Follow the Light …

Yeah … embarrassing. I was going to pretend I never mentioned trying the no-death Ironman and all. Maybe no one would notice. But Ironsally found out about my attempt and she said I have to tell so here goes.

What can I say, I snapped. Perhaps there should be some sort of psychological testing done before you attempt a no-death challenge.  I logged back in with the intention of continuing on my no-death journey. Up next, the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch for the quest Manhunt. The place is crawling with Defias Brotherhood. Old Morgan the Collector is holed up in that house along with Erlan Drudgemoor and Surena Caledon.

I hate being careful, being careful was driving me crazy; it’s my only explanation for what came next. Poor little Ironadilla suddenly dismissed her demon and shrieked a battle cry, managed to aggro three of the Defias outside and then ran into the house where Morgan and his dastardly companions awaited! After collecting six foes she ran outside to aggro as many more as possible … death by Defias had never felt so good.

It’s probably for the best, it’s clear I’m not cut out for a no-death anything … well … except for real life; I’m doing okay there so far. So Insane WoW Ironman Challengers, I salute you. Good luck to you all, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am. I’m not doing that again. If I undertake another challenge it will be the Psynister Vrykerion WoW Ironman Challenge where you can feel free to die as much as you like. I even have a Druid doing that, she’s level 20 and oddly has no deaths yet, probably because I wasn’t trying to be careful. I wanted to see if a melee class could complete the challenge. I quit when the 4.3 nerfs came out because it was no longer the same challenge, but if I feel challengey I think I’ll continue her on her journey.

The relief I felt on deleting poor Ironadilla was immense. I felt giddy with joy. Free at last to work on the really important stuff like doing something about my poor Warlock’s ugly belt.

It’s a temporary fix but look at her; I think she looks happier don’t you? I continued on my quest for the elusive Love Rocket and getting enough charms for my second Swift Lovebird, life was good again in Azeroth. I admit I feel a little guilty about the elation her death brought me and at the same time I’m thrilled to have freed up my last character slot on Fenris for my Panda. All I can say is I’m sorry little Ironadilla, we hardly knew you.

R.I.P. you little Gnome, follow the light.

7 Responses to “Follow the Light …”

  1. I am so crazy coo-coo busy right now in real life, but my intent is to post something that takes this challenge and make it suit my play style. I may not make it into any Hall of Fames, but those museums don’t get that much traffic anyway, do they?

    Before I free up any slots I need to clean out void storage I guess, which is making me very, very grumpy. Blizz is forcing my hand to make some hard choices about what items to keep, trash or sell, and that doesn’t work with a sentimental fool like me.

    In any case, perhaps a eulogy and service is in order? Respawn in a happier place, Irondilla.

    • She was awful cute but I have four or five Warlocks and she was taking up my last slot so poor thing had to go.

      I think the Psyn/Vry was perfect for me, I had fun which is kinda key so I’ll stick to that one.

      Can’t wait to hear about The Matty Challenge!

  2. Oh noes!!! Rest in peace cute little gnomie. ='(

  3. Aww poor Gnome 😦 There’s a Matty challenge? I would love to try it but I am truly mentally challenged at anything that has the words level and alt in it…

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