Navi, I got your back!

Sorry, I had a fit of premature postulation (darn, that’s a real word, I hate that, never mind I’m still using it) this morning. Yesterday Navimie posted about PvP and rude little twits, but in a comment she said, “Those young punks. I wish I could hit them with my handbag, old lady style.”

So I’m here to tell her I’ve got her back. I’m ready. Well … okay, strictly speaking I don’t actually PvP cause I’m a big wuss, BUT Granilla here does and that handbag is full of Dark Iron ore, she doesn’t fight fair. Old Lady Style, FTW!

32 Responses to “Navi, I got your back!”

  1. OMG I love it! Totally hilarious! Just how I like it, nice and LUMPY to give those hooligans a what-for!

  2. I don’t mind you and your gang of grannies hitting young hooligans with your handbags but just keep your darned fight off my lawn!!

    Just thinking about that reminds me of a Monty Python skit.

  3. […] to people in battleground chat (however that’s a post for another day). In short, I’m a PvP hooligan who needs hitting with a handbag. I don’t however spit, tell people they stink or use any of what I class as the nastier […]

  4. /rp walk
    /bag slap

    If only!

  5. JD Kenada Says:

    You need the old guy next to her, with his pants around his ankles, screaming “get off my lawn.”

    Lol, well done as always.

  6. Haha, Nice one πŸ™‚

  7. […] A few days ago Harpy’s Nest wrote about Emoting in PvP and Navi did too. So Tomie came along to smack some PvP emoters with her purse. […]

  8. I think that’s a season 12 offhand.

    Battlemasters Dark Iron Handbag

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