Going to get me a Big Love Rocket!

Through some miraculous convergence of the stars, I woke in Azeroth to not one or two but three simultaneous events! Just saying a quick Hi! Got things to do, people to see. Don’t even know if I’ll have time to watch the Superbowl.

Oh, and a warning for the Fenris server.

Generally I try not to inflict my lack of groupery skills on the general population … as a courtesy. So … you know … no needless deaths. But Fenris, the stakes are too high today. For the possibility of a chance at the Big Love Rocket I’m sad to say that I find the possibility of your death an acceptable risk to take for this prize. Consider yourself warned.  I’m queuing for Old Apothecary Hummel right now, look out.

After that I’ve got to get 270 tokens for a Swift Lovebird! So I gotta go. And oh yeah, if you’re a fun sucking meanie in there with Apothecary Hummel I’m so going to whine about you here, just saying … watch out!

8 Responses to “Going to get me a Big Love Rocket!”

  1. GOOD LUCK! We’re both gonna need it because I’m doing this on all my toons! *elbows everyone*

  2. I am on Overachiever Overload this morning. Tried to buy rose petals with elder stones, not to mention DMF craziness. And yes, friend and lovers? Get the hell out of our way. 🙂

    • Sadly I didn’t get the Big Love Rocket today. But now I have to go kill 250 poor unsuspecting innocents for the DMF!

      We are busy today!

      I know my husband thinks I’m going to watch the superbowl with him but I can’t stop for a mere football game. Okay, I might be a little bitter cause my team is having a small ten or twelve year rough patch.

      And really there should be some sort of reciprocal agreement between the Lunar and Love people with those stones and tokens!

  3. I tell you, all these dailies to do is killing me. DMF is up, Love is in the Air is up… all my time will be spent doing dailies 🙂 I really want that pink plainstrider mount, Mazzranache was my favourite rare! I tamed him on a low level hunter and named it Flamingo.

    • I know, so much to do! The only good thing was when I did the DMF quest that required killing 250 mobs I got way ahead on my charms for the bracelet turn ins.

      I may never get a Big Love Rocket but I MUST have that Swift Lovebird!

  4. Strutt@ Kil'jaeden Says:

    Kill the first 2 bosses in Throne of the tides regular, Then go down the hallway where the little adds always respawn. and farm the charms there. Just be careful cause the guys will apply a stacking debuff to you if you kill them too close to you.

    This is soloable by most classes as well.

    • Hi Strutt!

      I left Icecrown cause it’s a little crowded and have been getting the charms in the Ruins of Ammon which is going slow so I’m going to head to the Throne of Tides.

      Thanks for the tip!

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