Pssst … Meme the Sixth, past it on!

I happened to be watching Twitter when I saw that Jaded Alt had a new post up. Oh good, I went to see what Windsoar’s post was about and she had received a meme from Gnomeaggedon. It was about one of my favorite things! Screen shots.

The challenge is to open your sixth sub-folder in your screenshot folder and pick your sixth image to share. Windsoar’s screen shot is a beautiful tree action shot. I hoped, hoped, my sixth would be a good one.

I have no idea why I took this one, maybe I just wanted a reminder of Skettis because I was moving out to fight in Northrend. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of my “accidental shots” that I can’t bare to get rid of. I still can’t figure out how I manage to accidentally hit the Prtsc key but I must. They are kind of like those shots on my digital camera of feet or lampshades.

So that’s mine now tag, you’re it!

Sugar & Blood

The Harpy’s Nest

Effraeti’s RP

Bubbles of Mischief

Moonkin Journeys

WoW Rare Spawns

Thanks Windsoar, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone finds in their sixth of sixth!

18 Responses to “Pssst … Meme the Sixth, past it on!”

  1. What a great shot!

    …and thx for the link love. I was trying to get mine in from Navi’s tag and hoping you and I didn’t have any overlaps 😛

  2. Love it! Your shot is beautiful! Cymre presupposed that “some” of us would actually have an organized folder. One of my many projects…heaven help me.

    • Lol, mine is disorganized, I have lots of sub-folders that must have made sense to me when I made them but now they don’t and I just keep adding more.

      Glad the sixth wasn’t the hair in curlers or horn polishing one!

  3. PS I’m just glad the sixth shot wasn’t one of me with curlers in my hair or facial hair waxing. Could have been embarrassing. Crisis averted! Look away! Nothing to see here!

  4. I wondered if you and I would have the same tagged people! Well, at least that way they feel loved, right Ancient?

    And damn why couldn’t my 6th 6th be a nice cool before unseen picture??

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  6. Love the shot! Very purty!!! Makes me miss the good old days of playing back during BC.

    and ty for picking me, but like I told Navi, I can’t continue with my own meme the sixth. I had a post half done and realized everyone I was going to tag had already been by at least one or two people lol, oh well. I just need to read more blogs I guess. =P

    • Although I loved Wrath and still love vanilla I think my favorite will always be BC.

      I know, I think I was the third one posting and I duplicated quite a few. Although I read a lot of blogs not all of them seem to do screen shots so I tried to tag screen shotters like me!

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  8. […] tweet caught my eye. From there I saw Navimie had been tagged, who in turn tagged me, as well as Ancient. Yay for double tagging! […]

  9. LOL, you have no clue as to the bee’s nest you and Harpy opened up in my files!!!

    Hopefully, I’ll have the post up today. *crosses fingers*

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