Mistaken Identities and Stupid Adult Tricks

Well I guess this had to happen at some point. Last night I wrote this post for this morning so I could get right down to business on acquiring boatloads of Frostweave Cloth for my Forsaken. When I reread it before posting I thought … naw … not doing it. It’s bad enough that anyone stopping by here sees the whole stupid parental lock thing I got myself into but then the second thing too? Nope, just way too much stupidity to share. Makes me sound like a complete buffoon and while I might be, I’m not going to make it that easy for you to find out.

So, I needed something to replace that part, and being too lazy to try to think up a new title it kinda had to fit. So here’s what I came up with in a pinch. Weak, yeah but I’m in a hurry to farm Frostweave so it’ll have to do.

Mistaken Identity at Senior Thursday

Eggs. Eggs are like ketchup, you need to always have some in the house. So on Thursday I had to run to the grocery store cause I was out of eggs. I got there, and there were all these little white haired ladies zipping around. I mean A LOT of them. What the … oh, OMG, it’s Senior 10% off day. I had forgotten. I never shop there on senior 10% off day because I’m afraid of being mistaken for a senior. I’ve said in the past that I kinda look like one of the twins from Matrix. I have about two feet of PREMATURELY gray hair all flying around which might lead someone to believe that I might qualify for a senior 10% discount. So, very risky behavior shopping there on a Thursday but I needed eggs.

I strode up to the cashier using my best posture and trying to look full of vigor. She looked at me and greeted me. OMG! OMG! Here it comes! No! But it was okay, she did not inquire into my qualifications for a 10% discount, whew. I took my eggs to the car and got in and a horrible thought struck me. Maybe she thought it was obvious from looking at me and just gave me the discount! I sat in the parking lot, hands shaking I got out the receipt to see if a senior discount had been applied. YAY!!!! YAY!!!! No discount! Having narrowly escaped wounding my self esteem I’ve learned my lessons. NEVER RUN OUT OF EGGS. I’m keeping dozens of those babies around, I don’t ever want to go through a senior Thursday visit again.

Stupid Adult Tricks — Parental Lock

Ah Ha! I had received a response from Blizzard. In case you don’t know I’ve parentally locked my account … from me. I’ve been trying to correct this. Be very careful what you do and learn from my mistakes.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m always flummoxed by forms and instructions. I always find them ambiguous. Below is part of the communication from Blizzard.

Please submit the following information:

1) A legible photocopy of the identification of the current registered account user displaying the full legal name, date of birth, and expiration date (if applicable). Acceptable forms of identification for the child are: Passport, Driver’s License, State ID, Military issued ID (with the back photocopied) or Birth Certificate. (School IDs are *not* accepted.)

2) A legible photocopy of the identification of the account user’s legal guardian displaying the full legal name, date of birth, and expiration date (if applicable). Acceptable forms of identification for the adult are: Passport, Driver’s License, State ID, or Military issued ID (with the back photocopied).

3) A copy of the Terms of Use (TOU) Form completed by the legal guardian (please be sure to provide an email address to which your child DOES NOT have access). The TOU form can be found here: http://us.blizzard.com/support/article/bnettouform.

Sorry part of that last bit had to be redacted because of the other stupid thing I did. I always wanted to be able to say “redacted” makes me feel like a spy. Anyway, I think I’ve successfully cleaned this post up, I think I can post it now. I’ve got to get busy proving I’m not a child to Blizzard but first things first, I need me some Frostweave!

9 Responses to “Mistaken Identities and Stupid Adult Tricks”

  1. Your whole quest to get parental controls off of your account is epic indeed. It’s a tale of madness, despair, and bad customer service. When you get this resolved, and someday you will, you should be honored with a twenty-five point achievement and a the Tabard of Tenacious Eggs.

    Am I am now redacted jealous.

    Another reason to get eggs delivered by the milkman. Yes, I have a milkman. He delivers milk.

    The other day one of my colleagues sent out one of those all-staff emails that should never, ever, ever be an all-staff email. All I thought was, by the grace of God, did I not hit send on one or two emails myself in the past.

    • OMG! There is a land where they still deliver milk to your door? You live in a wondrous place indeed! I remember the milkman as a kid but I don’t think they’re around here anymore.

      It’s kind of funny, I mean people change internet providers and they must have to occasionally handle this. What I requested was changing the email address of the parental control email to my login email address because I’m not renewing the hosting that that email goes through which is true. I have til April to resolve this so I’ll attempt to push on!

  2. I can’t believe it’s so difficult to get parental controls off your account! I will keep reading because these bizarre things fascinate me.

    • I hope having this drama over parental control will teach me to not blindly do what someone says to do, lol.

      I guess I should look at it as something to write about but I so hate contacting anyone’s customer service cause I have to do it all day for clients. Sometimes it’s fine but some of their host’s customer support, not so fine!

  3. Gah, iPad commenting sucks.
    Ancient this is off topic for this post but where is the post about the shoe shiner in Dalaran? You need a search box!

  4. I am now going to find a way to use “redacted” in a conversation every day. Love the post!

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