Bite Me, or Devil Girl Will Get You

First, apologies. Posting daily seems to have become a habit. Habits are hard to make but this one seems to have just sorta happened which means I’ll be talking whether or not I have anything interesting to say, sorry. The only other real habits I have are walking the dogs regardless of weather, earthquakes, what have you. And I’m really proud that I finally have made a habit of drinking the daily required amount of water. Maybe next time I get a blood test they can actually find some.

Anyway, once again I have to hijack a Matty at Sugar & Blood post, but mostly the comments of Matty and Navimie of  The Daily Frostwolf. A nasty person called Matty a retard, and I was angry, there is also a priceless comeback from Guarf. “You can’t dispel stupid, sorry.” I wish I were quick witted enough to think of something like that. But as I read the comments, I got a sinking feeling. Navi talked about being yelled at when dpsing, she’s a Druid, like me, except much better.

Druid Multitasking

Okay, is there some expectation out there that while dpsing I’m for ANY REASON going to leave kitty form to enter caster form to cast Remove Corruption while someone’s beating on me? Cause I’m not. Look down there. You will see me like this right here and at the beginning of the group when I buff, that’s it. Okay, if you’re dead and no bad guys are around I’ll bring you back but that’s it. Was I supposed to be doing that? Sorry.

Thank goodness Navimie is too nice to pull my Druid card. I’m thrilled with myself when I remember to change to bear when things get bad, but caster form, no thank you, too squishy. As a Druid I have only once been in a group where EVEN I could feel superior in my druidy knowledge because the tank kept leaving bear form to heal.  Him or herself. Nobody called them a retard though. So anyway … oh dear, if I was supposed to be doing that sorry, my bad.

And then Matty alluded to the fact she had once been called Devil Girl, which made me reflect. About, me. I’m always trying to find parallels between me and other bloggers I like. I don’t know why my mind does this but I just try to stay calm and ride along. It’s like we were all friends on a planet in Iain Banks’ Culture Series and somehow we’ve all been reincarnated here in Azeroth … well yeah … real life too, goes without saying.

Devil Girl Customer Support

For whatever reason this is what came to mind. I used to work at a labor union headquarters. My job was in the department that created training materials. We had created an interactive teaching tool that was distributed to members. It was thought that customer support for this teaching tool would be a nice touch. The job was given to me. I pleaded with them to reconsider. I’m not a people person, really. It’s an incredibly bad idea, I said. Boss had spoken, end of story.

I had my first call. The man wanted to know if his ol’ buddy “one of my bosses” had worked on it. Yes, I said. Good job, he responded, can you transfer me to him? Success! I’d handled that rather well! The very next call was from a very pompous woman. I didn’t care for her tone … at all. The conversation escalated until I lost my usual good cheer. I can’t tell you much of what I said to her, I try to keep this blog at a PG rating for the most part but the expression “Bite Me” was mentioned by me, before ending the conversation with a vigorous thrust of the receiver. She of course called my boss to complain. What happened to me? I was awarded the hat pictured at the top and relieved of customer support duties. I loved those guys. So I can now put customer support experience on my resume if I need to.

Geez, all us bloggers must have been an awesome force to be reckoned with back on planet whatever!

Yes, got to try to focus.

Google’s got some ‘splaining to do

Or it could be me, not sure. Someone on Twitter put up this link so you could see who Google has decided you are. This is who Google thinks I am.

Your demographics

We infer your age and gender based on the websites you’ve visited

Age: 18-24

Gender: Male

Either Google needs to rethink their methods of deduction or I’m seriously warped. Google you’re batting 0.

Really Cool Thing

Saz, of The World of Saz has a Twitterland Cross-Realm Raiding post up, so if you want to raid with your Twitter or blogging friends you might want to sign up!

Okay, I’ll stop. I have to go anyway. I have to take my Mickey Mouse ears to the cleaners while the “Bite Me” hat sits in its place on the dead cow head. So much to do, so little time.

