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Hello? Hello? Druid … are you there?

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Oohhhh! That explains it! I’m a little busy so I hoped my Druid would agree to say a few words today, but I can see she’s on the last book of the Hunger Games Trilogy too. I’m only here because the iPad’s power was down to 9% so I stopped to charge it and save the end of the book for lunch.

I’m busy in real life because once again, I felt sorry for someone and tried to help and now I’m in a time consuming predicament, I never learn. “No good deed goes unpunished.” I think that’s how it goes. All my life I’ve heard this silly stuff and thought, psshaw, stupid sayings, stupid old wives’ tales. OMG! They’re all true! My apologies, old wives.

I wanted to say at least something before I lock the doors and hunker down with the other judges over all the Mog Madness entries for round two. So far it’s looking like this is going to be a battle of epic proportions. Entrants from the different districts … sorry, sorry, got mixed up there with the Hunger Games for a minute. Mog Madness will NOT be a fight to the death. Thank goodness … whew.

Yes, like I said, I don’t ever learn. That whole crotch grabbing post got me a lot of this kind of spam, this is the only one that was polite enough to show though. And now WordPress is acting up again.  Every time I do a link it adds an extra http:// to the end, rendering it useless. Are they doing this just to see if I’m paying attention?

And while I’m here. Blizzard, I know we ask a lot of you. I know you’re pretty busy. Can’t you just hire a temp or something to go in and reduce the amount of cloth, metal, etc. required to make things in the BC and Wrath range. It is agony. A character now races so fast through those expansions that collecting the required amount of supplies is impossible. Sure, my Alliance characters are rich and just bought the stuff, but my Undead is having trouble. So yeah, could you get someone on that, because I enjoy professions but this is really sucking the fun out of them.

So Mog Madness contestants, here, have a seat in the green room while you wait to see who moves on to the next round … what … oh sorry, how embarrassing, sorry. Yes, I agree, he’s taking up more than one spot. Don’t worry, I’ll ask him sit up and make room. And yes, I am that ridiculous. I did buy a leather couch for the green room and then had to cover it with that unsightly thing because … HELLO! … dog nails!

A Present for a Friend

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The Twitter crowd is a fast crowd. No, no, I didn’t mean in THAT way. Maybe, but I don’t know. What I mean is that the tweets fly by so wittily and furiously that I just usually lurk there, watching little gems of funny, silly, or witty being tossed off into the internet. I checked Twitter this morning before walking the dogs to see a cheery Hello! from Closet Dork and then bam. Car had been broken into, credit cards used. A really crappy start to a day.

I felt really bad, in a perfect world my lottery ticket would have hit today and I could have bought the replacement car above for her. But alas, two numbers only. My husband can’t quit and I can’t get her a beemer … bummer. So anyway a little while later she tweeted:

… and I thought maybe, just maybe I could afford a smaller car with some modifications. I went to a local custom shop and told them what I needed. I’m afraid with the customization and all I couldn’t actually afford a very big car, but I was able to afford a custom nutkicker on BOTH sides. Sheesh, it cost a leg and a leg.

So it’s on it’s way! Hope you like it! Just warn any male friends that it’s booby trapped and they might want to kinda crawl in over the hood just to be careful!

More Shameless Warlock Self Promotion

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Yes, my Forsaken was so incensed on hearing that Warlocks aren’t popular, she seems to have taken on promoting them as her pet project … instead of getting to 85. I just think she likes Uldum and doesn’t want to leave. She insisted we go back before heading out to Twilight Highlands and kick that stupidhead Myzerian’s butt. Because if you defeat him and cut off his head you can turn it in for a nice reward. There’s a bounty on that sucker. If you had to dodge him while wearing that cloak that supposedly would make you hard to see (Ha!) you’ll really enjoy paying him back.

She’s level 84 with pretty crappy quest gear. BUT! She’s a Warlock, my friend, and you too can feel the power of the Warlock. (Okay, I am just writing what she’s telling me to, so don’t blame me if some of this is over-hyped.) Where’s her Voidwalker? Well, yeah, he didn’t make it but no worries, as a Warlock you can make a macro for insta-void! He’ll pop back up ready to go! The point here is that you too can be a masterful, controller of the dark arts, more powerful than your tree-hugging Druid cousin who couldn’t manage to bring him down even though she has BETTER CLOTHES!

Oh man, did you have to go there? I don’t know why you two do this. Why do you have to start something with the Druid here. She does really well in bear form if it requires living through being physically beaten on for long periods of time. This just wasn’t her thing, you know she’s sensitive about it. Can we just get on with why people should roll Warlocks and leave your feud out of this?

