Lovely Charm Farming … oooh my …

Geez, I’m late today but I had real world stuff to do. I had to take my husband’s truck for an oil change and safety inspection. I hope the place I always go knows what they’re doing. I only go there because they have Wi-Fi which makes sitting there bearable. I had other plans for today too, not irl though.

So I wasn’t gone long and I login to find my Druid at the Darkmoon Faire eyeing a human male! Between Ironsally’s tantrums and my Druid’s taste in men, these guys are driving me nuts. “This is beyond all decency!” “He’s a level 22, you’re 85, he’s too young for you!” “Stop this nonsense at once!”

Okay now two of my characters are mad at me but really, she’s out of control with this human male thing. I managed to drag her away from the Faire to get down to the really important business of the day. I’d had enough! Although I will get my Swift Lovebird soon enough by just doing the dailies, I couldn’t wait. I needed one now, today. Tired of waiting. I need my 270 Love Tokens to buy my Swift Lovebird from a Lovely Merchant TODAY.

I had been grinding lovely charms in Icecrown from Converted Heroes but it gets crowded, I also spent some time in the Ruins of Ammon and you get some greens and cloth but it’s pretty slow. I needed FAST charm farming. Someone mentioned the Slags in the Halls of Lightning and a kind commenter pointed me to the Throne of Tides and the Unstable Corruptions.  I needed 600 more charms, so I alternated between Halls of Lightning and Throne of Tides for a change of scenery, oh and yeah, had my grinding music.

Ta Da!! Finally. She’s quite lovely; I took her to the Darkmoon Faire so she could visit her relatives. It really didn’t take that long, I should have kept track of time but I think it took about an hour, maybe a bit more. So, very productive day, time well spent!  And yes, yes, I did the real world stuff first; I have my priorities straight, kind of. Well, most of the time. I know my family thinks it’s a little strange when I rush to the computer on the Feast of Winter Veil to get my gifts but come on, it’s Greatfather Winter, I can’t miss that!

10 Responses to “Lovely Charm Farming … oooh my …”

  1. I love my DM Flamingo but I can’t WAIT to get my purty pink one. Plus it matches my current transmog outfit. Gotta look good *strutstrutstrut*

    Grats on the mount!

    • Thanks! I think I was so set on getting it because I was disappointed that it will be another month before I get my Darkmoon mount, had to compensate!

      Hope you take a screen shot in your outfit on your Lovebird!

  2. I literally, and I am now cleaning it up, did a spit-take at LEVEL 22 MALE – oh Tome……..have any keyboard wipes?

  3. Grats Ancient! LOVE this mount! ^-^

    Can’t wait to get it on my hunters and have a family of pink flamingos … hehe.

  4. I can’t wait to get mine Ancient! Grats! I wish I was a hunter so I could have a trio of flamingos too!

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