Go Away … I’m Fishing by Sound

Yeah, random thoughts again. No real topic here. My Druid ran up and down the ramp on the Exodar trying to get her Lovebird to take flight. Take wing, little Lovebird, fly! The bird did try; I’ll give her that but so far no luck, so I’ll keep trying.

As for the fishing thing, this has to be the funniest thing anyone has ever said to me in WoW. My Forsaken Warlock reached level 80, leveling this fast causes problems with professions. Her cooking and tailoring are so behind she’s going to have to stick around Wrath for quite a while as she’s not rich enough to buy her mats. I realized she hadn’t trained fishing.  Stupid handler, how’s she supposed to level cooking quickly without it? She trained it and went to the sewers to start the leveling process. You’d think it would be pretty deserted wouldn’t you.

Fishing by Sound

Not so! Along came a bouncy Moonkin who stood beside her and proceeded to cast. Oh, that’s nice she thought, company. After a few casts the Moonkin told her to move along, that they were fishing by sound and she was screwing them up. She thought that was a little cheeky so she remained. The Moonkin then did the “dance on your bobber” thingy for a while not knowing this would only insure her continued fishing, cause she’s real stubborn. She asked him why, in such a big empty sewer he needed to fish right there. He said it was his spot. WELL, he should have said that to begin with, she could certainly understand a lucky fishing spot so she moved on.

Investment Portfolio

Yes, I know I hang on to a lot of dumb junk. I can’t help it but never mind that. This is a snapshot of my investments. I have an extra Lovebird and Lantern that I hope to sell later at a huge profit. I’m not sure when the optimal moment will be to do this. Three months? Six months? I’ll have to consult the AH wizard’s blogs, but I was happy to have something SENSIBLE saved in my bank wedged between Bad Clams and Honeymint Tea.

Stop with the Freakin’ Changes Already

I know we ancients get called a lot on not liking change. I’m generally fine with change; never get upset about changes to my class or the game but geez, Twitter’s interface changed, and then Blogger based blogs changed their @##$$/&@!! captcha to something that causes me to have to try over and over to post a comment because I now can no longer EVEN BEGIN to figure out what the letters are. DAMMIT, I AM a human, and humans can’t read that crap! And I was already on shaky ground with these blogs as they already wouldn’t let me comment with my WordPress info. If you two can’t get along fine, but don’t involve me in it! I wish Blogger and WordPress would kiss and makeup. So if you’re a Blogger blogger and don’t hear from me it’s because I had a brain aneurysm from trying to figure out the captcha.

Dangerous Life of an Alt

My poor Forsaken. She needs lots and lots of Frostweave cloth. I forgot that she was an 80 and flew her to Icecrown and landed her in a group of about nine Converted Heroes to grind cloth. Oops, it’s what my Druid does but then she’s level 85. She landed and I stopped to take a drink and then she was dead, well Undead AND dead.

She received a helm that needed a gem and again I forgot that she was still in Wrath and bought her the appropriate and very costly gem. Couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t equip it, duh, it’s a Cata gem. I don’t know how she puts up with me. Oh well, I’ll look at it as doing my part to keep the server economy going.

I must be off, she only has eleventy billion more fish to catch to level her fishing, it seems my work is never done.

17 Responses to “Go Away … I’m Fishing by Sound”

  1. Uh. Must be something in the air. I went full-off cranky-mad-bad-mojo yesterday. Talk about your bad clams. I am still on the fence as to whether this is when the game (of life) is fun or not.

    Or it just is.

    My fishing spot – cut me a damn break.

    • I thought at first he was some kind of weird Forsaken stalker down there in the sewers with just me and the NPCs, but no he wanted to fish by sound in HIS SPOT.

      I’ll have to try that fishing by sound, wonder if it improves my catch.

  2. I dislike change too. I nearly deleted my twitter account over the changes which I know sounds stupid but I hated the fact that the columns had swapped sides. Having all the useless info on the left hand side made no sense. Luckily I found a chrome extension that switched them back and now I can live with it but only just.

    • I know, I can learn to live with the captcha thing but Twitter completely swapping sides just really annoyed me.

      Hmmm, I use Firefox, I’ll have to check and see if they might have something that would put things right!

  3. I also am lost on Twitter, I can hardly use it these days, so I don’t even get on much. And that boomkin fisher is an embarrassment to all avid fishers like me. Yes I fish by sound and I know what he means but unless he is a blind player like that English guy who raids on his shaman and has a seeing eye raid buddy, then I won’t move for you buster. No. I was here first.

  4. This is what I used to fix my twitter:


    It tells you what to do for firefox as well.

  5. The Blogspot captchas, oh my God… I literally thought I was going insane or blind, one of the two, nothing I did worked. Sometimes it would also claim I wasn’t logged in to WordPress and wouldn’t recognize my username. Logging in and out numerous times didn’t fix it – Geezz. Now I use name/website combo and then no problem, whatever Blogger, just because I WordPress doesn’t mean I can’t still sneak past you!

    • Thirding this ridiculous frustration. Over and over I try and it keeps telling me I am entering the wrong words, or doesn’t even show any on occasion.

      These days livejournal (wow_ladies) won’t even let me reply without timing out either.

      Much swearing and fist shaking has occurred the last 3-4 days.

    • I know, and what’s strange is that there is one Blogspot blog that lets me use my WordPress info, no problems and yet all the others won’t allow it.

      And the captcha! If my husband’s around it’s like a game show we argue about what the letters are and see who wins!

  6. I haven’t been able to see the captcha/whatevers at all for weeks on my favorite Blogger blogs. I enter my WordPress info for OpenID, write my comment, hit publish… and nothing happens. This has made me very sad because I haven’t been able to leave them comments. Sad, and annoyed! I’m glad to know that at least I’m not the only one having this problem.

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