PvP, Pets and Proactive Alts

Ironyca posted about a transmog event she and Noelani had recently been invited to judge. If their names sound familiar it’s because you may have visited their great gear resource, WoW Roleplay Gear. I enjoyed the post and commented that I’d try to be there for the next one as a spectator. If Ironyca’s going to cross the Atlantic again I at least wanted to drop by the show and say hello. I checked, it is to be on Arthas, March 16th. This morning I thought I’d prepare and create a character on Arthas so I’d be ready. OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s a PvP server! I’ll be killed for sure! Do I have time to take a crash course in PvP so I can make it to Stormwind?

So I rolled a Warlock and tried to make her look mean and scary so she would frighten gankers with a mere look. I leveled her to 3. Really? I have no idea why. Being level 3 will only help if a crazed horde of well … Horde level 1s descend on Goldshire while she’s making the trek to Stormwind. But Omgdia’s no fool. She waited at the Abbey until a regiment of Stormwind Guards could escort her down the dangerous roads. Maybe I should try leveling her after the event. Maybe I’d get over the whole “it’s not polite to hit people” thing and become a PvP killing machine, hey, it could happen. Unlikely but you never know, I may have untapped depths of PvPness lurking somewhere.

Back when pets took up space, my Druid’s first and only companion pet was a little worg pup, it’s still my favorite pet. It was obtained through a quest that is no longer available post-Deathwing. The Worg Carrier is available though, as a drop from Quartermaster Zigris in Lower Blackrock Spire so you can still get a worg pup.

I’m trying to get to 125 companion pets and remembered I never completed the quest for the Smolderweb Hatchling, because, spiders, ugh. But completing Menagerie is serious business so I thought I could deal briefly with spiders for a chance at another companion pet. The Smolderweb Egg is now obtainable from Mother Smolderweb in Lower Blackrock Spire, the only hard part, for me at least was finding my way out again. Only five more to go! I could buy them but I’m trying to see how far I can get without purchasing any.

Matty of Blood & Sugar recently posted about deleting alts, kind of spring cleaning. I have no slots left on my main server and I will need at least one for Mists. There are three candidates being considered for the cut. A Paladin, a Druid and a Shaman. I visited them all this morning. I thought it only fair to let them know of the impending layoffs. The Paladin and Druid both listened stoically and said they’d await my decision. My Shaman, Shamimi took a more proactive stance and proceeded to break into dance. She told me none of the others could compare, case closed. You know, she’s got a point, that girl has moves.

Oh! Wait, wait! I love this, in spite of the fact that they seem to have an illiterate follower who doesn’t know how to spell “peek”. I hope there will be many more Azerothian Vignettes in the future.

16 Responses to “PvP, Pets and Proactive Alts”

  1. Curse those goblins and their infectious dancing.

  2. I’m crossing my fingers and toes hoping they give us more character slots. On my main server everyone is level 80 – 85 and it would kill me to delete any of them. I’ve read rumors that it *could* happen so don’t go deleting anything yet if you don’t have to. If they don’t open up more slots though, ugh that’s gonna be a toughy choosing who to delete in order to make a bouncy new pandaren.

    • My problem is I hate not having a few low level characters cause they’re fun! I’ll wait with my fingers crossed too but I guess the one that would get her walking papers is the Druid as I already have one.

      Blizzard, just … five more, or ten, whatever you can manage!

      • I read somewhere that they were thinking about lifting the 10 character limit per realm but leaving the 50 character limit across an account. This way you could theoretically have 50 toons all on one realm if you wanted. I pray to kittens that they do that!

  3. *cough*…well…
    paladins….too stoic….

    druids….already got one, you see (say that in the Monty Python/Holy Grail French accent)

    shamans….your Swiss Army knife of awesomeness! There will be no deletion! Stand down! Step up! Bust a move!

    Thatta girl, Sham. You show that Tome a thing or two.

    Delete a shaman – ! – I mean, really!

    • LOL! What COULD I have been thinking. I already have an Enhancement Shaman but Shamimi is going Elemental so totally different. Don’t worry I think she’s safe, The Sisterhood of Shamanama can stand down, all is well.

  4. OMG where did my comment go!

    I just wanted to say Shamimi needs to stay because her dancing has won me over!

  5. YAY you’re coming to Arthas!!! I’m really looking forward to it!

    By the way, have they made PvP even more cutthroat, since I played on a PvP realm? I thought Westfall was the first contested zone you’d run into leveling along the Stormwind line.
    You can be attacked in Elwynn now?

    • I don’t know anything about PvP so I just assumed you could be! ROTFL! You mean I was safe all the time I was hiding among the Stormwind Guards? Her knees were shaking waiting to be pounced upon! Oh boy, maybe I should stay there after and get to know PvP servers.

  6. Cluisanna Says:

    You can only be attacked if you are at or above lvl 20, afaik 😉

    • Thanks Cluisanna, I’m such a PvP noob, lol. I wasted all that time being very afraid! I’m thinking of staying there for a while and trying it out if only because their trade chat seems more interesting than my server.

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