Buyer’s Remorse or Don’t Let Your Kitty Shop

My main is wearing iLevel 360 gear. This is just fine; she doesn’t really need anything better for touring Wrath era dungeons and old raids. But for WHATEVER reason this morning she checked the AH and saw Rooftop Griptoes and Bracers of Manifold Pockets were listed. Would be about 15,000 for both.

I don’t know what came over me. I have enough money but I’m not rich. I’m not good at playing the AH, all my money is hard won … but I bought them.  And then I get buyer’s remorse. I was doing so well. Saving money for all my alts for Mists of Pandaria. Oh boy. I’ll have to start over and have a little discipline this time. But now the silliness starts.

The enchants were no problem, bracers get Draconic Embossment and she’s a leatherworker so, easy! Boots get Major Agility, again no problem, I have an enchanter. Payment for transmogging, that’s fine with me. Reforging? Psshaw, don’t worry about it, I don’t think I have to eke out more dps for what I’m doing.

The problem came when I saw that I needed two gems. I had one so my Druid went to the AH to check the price of either Inferno Rubies or if they weren’t available then Carnelians. I’d either get a ruby to send to my Jeweler or three Carnelians to send to my Alchemist for transmutation and then on to my Jeweler.

In the name of all that is holy! They want 300 gold for an uncut Ruby!! Carnelians are averaging around 80 gold a piece! Well! I certainly wasn’t born yesterday! Do they think I just fell off the cabbage truck? Yes … see, I just blithely spent 15,000 gold and now I was enraged at the thought of spending around 300 gold for a ruby. I just don’t get my priorities. I don’t even make sense to myself sometimes.

Well! We’ll have none of that AH price gouging here! Death King! Death Knight! Rouse yourself! There’s an emergency! I’m sure my poor Death Knight thought, finally, I’m going to see some action. But instead she was sent off mining for Elementium Ore, to send to the Jeweler to prospect, to send Carnelians to my Alchemist to transmute, to send a ruby back to the Jeweler to cut …  and the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone …

My characters are very kind to me, never a raised eyebrow among them, but they have to be thinking, WTF is her problem? Geez, just spend the lousy 300 gold and get on with it. The really, really, scary thing is I conduct my real life financial transactions in much the same way.

I remember once I wanted a new TV which was just too much to spend, so I went looking at cars instead. After contemplating spending the enormous amount a car would cost I then was able to happily spend the paltry amount they wanted for the TV.

I should write a book, “How to Never be Rich” by Tome of Really Bad Financial Advice.

12 Responses to “Buyer’s Remorse or Don’t Let Your Kitty Shop”

  1. I used to get a real thrill when I’d have a mailbox full of ah gold. You’d almost think it was real life money. Nope.
    I have never spent more than 1k gold on an ah item. I have spent justice points on my main to send bracers to my shammy (and she had better stuff already) and wished I could undo it. Oh well.
    Right now I’m leveling jc on a lowbie, so all the stuff she makes I list and it doesn’t sell for more than I could vender it for. Such is life. Or fake life.

    • I know, I tend to enthuse about how much gold I just made when things are going well on the AH to my (non gaming) husband and he always asks if we can spend it here. No, but I FEEL rich irl when I have gold and that’s what counts. He’s not seeing it though.

      At this point in the expansion on my server about the only thing that I can make money on are yep, red gems!

  2. Ah, buyer’s remorse. I get that all the time.

    Luckily, my outrage for buying overpriced items kicks in for gems, enchants, and (usually) gear. I think the last time i made an impulse purchase of gear was to get the darkmoon trinket. I paid 20k to a guy in a raid who said he had one he could sell me (the transaction took place after the raid, I might add. I don’t trust myself to have all sorts of cash on my main, haha). I felt a little bad about it, but I didn’t need to buy enchants/gems for it, and I’m pretty sure I’m still using it so it was a fairly good investment!

