I Visited the Crown Chemical Co. and all I got was this …

Yup, no big Love Rocket yet. But my Druid wanted me to take her picture in case this is all she gets from those apothecaries. That Druid has been causing a lot of trouble lately. I should have known better than to let her read the blogs I follow. And it’s had a domino effect because she showed the alts how to do it.

First, Druid troubles. Yesterday she saw a hawt human male at the Darkmoon Faire. Because of the extreme level difference I thought it most unsuitable so I made her leave. She was mopey after that and apparently visited Matty’s post Lovesick. GAWD! She discovered Fleetwood Mac and now all she does is mournfully play Go Your Own Way and Silver Springs on her Goblin Player and she keeps giving me accusatory looks.

But that’s just the start! She apparently gave my Hunter, Euphyley’s blog address. Yes! WoW Rare Spawn Guide, are you kidding Druid. You can imagine what kind of ruckus that caused! Every time I login my Hunter yells, pick me! Pick me!

And it only gets worse. My Druid must have visited Navi at The Daily Frostwolf. OMG! So now she is asking all kinds of questions about raiding and she told me this morning she wants to go to a training dummy and see if she can improve her dps! WTF! That’s it; I’m going to uninstall that DPS meter. Don’t tell my Druid but I’m kind of fascinated by that thing too. Same fight, same Druid, different group, her DPS has ranged between 7k and 18k. I didn’t know it was that variable. I’d better get rid of it before I’m as bad as the Druid.

If they don’t watch themselves I’m going back to my Forsaken Warlock who hardly EVER says anything and I’ll get a little peace. So you’re on notice guys, watch it. And no more blogs, I MEAN IT!

And Druid, best one’s Tusk, just saying.


23 Responses to “I Visited the Crown Chemical Co. and all I got was this …”

  1. *snicker* Sulky Druid. 😉

  2. There is nothing as good as Songbird for making me cry 🙂 Tusk is one for my son to play on his drums and The Chain reminds me of racing along a road to see them perform for one of their last concerts ever in the UK. LOVE Fleetwood Mac. *wanders off to dig out the old CDs*

  3. Had to laugh because I went to my iTunes collection and searched for Fleetwood to see if I had Tusk. I did but worse – I found The Fleetwoods. Oh man! Now _I_ feel ancient. /laughatself
    Love your druid’s personality.

    • I had to buy Tusk when I couldn’t find it. I’ll bet my husband has some of The Fleetwoods. I always kid him that he’s nostalgic for a time he wasn’t in but then I like In the Mood and Vera Lynn so I guess I’m the same.

      I love my Druid but she can be trying at times!

  4. lol, now I’ve got Fleetwood Mac stick in my head.

    And hey, maybe your druid is just a good influence on your hunter! 😉 hehe

  5. I want that mask. It is so cool.

    • I was so happy last night that I got that, maybe not a love rocket but still cool! I’ll have to try it out on some unsuspecting mob.

      • I would so transmog that into something. I dont’ know what yet, but.. something! Fumigator! Predator! A shame it’s cloth actually… i can’t transmog it. Damn. I’ll have to keep trying to get it for dress ups.

    • And all this talk of hunters makes me want to play my one. Every time I see Euphyley and her pink flamingo family I want to be that person! Pet, minipet and Mount.

      • Yes, I should get my warlock in there to try to get that mask as she could use it for transmogging.

        My Hunter is semi-retired and all she likes to do is collect pets and admire them. But she is kind enough to make pots and transmutes for the rest of the group!

  6. Oh so much to comment on:

    Anyone thinking of rolling a Hunter, come to Steamwheedle. I have two there already and am considering rolling 1-2 more and then I start thinking that’s a great place for just Hunters (when I gets BoA it’ll be universal, lol).

    Fleetwood Mac: Download Rumours and call it a day. Seriously, you’re set. Peacekeeper from…sometime between 1998-2002 is also a great track. Also, pretty sure Tantric did an awesome cover of The Chain.

    The “Love Mask.” No, it can’t be Transmogged. But if I recall, Pit of Saron has a boss that drops the appropriate gas masks that can be (I think there’s one of each armor class as well).

    If not for the firewalls at work, this post would be even more helpful. I do apologize that I can’t provide links and legwork this go around.

    • Really? Gas masks from Pit of Saron? I’m so going there tonight.

      • Pretty sure. The sequel to The Broken Doll kicked off last month on Moon Guard and it involved a plague. Most people were wearing their gas masks and I’m pretty sure it’s from the Pit. Could even be Ick that drops it.

    • When my husband came home he located all the Fleetwood Mac for me, some of it … in the archaic “record” format!!!

      I’ll have to look up the Trantric cover and look into those gas masks!

      • There are some songs that honestly do sound better on vinyl. Hotel California is the first one that comes to mind. Perhaps the Theme From Top Gun as well.

  7. Grab Buckingham/Nicks album, too. Love Tusk.

    • I think that one is in the pile of Fleetwood Mac husband found for me. Can’t remember if it’s in a format I can actually use.

      Mr. Audiophile has a whole process that needs to be followed when playing the “record” which involves gloves, brushes, etc., so if that’s the case I’ll go to iTunes!

  8. You lucky thing. I’d love the mask or something other than the love tokens so far. Hmm, Pit of Saron has a mask too? I will need to look into that 😛

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