If you don’t stop this I’ll tell everyone that a Hunter in crappy gear can … WAIT! Okay, okay.

Anyway, as a Warlock you can take on mighty beasts that many other classes can not. If you’re a solitary type, Warlocks are for you! You don’t need no stinkin help!

You will be powerful,

calling demons to your command.

Wreaking havoc across the land.

Call down boulders of death from the skies,

with a just mere flick of the hand.

All will fear you!

(Well, this is all quite a revelation to me, I must say. She’s never said that much in the whole time I’ve known her. And look, she’s even trying to rhyme. Well I’M certainly not going to comment on the quality, I mean she’s a Warlock. Push them too far and you’ll be running around in fear. I think it’s kind of cute. She’s really worked up about this.)

I mean, come on, seriously, what’s not to like there? Just roll Warlock. Go on. Do it! You know you want to! I am not alone in this, others have taken up the call! You don’t want to be a goody two shoes, Guardian of Cenar … THAT WILL BE ALL WARLOCK! Get yourself moving to Twilight Highlands this minute or I swear I’ll take your minion privileges away for TWO weeks this time.

Warlocks and Sanity

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Isn’t she lovely? I was so impressed by the transmogging skills of the competitors in Mog Madness, I thought I’d try to make my Forsaken look lovely. I found that a busy robe, with lots of pattern seemed to help hide … you know … protruding bones. And a big chunky belt to ADD to her waist, I mean who wouldn’t want THAT problem. Anyway, I told her she could pick any screen shot and I’d stick her in it and that’s the one she picked. I don’t know, maybe she’s a Jaina fan, she doesn’t say much, could be. She’s become extremely lazy on reaching 84. We have to stop fishing and get that last half level done, but before she’d agree she wanted me to say WHAT!!!! WHAT do you mean people don’t like Warlocks!

Yes, we were both horrified by Cynwise’s reports on the state of warlockery. Come on people, Warlocks are the most fun ever! I have about ten! Weird yes, but I have to try one of each race, and then spec. They are like the pizza of WoW to me, I just can’t get enough. Does that make me crazy? I don’t know but I’m starting to wonder, or this computer is haunted.

I was cleaning up my desktop and saw a text file named “imagine” sitting there. Huh? I don’t remember saving anything like that. So I opened it and found.

“are these your imaginery friends? They are real people! I;m  sure they are dear.”

WTF! Who did that! WHO! I know it’s not my husband, he’s knows how to spell imaginary. No one else has been in here so that leaves the dogs and they swear they didn’t do it. One of my characters? Am I sleepwalking in here in the night and doing this stuff in my sleep? Creepy, really creepy, and I’m really telling the truth. I know I’m like the queen of embellishment, but this file is sitting RIGHT HERE, I’m not making this up!

It’s really kinda bumming me out that I might be losing THE REST of my mind. I didn’t say playing a Warlock comes without risks mind you. This whole thing has the stink of dark magic and demons. I admit it. But if I have to lose the rest of my sanity as the price of playing a Warlock, so be it. It’s worth it. Come on Ekkrileezinulog, let’s dot up this place and take it down!

What? Yes dear, I’ll be there in a minute. Just finishing up a few things. Muhahaha … to the ground! FEAR ME! I DINE ON THE SOULS OF BABY KITTENS FOR BREAKFAST! FEAR … coming dear.

Mog Madness: Round One Results, Second Round Rules

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JD of Amateur Azerothian otherwise known as Simon Cowell of Azeroth, tirelessly worked through Saturday tabulating the voting and the results of the first round of voting are in! Head over to JD’s post to see all the outfits in their transmoggy glory. Competition was incredibly close and I couldn’t wait to see who made it to the second round, because me do math … no way.

Below are the rules for Round Two.

Mog Madnesss Round Two:

  • When: March 26th – March 30th (judging results revealed April 01st)
  • Who: Our remaining 20 participants.
  • How: Send an e-mail with your screenshot(s) to or post your entry on the Round Two Mog Madness page of Amateur Azerothian, Tome of the Ancients, or Effraeti’s RP.
  • Mog Requirement: The first round we gave Priests, Warlocks, and Mages our love.  Now, we’re moving on to the wild.  The classes are limited to either a Hunter or a Druid and your outfit must be based on using either  Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit (same skin).

Once again we’re tossing a small curveball into the voting process for the second round.  In a slight “Survivor” spin on things we’re going to ask the eliminated six people to each provide a top 5 vote and we’ll combine those scores to determine who gets a free trip past our judging and into the third round!

