Ask The Ancient — Dangerous Buckets

I’ve been shirking my civic responsibly; I haven’t done an “Ask The Ancient” for a while. I’m sure you’ve missed it. No? Never mind, I’m at 204 posts which bothers me, this new WordPress thingy that keeps spurring you onward to dizzying new heights of productivity by giving you goals tells me my next goal is 205 posts, so I feel compelled to write something so you’re getting this. I feel like I’m leveling WordPress, but OMG there’s no level cap. WordPress, the MMO of blogging platforms.

I don’t get a lot of outlandish search terms and it’s a pity because I enjoy them, but this one however has me baffled, the dangers of having a bucket. I want to be helpful but I’m not sure I know those, I’m also really wondering how they ended up here. I don’t remember talking about dangerous buckets but I’ll give it a go. Um, if you wear one as a hat it might get stuck, hows that?

Moving on, theramore night life. Really? Is something going on in Theramore that I knew nothing about? Is Jaina running a seedy, underbelly of Azeroth night time scene there in Theramore, illegal cockfighting, Baccarat, ram racing, belly dancing, what have you? I’ll have to be sure to check into that. Perhaps that’s why it’s going to be destroyed, NPCs out of control.

Finally something I can actually answer, can the crown chemical co gas mask be transmogrified? No, sadly.

tomerama Yeah, I have no idea. Sorry, but I like it. Tomerama of the Ancient, wish I’d thought of that one.

is there a nude patch for swtor You know, I’m pretty sure there isn’t but I can’t give you a definitive answer, you never know. But just to cheer you up there is one for real life.

I must have been name-dropping. “cymre” or “mischiefus” or “bubbles of mischief” Didn’t mean to poach this person from you Cymre, I hope they found their way to you from here.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Aeonaxx, speeder, camel …. Oh wait! This next one I can’t help with cause I still haven’t found a fix. razer mouse buttons not working swtor Yep, still not working BUT! How ’bout this.

Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

I have a new Nvidia graphics card that has been driving me crazy. The screen goes black or occasionally freezes the computer and then you get that display. I’ve searched for months for a fix. I found quite a few that seemed to help some but not me. So here, try this:

Go into your Nvidia control panel, manage 3d settings, program settings, select (whatever program you’re having this happen in, mine was Firefox), and set power management mode to maximum performance.

Okay, I feel like I should add something extra. There’ll be company over the weekend so if I get time it will be spent in game, not talking. Hmmm … I KNOW!

This is my five-man crew. Yeah, most mornings we patrol the neighborhood looking for butt to kick. Yeah, beware any bad men made completely out of dog biscuits, my dog can so take you. The other human part of our five-man team only let me post this if I cut off her head, dogs didn’t care. My dog, as you can see has me on a leash, so that’s me that you can’t see on the end of that leash. The Shepard is my dog’s girlfriend, at least that’s what he says. The other Lab is his buddy, they share the same tastes, which would be FUD, we haz to haz it. They’re having a snack while my dog’s girlfriend stays on alert for mobs.

Posting 205th post … Ta Da … hopefully that’ll keep WordPress off my back for a while.

11 Responses to “Ask The Ancient — Dangerous Buckets”

  1. Hee hee I love these search term posts!

    About WordPress pushing you to post more, I think they added that at new years.
    That was when WordPress told me “grats I had published X number of posts”, but loookie – you could also post 3 to reach a nicer and more pleasant number, 205 is better than 203. BUT don’t be fooled, 210 is better than 205, and 250 is better than 210.
    I highly suspect WordPress has turned into a Tiger Mom!

    • WordPress HAS turned into a Tiger Mom, but it’s working on me! I hadn’t paid attention to when it started but when you said that I looked at my archive and suddenly I had all these posts … starting in January, lol!

      I was so happy to see Elford out and about, hope he got over getting toasted.

  2. The dangers of buckets, is sadly, having to do with toddlers. 😦

    Not to bum anyone out – does seem mystifying, but I can answer that one.

    On the other hand, it may be that buckets are dangerous because bucket lists are dangerous – we get to our deathbeds and think, “Oh, no, but I didn’t go crab fishing in Alaska wearing a tiara and learning how to tango! ARRggggghhhh!”

    (Cause that is just what I am going to say.)

    WordPress only releases the inner Tiger Mom, grasshopper.

  3. Oh, and I got this one today: swtor pinker stein anleitung

    What the?!?!

    • The only really important thing on my bucket list would be to see the aurora borealis in person and with a tiara on would be nice, thanks. You transmoggers always know just the right touch!

      I ran that through Google translate and got “swtor pink stone instructions” which made more sense but I don’t remember you talking about swtor.

      Most of mine are all business, just show me where to get my camel statue and I’m off!

  4. LMAO, that’s so embarrassing that you’re getting enough search terms for that to warrant a mention. I’m almost afraid to ask the number, as I use the terms to see any new mentions from time to time 😛

    • I just look at each day’s list and if I see something I like I save it. I took a look at the all time list and had thirteen search terms about your blog but not with those exact words. I also get just “Cymre.” They are looking for you, muhahaha!!

  5. LOL that’s so funny! I love funny blog traffic 🙂

  6. A fairly popular one I’ve been getting recently is:

    “where is the big bedroom in karazhan”

    One or two people asking fair enough, but a whole bunch.. rpers gone wild perhaps?

    Wonder if they are the same people asking about Theramore nightlife 😀

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