m a pretty quiet person in guild chat (aside from the ever present groan inducing lame joke) and on voice chat as well. In stark comparision to that though, one of the reasons I stopped playing SWToR was the lack of companionship I felt in the game. (Ok, I’m beginning to think I need the I’m complicated status from facebook now..)

    Perhaps, even though I’m a very keep to myself introvert, I still want that comradierie from a guild.

    And yes, us dog people have to stick together as well!

    • Hi Somnar!

      I did like being in a guild with people actually on and playing as a guild at the time of day I play. I’ve never found one again that has a large percentage of day time players so I just entertain myself.

      I love SWTOR but I find at least to me, it’s even more insular, I get on the track of my character’s story line and just forget the rest of the world is even there.

      Yes, dog people are good people! Yikes, which reminds me it’s one of our dog’s birthday, I’m sure he’ll be expecting a special treat. Must Google dog birthday cakes.

  9. Late reply, but I needed to say this.

    What’s wrong with being an introvert? Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for being one–we are how we are. How boring would it be if everyone were clones of everyone!

    You reminded me of a new book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It talks about–you guessed it–the power of introverts! And mentions famous introverts through history. Er.. I won’t give the Amazon link as I don’t want to appear like I’m selling something, but yeah, you get the gist.

    • I’ve got that book on my wish list now!

      I know, my husband and daughter are introverts too and every year at job review time they are told some variation of “you need to work on coming out of your shell” by an extrovert of course!

      We aren’t in a shell people! That’s just the way we are!

      Since I’m my own boss I just tell myself every year, good job, just keep up with that being quiet thing!

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