    I look forward to your book. Kitty’s can give good advice for that one, right?

    • Yes, if you’re still using it then I’d say you got your money’s worth. A fine decision overall!

      My absolute worst impulse buy was buying Witch-Hunter’s Harvester like 5 minutes after it was possible for someone to make one. It was, yes, my kitty who bought it.

      I guess I should be happy I can get this out of my system in game. Hopefully it will help me avoid real life impulse buying with real money.

      Yup, as soon as she can figure out how to write she’s publishing!

  3. My real life financial adroitness, or lack thereof, is way too parallel to my Azerothian financial saavy. I have professions and miners out the node-hole, and yet, cannot find time to make any gold. I feel that way in life–that I have untapped talent, but yet, can’t spin that hay into gold. I am careful about purchases, but often find myself pouting over things I can’t afford. (Just like real life.) I have often thanked heavens there is no Stormwind Credit Company, and seeking any back-alley goblin is just too dodgy.

    See, Tome, my theory is you’ve been reading about how much “fun” I have in dungeons and want great gear so you can test the waters…and we all know how cats feel about water. Gear acquisition is one area that most annoys me, and yet I am more compulsed to do.

    Stupid iLevel.

    • I know, I could be making the big bucks off those red gems with my jeweler but nooooo, I want to fly around and be an archeologist, geez.

      LOL! Yes, she wanted to respec resto so she could have some of that fun, NOT!

      My Horde Warlock is however wondering if there’s any hope queuing for instances between 10am and 4pm eastern as unlike Ms. Money Bags, the impulsive kitty shopper, that’s the only way she’ll get any gear after her heirlooms wear out!

  4. Unlike Matty, my real life doesn’t reflect my WoW gold habits. I never make any money in the AH (since I only have enchanting and tailoring as my professions) so I have to live off doing dailies and raiding. Fortunately this tends to keep me in comfort. Until I see pets. OMG Pets are my weakness!

    • I know, I really try to get all my pets myself rather than off the AH but sometimes it’s hard. My bank alt is always scanning the listings for a deal.

      I resisted a deal the other day but then once I logged off I went to the Blizzard store and bought a Pandaren Monk!

  5. JD Kenada Says:

    The ONLY thing I’ve had buyer’s remorse about is Formula: Enchant Chest – Greater Stats. I bought it recently for 20k. My Enchanter doesn’t have it, and I’ve never seen it before. At the same time, I haven’t taken the time to learn it.

    Honestly, if you want to make enough gold to get buy without much work, I present just a little self-promotion that involves making a relatively low level Engineer:

    • You know when I read that I checked my Druid and SHE HAS that enchant too. My enchanter just learned it so she must have been shopping without me, who knows how much she paid for that.

      Thanks JD, I’ll bookmark that post. The only profession I don’t have maxed is engineering because I keep deleting my engineers. The only one I have now is my level 45 Pally. I’ve got my fingers crossed for her, hope she makes the cut so she can make me rich!

  6. The prices are enough to make a dwarf drink! Wait. Make a priest drink. No..No. Eh, whatever they are extremely high right now!! When I moved Somnar over to the new server, I sent him with a large part of what I had on me at the time (~10K.) 2 weeks later? I’m doing around 3K. On gems and enchants. It’s so bad, I’m seriously considering forking over the real money to move my jewelcrafter/miner and enchanter over there as well. I can only think they are squeezing the extra money out of us, because well.. Are YOU really going to pay 9-13K for that +10 intellect on the new gems? I think not.

    Oh, and also.. Don’t socket your enhancement gear upgrades after a raid. Inevitably you’ll end up socketing 2 Intellect gems that ran you almost 1K in agility gear. /facepalm

    • I know! Times are hard in Azeroth when spending real world money seems a better option.

      I have a character that I won’t be playing again sitting there with 10,000 gold on another server. I want to transfer the money but can’t decide who to delete to make room!

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