Dangerous Vacations and WoW Goals

Maintenance day and I was caught up with work so I thought I’d pay a visit to my Bounty Hunter. It’s been a while, and I know I should have taken the time to re-familiarize myself with my skills and keybindings but I thought, hey she’s a badass Bounty Hunter, I can just faceroll, she’s still in Tatoonie, what could hurt her here?

Well, there’s your answer. As it turns out just about anything. That Mako, never around when you need her. It’s obvious now that if I’m going to take extended vacations a little study is in order before she returns to combat. So instead I decided to visit Skyrim. That didn’t work out much better. I keep drawing my weapon by mistake and I accidently attacked my host’s wife, which he took exception to and the two of them killed me. I’m just glad I have a save before that event so they’ll never know what happened because it’s embarrassing … and frankly really rude. And I thought I took a screen shot for you too, but it turns out I don’t know the right key for that either.

What now? I definitely wasn’t going to clean.  I know, I’ll take stock of my WoW goals. I’m really all over the place. First, Ferricat, my Ironman. I sorta wish she’d die so we could get on with it. This being careful sucks. Yesterday, and I really can’t believe I forgot this, I ran into an area with her and there was someone coming out. I know not to go into an area of mobs where someone else has been questing.  Respawns. Luckily she got out unscathed but sometimes I wonder if I’m trying to get her killed.

Ironman Ferricat

I felt a little bad about it so when we got to Stonetalon Mountain and all the quests were ones I hadn’t done before I decided to leave for Stranglethorn and give her a fighting chance as I already know those quests. She’s level 30 now, and I bought her some jewelry to kind of make up for the whole almost getting her killed thing. She found one more rare, Two Toes, she’s no Ironsteve but she’ll keep looking.

Effraeti’s Fault

In my last post I might have mentioned that I’m awful at magery. In a comment Effraeti said she’d had trouble with the class too, but was having a whole lot of fun with her Mage that she specced fire. Well, when I first got WoW I wanted to be an Orc but since my son-in-law was Alliance that was not to be. So, yeah … Orc soon to be specced fire. Maybe the 27th time’s the charm! Little Brujaha is a young level four so I can’t wait to get to 10 and pick her spec! I could have respecced an existing Mage but I thought maybe starting over would bring me luck.

I did a quick count to see if I might want to commit to Amateur Azerothian’s 2012 but at that point in time (it changes hourly) I was only at 1007 and when my Druid and Forsaken saw what I was doing they yelled, hey what about us! My main and my Forsaken Warlock are a little put out by all this, mostly my Forsaken; she’s embarrassed to be taking so long to get to 85. I promised we’d login and look for her leveling buddy.

My main is fairly patient. She wasn’t always but now she takes the long view. Right now she’s fairly happy to keep digging for that elusive Crawling Claw, getting United Nations for her guild, only ten more to go … oh and taking long romantic walks on the beach with any Stormwind Guard she can persuade to leave their post.

18 Responses to “Dangerous Vacations and WoW Goals”

  1. Fire spec rocks–just ask Ceniza.

    Cross-dressing rogue had a suggestion last night: have a challenge where you gear up, gem up, do everything in your power to level, but no deaths. I am concerned that we are going to end up with a bunch of agoraphobiacs who only venture outside an inn to whack a few boars, level, and then repeat. This really doesn’t seem to be in the nature of the game, and maybe it’s just me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems instead of “Iron” more “Anemic.” But I am sure that is just me. Lots of blood loss when jumped by trolls.

    • I can’t wait to try it!

      It really was fun for me doing the Ironman with deaths allowed, I think the whole no death thing kind of throws cold water on the fun for me. In grays and whites it made it challenging but you could level the same, didn’t have to pay so much attention to whether the quests were green or yellow. I see a lot of the Ironmen no-death are leveling just by grinding mobs, which really, really would be no fun to me so I guess we all need to find what works for each of us.

    • I have been thinking more on this Anemic-man Challenge idea…

      What if the only change we make from Ironman is allowing anything that is rewarded from a quest, or that you loot from a mob or chest.

      Still no BoAs, no enchants, no grouping, no dungeons, no help from other toons, no items purchased from players or the AH… and of course, no deaths.

