Confronting My WoW Demons

Over the long weekend my husband brought work home from the death camp where he works. It was nice to have company but it limits what you can do in game. If he starts in on a diatribe about his place of employment it’s only polite to turn to him and give him my undivided attention and throw in an occasional, “Hell yeah!” and “Those $%#@ers!” And they really are. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So I thought about all I could manage without risk to me or others was sightseeing. I decided to visit places that had scared the bejesus out of me back when I was starting my WoW career. I thought I’d see if they had the same power to frighten now that I was a big tough level 85.

Yeah, that first one doesn’t look all that scary does it. The Ban’ethil Barrow Den. If you were a Night Elf you have to know that one. The inhabitants aren’t particularly intimidating, it’s the fact that I’ve never successfully found my way out of a Barrow … any of them … ever. And yes, after taking the screen shot I had to finally hearth out because I still can’t find my way out of one.

I remember being asked while in Desolace to go to the Valley of Bones and clean up the undead ravager infestation. There was just something creepy about this place. Okay maybe I was just jumpy from spending all that time in Desolace but boy, was I ever happy to leave the Valley of Bones. Oddly I moved on to Mannoroc Coven where the Demons didn’t seem to bother me at all.

The Dragonmurk, back before the patch 2.3 overhaul of Dustwallow Marsh. A dreary, lonely place full of whelps and crocolisks, ugh. Not my favorite place. After patch 2.3, later characters enjoyed the zone, but my early characters … not so much.

The Noxious Lair. I have always loved Tanaris, but I really have a problem with spidery things. I don’t care if you call them silithid, they are still just big damn spiders to me. I hate them. I hate going into barrowy places where I’ll get lost … with spiders.

Say what? You want me to go in that thing. You want me to do a Noxious Lair Investigation? You can keep your 50 silver buddy, I’m so not going in there. I’m sorry about the water pools but you’re going to have to find some other brave adventurer for that one.

Okay, Eastern Plaguelands. THE WHOLE ZONE scared the crap out of me. I mean really, really. The first time I stumbled into it I was not the correct level and I was immediately massacred by Plaguehounds. I leveled up and went back, saw Corin’s Crossing and decided I’d skip it. Later characters spent more time there, and it’s a kinder, gentler Plaguelands now but still creeps me out. I think I have a problem with undead. Except my own undead who’s really rather nice.

Were they still creepy? Well, I still can’t find my way out of a barrow. In the case of most of the other locations, while I could remember how frightening they’d been the first time through, they no longer held the same level of terror for me. The only one that still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up was the Valley of Bones. I kept looking over my shoulder, there’s something not quite right about that place.

Non-WoW but Scary

While I was visiting these creepy places, my husband told me a story that seemed to fit in with the general theme. So if you’re a WoW purist this part isn’t for you. The firm my husband works for publishes an employee roster daily. Yes, it’s updated daily, the turnover is that high. My husband noticed someone that he’d talked to the day before was no longer listed. Working there seems to be like living in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers because if you go to the desk of the missing person there’ll always be someone there, working away as if they’d always been thus seated.

He thought it strange that she hadn’t mentioned leaving the day before so he sought out information from those in the know. When told she’d been “let go” he said she seemed fine at lunch. Oh no, that’s not how they do it, he was told. They call you in at the end of the day and tell you to pack up and get out. In this case after four years of employment she was told, “You don’t really fit in here, it’s best that you leave.”

I guess they’d grown the next pod person to replace her, scary place, almost as bad as Desolace.

I really shouldn’t mention this one, if you’re a Tweeter this one will be too horrifying to contemplate. No cell phones allowed in the building … at all. No computers have internet access except the one that’s closely monitored in the library, muhahaha, how scary is that!

14 Responses to “Confronting My WoW Demons”

  1. Thats a great post. They had to add an NPC to lead you in and out of the barrow dens and every so often when I would ask her where to go she would just look at me then go back to her normal standing as if to say ‘your on your own’. So many hours grinding mobs there because I couldnt figure my way out and Id forgotten to get a hearth stone…

    • Oh! I feel better, if they added an NPC to escort you maybe I wasn’t the only one getting lost, lol. Maybe I should go back and do the quest.

      Now that is truly scary, the thought of being in there with no hearth stone gives me the chills. If I remember when I was stuck in there the first time I did it I just had to wait about 20 min. for the cooldown to run out but I was able to hearth out.

      • Definitely not alone. I got lost in the Barrow Den the first time and then avoided all Barrow Den quests until the start of Cataclysm. I’m terrible in cave environments but then I am claustrophobic in real life too (excuses excuses I know :P).

        My sense of direction is best described as “interesting”. When we first got married, my husband and I took a year out to travel and started by spending a couple of months in Canada visiting his relatives. So there we are in Calgary, one of those nice grid cities….. five minutes of my map reading and we ended up a) almost getting a divorce and then b) buying a gps.

        This is why I still use the flight points to get around because if I try flying direct on my mount, I’d end up somewhere completely different.

        • Me too! Although I never knew I was claustrophobic until I had an MRI, wow, did I find out!

          Lol, I’m glad the gps saved your marriage. I’m usually okay navigating around Azeroth above ground. I really should have visited Mara too. I spent about 3 or 4 hours in there once, I think I was trying to find an Elder and gave up.

  2. Are you sure he doesn’t work where I work?

    Anyway – oh, Tome – I so get that “scary” feeling. We are on the same page. Lately while playing I was wishing I could conjur up that feeling again of actually being bewitched and spooked by the new places I visited. When I asked for help from some more experienced players, I genuinely felt a bit ‘damsel in distress,’ and that’s how I met one of my best friends in game, fighting off skeletons while I got a titanium node. And that Burrow? Right there with you. Dead Night Elves scare the heck out of me on a good day. I think that’s why I’ve loved archeology so much: it’s been my way of confronting demons, and…meeting some new ones!

    • I was happy to find the Valley of Bones still retained the old creepiness!

      I know, I actually like archeology because it gives me a good excuse to revisit old haunts. Except burrows, never burrows!

  3. Oh man, the Scarlet Monestary For the Light! quest chain in Desolace used to drive me mad. And now? It’s so much easier than it used to be. The Gor’dok ogres in Feralas still give me a fit however!! Those are some beautiful screenshots however!!

    • Thanks Somnar! I seem to be squeamish about any quests involving undead or spiders. I don’t know if it’s still in the game but I never did the quest to get the Smolderweb Carrier for the companion pet because, eeewww, spiders!

  4. Back when I first starting playing I was terrified of Duskwood.

    Zombies and werewolves in the spooky woods? YIKES! Stay on the roads! Wait… there’s PvP on the roads. Stay OFF the roads. Right into a zombie horde! Oh god! WHY IS THERE AN ABOMINATION WALKING AT ME?! O_O

  5. What a cool thing to write about. You’ve brought back those feelings of eeep! that I used to have when I was forced to frequent places like EPL and Desolace. Now I don’t feel like I was alone in my wussiness.

  6. Barrows, or any cave, need those little lights that they have on aeroplanes…

    Actually then need the stewards to motion Your exits are here and here… it goes a little like this…

    As for noxious lair… actually the whole zone. I had a lowbie there during the invasion and I was crapping myself all over the place.. you can still see it, amongst the bones in the Tanaris desert.

    • Oh! I loved that! I can’t wait for my husband to come home from work to watch this video, he will love him. Barrows absolutely need that steward.

      Okay, thanks for the heads up, I do a lot of archeology in Tanaris. Now I’ll know to be careful where I (and what I) dig!

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