A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing in the Paws of Kittys

Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. Suddenly my Druid thinks she knows math which when you think about it is impossible. I am math challenged, always have been so I think it unlikely that in Azeroth there’d be any change. So really she has no idea what she’s doing. Silly cat.

I knew this would happen. I should never have downloaded that DPS meter. I don’t use many addons. I always had a threat meter to keep from rudely pulling aggro but that’s about it. I just thought it would be informative and to make sure I wasn’t being the cause of any problems. I really didn’t know it would snowball into the cat from hell.

I play for fun; I’m not competitive so a good group for me has always been based on whether it was fun and whether the objective died. That’s about it. Dying a few times never bothered me as long as everyone remained pleasant. I’m kind of an underachiever of WoW which has always been okay with me.

But the meter may have created a monster … a scary monster cat. I was intrigued by the huge range my DPS had. It varied from 7k to 21k, why was that? Could I do better, what should I do? I started thinking stuff like that, yeah, really crucial to get those holiday apothecaries down real fast to frisk ‘em for the Love Rocket. And I have little time to figure it out, I mean the holiday will be over soon and then I’m looking at waiting until the ice stone has melted for the next holiday boss.

So the last time I queued I was horrified with myself afterwards. I usually try not to take unnecessary damage. I’m used to being solo so I never take for granted any healing I may get. I try not to stand in dangerous stuff. I use Barkskin and other druidy spells as needed. But the last time I queued? I ran in there like an axe murderer on meth. I ignored stuff on the ground, didn’t pay attention to my health, just flailed madly about trying to bite everyone on the rear end as fast as I could. I heard a voice in my head say, “Ah, It’s okay, the healer will keep you safe! Rip, shred, shred, shred, faster, faster, aarrggh, I’m the KITTY OF DOOM , FEAR ME AND DIE!”

And as it turned out everything was fine because there was a Mage who killed them all in, I swear under a minute. But I had become the stereotypical rude, inconsiderate dps. Like almost overnight. Because I was so taken with my damage meter. I was ashamed. I quickly logged out and removed the damage meter. I’m not even keeping it for the rest of the holiday even though it was fun. I’m going to have to go cold turkey. I hope the regular Druid returns. I guess I’m not as uncompetitive as I thought. Who knew?

19 Responses to “A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing in the Paws of Kittys”

  1. “I play for fun; I’m not competitive so a good group for me has always been based on whether it was fun and whether the objective died. That’s about it. Dying a few times never bothered me as long as everyone remained pleasant. I’m kind of an underachiever of WoW which has always been okay with me.”

    Remind me again why we don’t Real ID group together? ❤

    • Lol! I have a list of people I want to get together with as soon as I get the parental lock off my account. Yes, I parental locked myself and haven’t fixed it yet, I hate calling customer support!

      But I’ve got my battletag already for when I do!

      • I have my battletag as well, but I don’t think it’s active for WoW (I’m banking on the Mists release for that to happen).

        Make the call to remove the lock! Your worshippers require it!

        • I did actually call them but after all the “press 1 to …” messages I finally got something like “your wait will be 10 minutes” and gave up again. I’ll try a ticket and see what happens!

        • I think parentals require a phone call. Just put them on speaker phone while you destroy the mobs they’ve put out and about. lol

  2. I wish I could play with you Ancient. But you’re playing for the OTHER side….

    • I’m sort of bi-faction which gets me killed by accident a lot! My Undead Warlock is almost 80 now. I’m hoping by 85 I’ll have figured out Demonology other than running around as a big purple demon!

      • I have to admit I do love how your posts always have a picture. Somehow eye candy always makes me feel better. And I do try to put a picture in every post. But I am a bit shy to put up pretty numbers pictures because people would laugh at me.

        • I would never laugh at pictures! The first few posts I did when I started didn’t have any pictures and even I didn’t want to read what I wrote. After adding screen shots and silly pictures I felt much better and decided to continue!

  3. That’s where it all begins…

    Damn you damage meters. *fist shake*

    I swear the number lust kind of sort of goes away after a bit, or at least you learn how to tame yourself enough where you become aware of threat and the bad stuff once again, so as to not give your tank and/or healer a heart attack. Ferocious feral is deliciously fun…oh so fun. And so very, very addicting. You should have seen how I was when I first got Kelebek her Fandral’s Firekitty staff…oooh my. “I am fire kitteh! I WILL BURN AND NOM YOUR FACE OFF!!”


    I think I’m going to go sit in my corner now. *attempts to look like an innocent kitten*

    • I know, it’s crazy! I can’t even imagine what it would be like as a firekitty! The power!

      It was a little embarrassing too, I didn’t know my husband was back and he came in the room while I’m shouting DIE YOU APOTHECARIES DIE (or something similar) , with Rammstein going full blast in the background. He just looked at me and left the room. Must be used to me.

  4. That Pandora’s box is truly a mixed blessing. I even started looking at my healing numbers, for gods’ sakes. I mean, really. Remember, at the bottom of the box/vase was “hope.” 🙂

    • After comparing all the times I did it and what my dps was the only conclusion I came to was the groups with high iLevel, high dps in them were where my dps was highest. Like a commenter said, the quicker it’s over the higher the dps. So I probably didn’t need to run in there like a maniac!

  5. Sometime back when, (I won’t say how long), some tank rage-quit after a first boss, yelling at me for doing “1.5k dps, seriously?” Long story short, the boss did die and I was showing triple the damage done over everone else.

    I stopped using the meter in dungeons after that, in so far as comparing myself to the rest of the group for all the usual reasons.

    Now, I only use the meter to evaluate myself…at the target dummies…to refine my rotation(s) while learning mana management. Sometimes, less dps means more damage done and contineous casting time. And often, it will mean you don’t pull aggro from the tank. (tanks are so tempermental) imo anyway, I am not a raider.

    The meter has good use, you only need to find the balance with using it.

    • It was really fun to look at afterward, but she (see how I blame it on the Druid) never did anything sensible with it like rotations at a target dummy so I took it away from her, silly cat.

      On thinking back the only thing I’ve ever been embarrassed by was pulling aggro from the tank, which I’m sorry to say I have done before I started using a threat meter.

  6. …kind of like the scale in one’s bathroom. No one else needs to see that number…if you’re pulling the aggro of small planets toward you, then the numbers may be off…

    • She has pulled some asteroids in her time, but she’s better behaved now! I know they say the changes in threat have made this less likely but I’m not taking any chances, still have a threat meter!

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