Also, your screenshots are not obligated to be in-game.  You can use programs like MogIt, ModelViewer, or websites like wowhead or transmogger in order to capture a picture of your outfit.

A Dead Horse

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Yeah … see that’s as close as I can come to an actual picture of a dead horse. I mean they have them, but they were really upsetting to me so although it’s never BEEN alive consider it my dead horse … that I’m beating. I figure it’s okay as everyone’s talking about the beta now so no one will notice. I usually have to wait a while anyway after I read something that brings out my ranty side so I can regain my words. I’m pretty much down from a Defcon 1 to about a Defcon 3 which is kinda just a few jackasses and shits thrown in here and there.

I’ve been reading the posts on sexism. I’m fairly close to Navi and Effy in this regard. Although not a feminist there are those I admire, I’m more of a can’t we all just get along and sing Kumbaya sort. I know unlikely, but there it is. I think it’s because on reflection, if I tally up the mean, hateful, things that have been done to me in my lifetime I’m coming up even on the male/female thing so my view is that it’s more a people problem. Let’s face it, us humans can be such jackasses to each other. What got me in the irate, raging, fuckity mood was the comments made to a 15 year old girl who dreamed of being a pilot. I usually try to remain calm and see things from both sides but that remark made me think that being drawn and quartered was too good for that sorry excuse for a human being.

I’ve suffered through my share of sexist behavior but I never thought of it as being “male” behavior, I thought of it as coming from an ignorant human being that happened to be male. Not that males aren’t different though. If you manage to spy on a group in their natural habitat, undetected, they are so mean to each other. Their idea of witty banter with other guys would be viewed as deplorable behavior to us woman. Sure, all males aren’t like that, my husband is some kind of a weird throwback to the “throw your topcoat on a puddle” days which means dealing with me can be a real trial for him.

I’ve not suffered any bad behavior in game as a result of being female. I’ve endured a WHOLE LOT of bad behavior, but not because someone thought I was female. It could be though, that by the time I got to WoW, my senses were so dulled I didn’t notice or it’s just that I’ve been lucky.

For example, back in the days of yore, I didn’t want to ride on THE BACK of my not yet husband’s motorcycle. If I was going to ride one I’d ride it myself, thank you. Not many women seemed to do that back then. If I was alone and stopped somewhere, I would, depending on where I was stopping, frequently get the behavior depicted above directed at me with a witty comment, you know, like yeah baby.

Okay seriously, what effect were they going for? I couldn’t figure it out back then, but now I realize they were trolls. This had to be trolling, they couldn’t have really thought that was an effective pick-up strategy, could they?

After becoming alarmed the first few times, I finally worked out an effective comeback that seemed to end the encounter rather well. It took a few trys to hone my comeback but I finally did get it down.

I thought my first was really good, but it failed miserably.

Are you injured, shall I call a urologist?

Next one worked a little better, but not much.

Thanks, I’ve got my own ride.

But this last one worked perfectly! It’s like I finally figured out how to talk like one of the guys.

First a rude hand gesture, then, FUCK YOU AND YOUR JOHNSON, and it had to be delivered with a smile. The smile was key. They’d usually laugh and wave and leave me alone like we were buddies now. Who knew! I’d learned how to speak guy.

Lots of less amusing events have taken place over the years, some out of ignorance, some upbringing, some just really rotten human beings. Since I’ve begun this rant I might as well get to EVERYTHING that’s bothered me and I’ll be good for a year or so in the rant department.

Go back in time a few more years. My first job, at a large architectural firm. It was a horrible place. We worked at big light tables and I remember the power in the building went out once and we were told to tape our drawing to the windows for light and the work WILL CONTINUE. I hid in the ladies room laughing until the power came back on.

Anyway, I had this old bat as a supervisor. On my first day she inquired about my religious affiliations and from that determined that when the rapture came, she would be saved and I’d burn in hell for eternity. That didn’t bother me all that much but it was the smug, self-satisfied way in which she told me. So already I’m not really liking my supervisor and really don’t want to end up anywhere she goes.

A co-worker and I were making arrangements to meet up and see a movie, she must have overheard us. She called me aside and told me she didn’t approve of interracial dating and I had best watch myself. So if you’re still alive out there you old bat, this is interracial dating, dating another human being is not. I’m thinking you might be in for a surprise come the rapture.

Whew, that’s feels good, I finally told that old biddy off after all these years. I like dogs. Really like them. One of the reasons I think I like dogs so much is that they don’t suffer from some of the stupidity we humans do. Do you see that big dog? He took one look at that other dog and knew right away, hey, it’s a dog. Humans seem to have trouble with that sometimes, we can’t even figure out who we are. Maybe when the rapture comes I can get a ride to wherever the dogs are going, better company.

