One More Time … with Feeling

This is embarrassing. Ironman, I wish I knew how to quit you. I think it’s because I had so much fun doing it with Ironsally. And then Effy entered Ironeffy, cool, I’ll follow along. And then Euphyley’s Ironsteve entered the race. Next, Big Bear Butt declares for the Ironman with Bigironbutt. I cannot stop myself, I tried but I can’t.

Let’s see. There was Ironmary the mage who I just tossed aside when it became evident that I’d never make it to 85 with a Mage. Then came Ironsally, dear little iron-willed Warlock. The Druid above is Ferricat. She was born a few weeks after Ironsally reached 85. I thought I’d see if a melee character could reach 85 under the Ironman rules. I abandoned her at level 20, with the nerfs to questing in 4.3 I thought it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. Then came poor little Ironadilla who couldn’t take the stress of the new Ironman’s no-death clause and committed voluntary death by Defias.

Ferricat is on the move. She has no deaths but I think that’s because I wasn’t trying to be careful. Compared to Ironsally at the same level she feels squishy, I’ve got to remember I have a bear form. I don’t think I’ll sign up officially as an Ironman as I’m afraid I’d then stress about trying not to die. After reading Euphyley’s post she’s been on the lookout for rares. She was thrilled to find three in Redridge. Snarlflare, Ribchaser and Chatter and they all gave nice XP. I’m going to level her and if she dies, so be it; she’s continuing using the original Psynister/Vrykerion Ironman Challenge rules. If it looks like she can’t make it to 85 without resorting to grinding or dailies I think I’ll call defeat but she’s going to give it a shot.

So anyway, if I’m not around you’ll know where I am. Last time, really, I promise.

Musical Accompaniment: Here I go Again.

26 Responses to “One More Time … with Feeling”

  1. Yaaaaay!!!! I’ll be rooting for ya! Go kittie!! ^-^

    • Thanks Euph! This is going to be fun, probably more fun once I die the first time!

    • I have decided to make a new ironman also…my poor Sallyogreyd never got past 40, but a priest without shadow form, as I told her, did well to do that…she is still recovering in Dustwallow Marsh, poor thing. Maybe I will go Zangarmarsh and follow all of you around…hmmm…yes, I believe I will…

      • I know, some classes have a definite edge (like Warlocks) they come straight from the package with demons! If priests trained Shadow I think they’d be strong contenders.

        So far this Druid is having way more close calls then the Warlock did.

        Look for Ferricat if you come to Zangarmarsh!

  2. Oh now you I want to join in… but I know I can’t because I can’t level for *^%&

    And if I decide I do want to make one, I’m going to go stalk you and Matty while I”m doing it and make it on a server you’re both on so I can have some amusement while I’m torturing myself trying to level.

  3. Oops dyslexic moment. “Oh now I want to join”, is what I meant.
    Gawd what if people are reading the comments I write. They’ll think I can’t speak Taurahe properly. After all that’s what everyone speaks, right?

    • I knew what you meant, lol, I must speak Taurahe! This one’s on Zangarmarsh and is a um, whisper, alliance. I wonder if our hours of play overlap. There is only one blogger I know that’s ever playing the same hours I do.

      I’d roll one on your server if you decide to try it but I don’t know if I’d ever see you!

  4. I get sucked into these kinds of projects too, and when everyone is going for it, it’s impossible to resist. So every time I read about you heading into a new leveling endeavor, my fingers tickle – I wanna do it tooooo!

    Crazy thoughts in my head – My original Ironyca character, she has the “iron”-name, maybe I should delete her and restart her – Yes yeees, *insane laughter* or maybe I should do a druid too, on a PvP realm, just for extra crazy!!! *more insane manic laughter*

    • OMG!! Ironman on a PvP server, now that would definitely be a Challenge, I’d have a nervous breakdown, lol.

      I just couldn’t resist trying again, I really did try, but it’s fun. When she dies I’ll just see how far she can get.

      Ironyca does have a nice ring to it for an Ironman competitor!

      • Oh, dear, I could never do Ironman on a PvP server! I get grumpy enough about being ganked when I’m on a normally leveling toon with heirlooms! Whenever an Alliance character rides or flies by my “house rules Ironman” Kaumalea, I’m always so so SO glad that she’s on a PvE server and they can’t come slaughter her.

        • I’m with you. I have never, ever, even had a normal character on a PvP server. My son-in-law and I talked about rolling together but then he defected so I’m not doing that alone.

          Something to think about for later though … maybe!

    • Twenty-Twelve. Twenty-Twelve.

      Do it! Drink the kool-aid!


      • I should take another look. I think I stopped at “all ten classes must …” because there are some classes that I just don’t like to play.

        I should tally up my alts and see where I am.

      • One of the participants has an 85 Rogue and hates it. So he asked me, if I roll another one and leave it at level one would that count towards my requirements?


        So if you hate Priests (and shame on you), then just roll two level ones and call it a day!

        • I did make a list this morning, haven’t tallied it up yet but I do have at least one priest, no rogues or warriors though. I’m interested to see my numbers!

        • Honestly, I’m interested in seeing how I look now. I did a bit here and there with Love Is In The Air and then over two days on the weekend cranked out 20 levels on my Tauren Paladin.

  5. Again, I find it’s easier to die when you’re cautious about it. If you don’t think about it and just play the game you likely have better success. Now of course there’s still that level of recognition where running away you’ll live to fight another day, but you know what I mean. If not for The 2012, like I said, I’d give the Ironman challenge. I remember wanting to have a guild based on the One Life To Live premise (you could do everything normal, you just re-rolled if you died) but I couldn’t garner enough interest amongst my friends at the time.

    Oh, and the RADIO EDIT? Ew…

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