11 Responses to “Bite Me, or Devil Girl Will Get You”

  1. I like google, they reckon I’m between 18 – 24 and female. Well they got one bit right and I prefer their ages to the one on my birth certificate (although to be fair the top of the range isn’t out by a huge amount).

    • Yes, I was so excited at first when I saw the flattering age but then the whole male thing.

      I think I’ll have to start browsing for girly shoes or something!

      • My husband is a middle aged man because he searches for programming related stuff, clearly according to Google, programmers spring fully formed aged 40ish from nowhere, no doubt wearing cardigans and slippers.

        I’m a teenager because I look at shoes, computer games and recipes on-line….. Isn’t the internet awesome 😀

    • I hate that WordPress won’t let me reply to a reply but I’ve fooled them I’ll reply here instead!

      That’s interesting about your husband, I’ve got to send the link to my daughter. I KNOW she’ll be female but now I’m wondering how old Google would think my IT son-in-law is. Maybe another middle aged man!

  2. The comments thing always get my blood boiling, along with Twitter sometimes. I can’t think of the number of posts I’ve trashed that I just couldn’t get over my inner-editor telling me not to publish it. (I’m sorry, I still think people have the basic responsibility to be civil to each other.. Idealistic in the extreme, but…)
    But yes..

    BITE ME! is a valid response sometimes 😀

    • I agree, I try to be polite if possible, it not then I try to keep my mouth shut.

      Bite Me was my attempt at remaining as civil as possible, lol.We were enduring massive layoffs at the time, no excuse but I wasn’t quite myself!

  3. Firstly, I think daily posting is a good thing. Obviously I think that because my blog is called the DAILY frostwolf. So I love that people post daily and I can read what’s going on in their heads today.

    LOL I laughed when you got awarded a hat for saying that to a customer.

    And that Vortex Pinnacle thing still makes me cringe. I was heailng, and I didn’t take that spec and it’s my fault that everyone was stuck to the ground and died because they didn’t get in the triangle? What if I was some other class that can’t dispel magic? So I wasn’t dpsing, so maybe I am a bad druid after all.

    And how do I do that google thing? I clicked the link but it seems to come up with a page.

    • I have to admit that I like daily posts too. Since I’m a worrier if someone I read doesn’t post for a while, I get upset and worry that something’s happened to them. Boy, was I an overprotective mother!

      Nope, you’re a good healing Druid, all my Druid knows how to do is bite people on the butt!

      I tried the link with Internet Explorer and I it had nothing on the page cause I never use it. I’ve changed the link to make sure it didn’t have my cookie attached, don’t know if that’ will make a difference.

      Yes, you’ve got to love carpenters, millwrights and pile drivers, you can do crazy stuff like that and they give you a hat! I’d imagine if my actual job there had been customer support I might have been fired, lol, but since I was just pitching in they cut me some slack!

  4. Today–I can’t even describe. A human child turned into a great white shark and all that was between him and another child, (who remained sadly human and not shark) was me. Had to pull on my Devil Girl persona. I am beginning to feel that like nine lives, I’ve used up a few.

    I love this post.

    AND – guess what?! I am also an 18-24 year-old male who is interested in Arts & Entertainment, Games, MMOs, and…what the? Air Travel? Well, yes. Yes I am. I would love to sprout real-life dragon wings and fly just about anywhere sometimes.

    Oh silly Google. You do get me, don’t you?

    And, aside from being considered chum at 8:30am this morning, which was the capper for a fan-flip-tastic week, writing daily keeps me sane.

    • I’m glad Matty the Devil Girl was there, it seems the sharks are meaner today than they used to be. I hope your weekend is stress free and your pugs filled with nice people. I’m hopeful about the stress free part, the second part not so much.

      I checked the Google page on my iPad, I’m more mature there, I’m still male, just older.

      I’m sending you a couple of my nine lives, I don’t have to deal with potential great whites so you better have them!

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