Okay, let’s see, who else has pissed me off. Oh yeah! Now that I’m getting older … WHAT? Yes, I know I’m showing a lot of cleavage, so what! Hey, you got it flaunt it I say. ANYWAY, as I was saying now that I’m getting older I really appreciate that AARP is watching out for me so that in my dotage I’ll be protected from evil schemers who will try to trick me out of my money by sending sweepstakes notification in the mail and all. Yes, thank you, I’m really grateful. BUT DON’T YOU DARE send me another one of those invitations to join you.

What if someone sees that. I’ve told everyone I’m 39. And who gave you the permission to go poking around in my private affairs and snooping around and finding my age. STOP IT! Thank you for caring but go help someone else. I’m still in denial. I WILL NOT BE ASSIMILATED!

So yeah, how scary is that. Now we got girls, Pandas and GRANNIES  playing WoW! Kinda the TRIPLE WHAMMIE OF SCARY! MUHAHAHA!

Oh my, I’ve typed all these words with nary a proper piece of punctuation. But it’s a rant so I guess it’s okay. I usually make one pass after I write stuff to kind of try to throw in some commas but there are just too many words, screw it.

Yes, yes, I have a point, I’m just getting to it. In Erinys’ post she talks about being taken to task by another woman player.

Someone I vaguely know from the PvP forums launched into what can be best described as a “rant” aimed at both me and the warrior. By not correcting his/her “mate” I was letting every other woman who plays WoW down.

I just wanted to say to this young woman, pace yourself. You’re going to be burnt out in a few years if you get your knickers in a twist that easily. Life is full of struggles more worthy of your energy, trust me, you’ve got to learn to pick your fights. Yeah, you don’t believe me now but wait until the AARP starts hunting you down … you’ll see.

Who’s Minding the Store

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Oh hi … she’s not here. So me and my man Jeral thought we’d kinda help her out, if you had any questions or anything. Does she know? Well … no … but why would she mind, we’re helping. She’s getting all stressed out over judging Mog Madness. Muttering about the incredible weight, the responsibility of being a judge. Then something that sounds like … I don’t know … yoda or yodawg, whatever. Some kind of real world creature she has to battle I guess? I don’t know, you’d know more about that stuff than me.

Anyway, she’ll be back. And really, you don’t want to be around her right now, such a drama queen.

“Oh, it’s so hard. They are ALL so wonderful. Oh, the weight of mog responsibility is crushing me, crushing me!”

Yeah, see what I mean? So anyway, can I get you a drink while you wait? I thought it’d be nice to have an open bar while she’s gone. Just so we’d all have something to do until she gets back. I’m sure she won’t mind. Jeral says it’s no problem to run a tab for her. So, what can I get you? They just brought in a keg of Plugger’s Blackrock Ale, stuff’s hard to get. Let’s tap that and get the party started! Before … you know … she comes back.

The Juicy Bear Burger of Love

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Sigh … is she planning on wearing that outfit forever? I guess since she won something while wearing it, the chances of her even taking it off to AT LEAST send it to the cleaners are pretty slender. And what is she doing carrying around the Morningstar of Heroic Will? Okay, what is going on Druid? Is this some sort of vain attempt to impress people … cause you know … you’re failing badly. Everyone knows you don’t raid and I’m pretty sure that mace is not meant for a Druid. You look silly.

A present for whom? You have an assignation? ORLY? Look, I know you’ve been carrying a torch for Jarel Moor for some time but might I point out, ONCE AGAIN, he’s level 30, you’re 85 and I don’t see that ending well. I mean for heaven’s sake how would he even get here. WHAT? You’re going to buy a Vial of the Sands to fly him here to this hidden glade to meet and I can’t stop you?

I certainly can stop you, if you think I’m letting go of 50,000 gold so you can turn into a Sandstone Drake and fly Jeral Moor up here and frolic about doing Elune knows what, you’re sadly mistaken.

Look handler, I don’t show up in the real world and rain on your parade so just back off. I have my own gold saved up and I’m doing it. I’m going to stand here by this giant shaft of love … er … shaft of light, I meant shaft of Elune’s Light. Jeezy peezy, oh grow up people. And when Jeral sees me by the Moonwell he’ll … ENOUGH!!!

