Apothecary Hummel Guide (unscientific and likely flawed)

Okay it’s all coming back to me now. I now remember that last year I had the same problem. Why does no one want to beat down Apothecary Hummel? I realize I have to queue for these things off peak hours but I don’t remember having any trouble getting into The Headless Horseman or Coren Direbrew in less than ten minutes at off peak hours. So what’s going on?

Admittedly, Coren and the horseman are pretty easy but so is Apothecary Hummel if you know what to do. Purely in my own self-interest I’m going to give you my McLonewolf’s guide to Apothecary Hummel. If like me, you only poke your nose out for holiday bosses, no problem, it’ easy. Just humor me and do this so I can get my chance at the Big Love Rocket, what do you say?

I downloaded TinyDPS as I remembered there was a lot of running about involved, being melee dps I wanted to make sure I wasn’t screwing everyone up trying to run around and bite those apothecaries on the butt. On seeing the meter after the fight I can only assume people don’t understand what’s going on. Cause I would have thought the caster would out dps the melee dps. No one was AFK, they were all running around doing SOMETHING, I just don’t know what.

So here follows Wolfie McLonewolf’s Totally Unscientific Guide to Apothecary Hummel. Probably shouldn’t pay too much attention to it but it works for me.

If old Hummel isn’t showing up as available in your dungeon finder, find a Steamwheedle Shyster Dungeonmaster. In Stormwind he’s right outside the bank. I haven’t verified this but I was told his Orgrimmar location is between the bank and Grommash Hold.

If you get in the instance and don’t have a bottle of perfume and a bottle of cologne, pick one of each up at the table on the left. MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

Apothecary Hummel does nasty purple damage so use the pinky purply perfume bottle if you’re in purply gunk.  Apothecary Baxter will do greeny damage so use your yellowy green cologne bottle if you’re being sprayed with or standing in green gooey stuff.

Apothecary Frye is the third and final guy who runs around willy-nilly tossing both purply and green gunk on the floor and attacking random people. Don’t worry, he can’t really hurt you. It’s the stuff on the floor that can, but yay! You have neutralizers! Just make sure to stand in purply stuff if you’re wearing the purple bottle and stand in green stuff if you’re wearing the yellow-green bottle. Or don’t stand in any stuff at all if you can manage that.

Yeah, there are some other things going on like Chain Reaction but just remember to wear the color coordinated perfume or cologne and then kill ‘em. Okay? Wowhead has a nice write up about it but seriously, do they really think anyone stops to discuss strategy in these LFD groups? I mean really?

So anyway, there you have it. I am not responsible for any deaths resulting from the use of my guide. Don’t try filing a civil suit against me at the Stormwind Courthouse.

Okay now please queue for Apothecary Hummel, all you all, go ahead, do eet. Pretty please?

11 Responses to “Apothecary Hummel Guide (unscientific and likely flawed)”

  1. If you can dodge perfume sprayers at department stores, you can win in this dungeon!

    Don’t think this is what Coco Chanel had in mind…

  2. I’ve noticed high queue times and we always seem to waiting for dps.

    Every group I’ve had so far has tackled it differently, with my favourite being tonight’s rugby scrum in which they sort of aoed them down whilst standing in overlapping clouds whilst I alternated between mind sear and prayer of healing.

    Still no rocket or slime pet though.

    • I queued a couple times today but had to leave the queue after about 15 min.

      My big plan for later was to queue as a tank but it might not make any difference, I just can’t figure out why nobody wants to do it so early in the event. I usually don’t have that much trouble even though it’s daytime.

      Lol, yes, last year each time was a new experience, sometimes over in what seemed like a minute or so other times not so much!

  3. I noticed high queue times too. I wonder why people are just not interested in doing it.

  4. I went into that fight for the first time last night. First thing I asked was “is there anything I need to know.” As a healer, I like to know if someone’s going to get pasted with a tonne of damage at some point, for example. Well, no one said anything to me and the fight started. Nothing was ever mentioned about the perfume counter and I healed it just fine (Holy Priest btw). That’s my .02. Perhaps it’s just us healers who needn’t worry about it.

    Also, the Big Love Rocket falls under the less than entirely well thought out names for a MOUNT.

    • If I remember correctly from last year there is a quest where you get the bottles before you enter the instance or if you’ve done it before you still have them, so they might have all had their bottles or they were really, really good at not standing in gunk!

      HEHEHE! I think Blizzard is not above the less than subtle innuendo!

  5. I’m glad someone else uses ‘willy-nilly’ besides me 😛
    I think it’s mainly the reason that you just do it once for the bag and that’s it. But I’m sure it’s worse if you’re DPS waiting and not a healer/tank.

    Even so, the fact that the fight is over in about a min, would probably leave a lot of waiting time to fill up a DPS gp. I’m still up for doing it as there are still a few things I would like to get – extra tokens, mask and of course the mount. GL with your queues and drops Ancient 🙂

    • Willy-nilly is on my list of dated expressions and words, like strumpet and scofflaw that need to be resurrected and I’m doing my part!

      The second time I did Hummel it was over in probably less than a minute. The first time, OMG, I think it took longer than the queue.

      So far I got the extra tokens which is nice but I’m still hoping for the mount or pet, I would be so happy if just someone I knew got that mount and posted a screen shot. I’m still not convinced it even exists!

  6. […] how the Love Is In The Air dungeon fight works.  I just heal through it.  No one (short of the guide by Tome of the Ancients) has ever bothered explaining it.  All I know is I aggro huge when healing […]

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