Rob Roy and Tonk Commander do the Human Cannonball

Hi. Didn’t get much sleep last night. A glass of wine usually manages to turn off the revving mind but sometimes it pops back awake after a couple hours sleep and then I’m really goofy for the whole next day. Which is today … so sorry. I decided to while away the time reading posts. Big Bear Butt was talking about the Liam Neeson movie coming out soon and I thought, WAIT!!! Liam Neeson! We must have a Liam Neeson movie! I found Rob Roy and the dogs and I had a late night party. It was great.

After the movie I felt lively enough to login but I thought the only thing I could manage was the Darkmoon Faire in my half awake state. Yes, that’s me, having fun at the faire at around 6:00am. What puzzles me is that people aren’t queuing for Apothecary Hummel, but at 6:00am there are plenty of people around to BLOW ME UP while I try to do Tonk Commander, geez. Just doesn’t seem fair. That game took me about five tries to complete.

I should have used some sense and not even tried to do The Human Cannonball. Yeah, much hilarity for all the bystanders. And why are there bystanders watching me miss my mark at this time of the morning … hey, you guys, nothing to see here, move along.

And oh, I have a question for you serious grouping people. Serious question really, I know it’s sometimes hard to tell. I noticed that when I was in a group who had their shi … stuff together, my dps literally doubled over my dps in a group with less than stellar performance. What is that about? Can that big a difference be from the tank holding aggro and keeping the boss still? Or did they just rub off on me? Whatever, I hope it sticks.

After I got tired of missing that stupid circle thing I decided to log off. I looked at some fan art. So many really, really talented artists out there. But I noticed something, maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s something everyone already knew and I just haven’t heard about it, but I got the feeling that the consensus is, massive boobage = attack power. I assume some theorycrafter has the numbers to back it up and all. I guess I’ll have to check Elitist Jerks, they must have a section on it. Seems to only be true for female characters though. You learn something new every day.

Okay, I’ll be quiet now. I’ll stop rambling and try to find something else to do to try to stay awake. Maybe slaughter hordes of mobs for charms to make bracelets while listening to really loud music. Oh! And that reminds me; don’t miss out on The Godmother’s Ultimate Warcraft Mix Competition. I’m working on my list; I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s list so I can steal songs from it.

Okay, got to stayawak………………………………………………………………………………

7 Responses to “Rob Roy and Tonk Commander do the Human Cannonball”

  1. Hahaha! That bloody circle thing. I hate doing it. BUT I was excited because just this week I got the damn Bullseye and I was even considering having to cheat to get the achievement… (warlock summon portal).

  2. I am getting pretty good at the Bullseyes. Now all I need is more fishing pools 😀

    Thank you for the shout out: much appreciated!

  3. @Navimie Yay! I’m glad you got it finally! Yesterday I was so sleepy I kept forgetting why I was flying and forgot to drop! I wonder how far you fly if you never drop, have to find out.

    @The Godmother I hope you get a lot of responses, I so love hearing what other people are listening to, I imagine my iTunes bill will go up!

  4. Maybe it’s just the general hibernation sickness we’re all feeling in the Northern Hemisphere, cause I’ve been so deeply sleepy lately, no insomnia, and no Liam lullabies needed.

    I have wondered the same thing about DPS but on a bigger scale. There are some inexplicable numbers and theorycrafing algoritms out there, but bascially I think it boils down to when the tank and healer are doing their jobs, no one notices, like a true professional, so the DPS data is increased. The tank’s damage should be last, and the healer’s not at all, in most cases, so the DPS can have the spotlight. When things are not going well, or smootly, I tend to have to hit the heal button, and for split second I have to self heal or get out of the way, that is a tiny DPS tally mark less.

    But that’s just my hypothesis. Sure it’s completely unfounded and has more to do with magic and mojo. Those factors cannot be discounted. 🙂

    • I know my warlock has a much easier time of it than the kitty but I was really surprised that in a group where the mob was more or less stationary, my dps doubled.

      But you’re right, magic and mojo are also present at times and there was a mage in the group doing incredible dps so maybe she magiced the rest of us!

  5. ” I noticed that when I was in a group who had their shi … stuff together, my dps literally doubled over my dps in a group with less than stellar performance. ”

    Could also possibly be because the fight is dragged out longer with a group that doesn’t hit as hard, and dps is correspondingly lowered. Dps looks much higher if you blow your cds and it’s over in a couple minutes, rather than if you blow your cds but it drags on and your dps has time to stabilize to non-cd dps. 🙂

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