That’s enough; I don’t want to hear anymore. Okay Druid. I’m logging off. What you do on your own time with your own money with WHOEVER is your business. You’ve made your point. Geez, I don’t know where I went wrong with that girl. Dealing with her wears me out. Maybe before I log out I’ll stop by The Slaughtered Lamb for a Juicy Bear Burger. Come to think of it, I believe that’s Jeral’s place of employment. Perhaps I will have a little chat with him about the dangers of toying with the affections of Druids who have Cat Form. I mean that’s not really interfering THAT MUCH, is it?

Note: This post is in response to Big Bear Butt’s Writing Challenge. One, two, three, four, five, six and seven. I think I’m done! I’m off to check Bear’s post now for stories and rhymenations!

Pocket Lint Post — Double or Nothing

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I spend most of the weekend trying to get set up with dual boxing. On Saturday I could not get Keyclone working, or so I thought. I was cursing Windows 7 as I suspected that was the culprit. Sunday I realized that I was getting the controller in range and then casting. And the clone did nothing. She did nothing because she wasn’t in range … duh. I know, it’s hard sometimes, but I’m all I’ve got to work with, geez. So there they are, Shamimi and Shamami! I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s fun. I need to spend more time reading about dual boxing but as usual I’m just doing it. Hate taking time out to actually READ how to do it properly. I had planned on two Goblin Shaman but forgot they wouldn’t be available with just vanilla which was probably for the best as I don’t think I can face another Cata starting zone.

Yeah … this. I KNEW I shouldn’t have let her compete in Matty’s Leather and Lace. It’s so embarrassing. As soon as she read the results she rushed to the tailor shop and had that sash made, she’s been parading around Stormwind like that ever since. Batting her eyes at the guards and that dark, brooding looking guy in the Slaughtered Lamb. NEVER AGAIN Druid, I mean it!

So I’m way behind on my blog reading AND I have all the news about Mists to catch up on. I’ve read just a bit and already I have a conundrum. Do I want a black and white Panda Lady or red and white. I like the traditional black and white but on the other hand the red and white gets to have a tail! I have a lot on my mind … sigh. Yeah … really, I’m not kidding. Of all that I’ve read this is what I’m obsessing over. And YAY! Another slot, just one but still I’m happy.

I have  so much to do. I’m getting excited about seeing all the entries in the Mog Madness event and I have to get caught up with all my reading because on March 21st I’m sure a lot of my favorite writers and rhymers will be responding to Mr. Bear’s writing challenge and I’ll have lots more good things to read!

And OMG, are they kidding. It’s been so long since I’ve received any rl work that I admit I felt a little put out when someone HAD THE NERVE to send me some. Can’t they see I’m busy here! There are incredibly important decisions to be made here! Black and white or red and white. They are however, offering rl money which is always appealing I must say. Actually almost as good as gold … almost.

Dying to Know What They’re Wearing

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Last night I had a lot of fun attending a The WoW Factor Event on Arthas server. Ironyca of Ironyca Stood in the Fire and WoW Roleplay Gear was going to be a judge and since we were fellow Ironmen back in the day and Ironsally has a big crush on her Elford, I wanted to meet her as close to “in person” as I could, so PvP US server Arthas was it. Um … this doesn’t look like a transmogrification contest.

I don’t know what they feed the Horde on Arthas, but they certainly grow them big. Thank you Arthas server! The raid was an unexpected pleasure, I received many guild invites during the battle and the whole thing was so fun I think I might stay, even though I don’t  actually know how to PvP. Hmmm … although I do read the blogs of frightful PvP killings machines like Cynwise and Gnomeaggedon I  … er … don’t read the PvP posts but maybe I’ll change, maybe I’ll start getting my PvP on.

After a refreshing round of killing, the competition began. People were striking a pose everywhere on piles of their enemies’ bones. The WoW Factor is a collaboration between Keelhaul, creator of Disenchanting Azeroth and WoW Roleplay Gear. If you’re interested in having them come to your server or want to check on upcoming events give them a visit.

Ironyca whispered to check the live feed so I could hear the judging. Wow, the depth of their knowledge of gear was amazing. I saw pretty, or stunning, or funny while they knew the history of every piece of gear they viewed and why or why not certain combinations made sense. I hope the contestants were able to listen in. I had to leave before judging was completed, so I’ll be checking The WoW Factor for the followup to see if any of my favorites won.

Okay, since my Druid couldn’t attend which she wasn’t happy about I took this shot of two fine looking Human males for her since … you know … SHE likes them. I’m pretty sure if she had been there she would have been all over the eye patch guy.  You know her, just her type. The hatchling seems quite taken with him too. Could have been his name … which was … quite impressive too.