Things to Do in Azeroth When You’re Dead

Yeah, that title has nothing to do with anything but I was trying to think of old movies I’d like to see again and I remembered Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead so I just stole it because I wanted to, so there Christopher Walken and Andy García, wanna make something of it, huh, do ya. I thought not. Anyway, my Forsaken thought she’d login to look for her leveling buddy Aygaren, but no luck. So then I decided to see what I could do in the fifteen minutes or so I had. When I have just tiny bits of time I sometimes feel it’s like a WoW buffet or I’m selecting WoW Dim sum.

Oh Druid! Really, that’s not very druidy of you. You’re going to feel bad about that later I just know it. Apparently she didn’t feel too bad cause she gleefully blasted every goat out of Fuselight into high orbit. I hope The Guardians of Cenarius don’t get wind of what she’s been up to.

Yeah, this just never gets old, taking that big, stupidhead, loudmouth, all walking around scaring everyone Fel Reaver out. I’ve heard enough out of you.

And the same thing goes for your stupid cousin. Pass the word to your family, I’m not taking it anymore, all y’all can consider this fair warning. Enough with the intimidation of level 58s. I don’t really think I need to be a bear to do this but it makes me feel all powerful and kickass so bear it is. Although I think I might have to find someone else to pick on soon or fight unarmed. But I can’t help it, I must still have unresolved Fel Reaver issues from the times he squashed me in BC. Still have time, I’ll stop by Nagrand and pick up a Bulging Sack of Gems.

The Darkmoon Faire is in town! I think I can just fit a ride in. I’m not sure about that whole “great abs in 15 minutes” thing but I got pretty good WoW in 15 minutes.


4 Responses to “Things to Do in Azeroth When You’re Dead”

  1. Ram Punting and the Fel Reaver. What good and bad memories. Oh and I still think one of the best #funnyblogtraffic searches I’ve had is “stuck on the sandbox tiger at the darkmoon fair’

    • LOL!!! OMG! I’ll bet my Druid didn’t know what a chance she was taking getting on that tiger at the Darkmoon Faire! I’ve had a lot of strange glitches happen to me in WoW but thank all that’s holy I’ve never been stuck on a sandbox tiger!

  2. Windsoar Says:

    You should screenshot when you’re dead! Everything looks spectral and a drenched environment can really have a perfect look in monochrome. Just sayin! >.>

    P.S. But punting rams is fun too. I even bought the after-quest poker.

    • Hi Windsoar! If you look at the top right side there’s a link in little scrunchy letters for Death Series. It was inspired by you back when I did Ironsally as she died a lot. Just a really small sample of her most scenic deaths.

      I know! I have that goat blaster thingy taking up space in my bank for visits to the Badlands! I use it as my bad mood eradicator, lol!

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