      Because honestly, if either the No Deaths or the Only Greys and Whites were changed, I would be far less terrified by this challenge. 🙂


      ~ Effy

      • I think whatever changes make it fun for you, go for it. I know I’m really getting careless with my no-death Druid and I think it’s because I find being careful no fun (gawd, what does that say about me in real life, lol) so Anemic-Man Challenge sounds great to me!

        • Well, Matty. I think you deserve first dibs on this challenge, being your idea originally. 🙂

          Another thought: maybe instead of setting rules, we can use the Ironman rules, and for Anemic-Man, just allow the challenger to throw out ONE rule (ie. no deaths, only greys and whites, etc.)

          ~ Effy

  2. Honestly, I like my Frost spec. Course, I like taking him to PvP as well, so it could be the combination of the two. I’ve gotten him to 66 so far, though in no rush to get there. Basically the key with Mages is just keep your target at a distance…and don’t get outnumbered (obviously this applies to questing as that idea in PvP is far easier said than done).

    • JD, I think you put your finger on my problem. All my Mages are lazy. They don’t want to run around getting distance. They keep standing there trying to go toe to toe because they’re lazy.

      This has to stop, this new one is getting into a training program, she’s level 8 and she’s starting jogging back and forth from Razor Hill to Sen’jin Village to get in shape!

  3. Silly Tome! Mage R 4 Gnomez!!

  4. I think Draenei make the best Mages – and the sexiest. But my opinion may be slightly skewed. 😉

    Nah, I think my biggest problem with Mages was going “OMG, Frost Mages always annihilate in PvP! I must learn this.” But alas, Frost is not for me, it appears. Maybe at higher levels.

    But I had always heard that Fire Mages were no good – Arcane for PvE and Frost for PvP… period. Perhaps my knowledge of Mages is behind the times, but though I cannot speak for my Mage at 85, she is super fun at 40. 😀

    BTW, Ancient, if encouraging friends to make alts is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. lol

    ~ Effy

  5. I am pondering the viability of the name Anaviemic…
    I agree with you, that Effraeti, I keep looking at what she’s doing and want to try that too. Though the mog thing.. I can’t do that. Mogging is so hard. I can’t even match my socks sometimes let alone my outfits.

    And good luck for that claw. I want one too. But I have to drag myself away from my blog to do that.

    • Ohhh, Navi, I like that name.

      You know, I will be completely honest here…

      I am almost anti-feminine in RL.

      I have all my life been a tomboy – more interested in catching frogs and getting dirty than doing cartwheels and playing with Barbies (I had GI Joes and TMNTs). Even in adulthood, I have spent most of my career so far in the Automotive field, I only started carrying a purse in the last year or two (which is more a catch-all than a purse), and my favorite piece of clothing is still the flannel shirt I have had since high school. Believe me, everyone I know in RL makes fun of me for this flannel and my insistence on being stuck in the Grunge era of music (which is not the case, musically).

      Basically, in RL, I know how to match, but I hardly exert any effort into it. My wardrobe mostly consists of T-shirts and jeans, colorful socks, three pair of shoes (sneakers, sandals and “professional” shoes), and a moderate amount of khakis, corduroy and office-appropriate shirts. But certainly nothing that could be considered trendy.

      I have no idea how this translates to how much I enjoy building outfits for WoW characters. heh We may never know. 😛

      ~ Effy

    • Yeah, I think the claw might be a pipe dream but I’m still going to keep trying.

      I really just suck at mogging although I do enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with, I am so thankful my main is usually in cat form so no one can tell I can’t put together an outfit.

      I quite like Anaviemic!

  6. Damn, since I can’t check WordPress easily at work (she growls to herself), I missed this whole string of thoughts. Effy, I like your idea. Gonna put it in my rock-tumbler of a brain and think about it.

    And you know, all, consider how many times we are told “this spec is for this, this for that…” I ignored all of that while leveling Ceniza. She has a pack of matches and is not afraid to use them. Maybe I am a sick sick monkey, but when my Hot Streak button pumps up the flames on my big ka-boom spells–well, let’s just say it pleases me.

    One thing I think we can agree–none of us want our play time to be full of fear or trepidation, and set the Azerothian world on fire!

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