Guardian of Cenarius, Lodge 12 Meeting Outfit

I’ll try to act like I have some sense but yesterday was so exciting. Riding on Amateur Azerothian and Effraeti’s RP mogging coattails my swtor speeder keyword got completely run over, smashed, crushed, by a giant speeding WoW Insider. Seriously, I don’t think that thing is ever going to run again. And serendipitously, yesterday while I had nothing to do, I made this outfit. Okay I had stuff to do but really, priorities, this outfit was more important. Navimie at The Daily Frostwolf had a post about the difficulty of putting together a sexy leather outfit so I fired up WoW Model Viewer to see if I could come up with one.

My first effort came out looking all Daisy Duke, just more wholesome. Considering the amount of time that Druid spends chasing after Stormwind Guards and other nefarious pastimes you’d think I’d be able to come up with a killer sexy outfit for her but no matter what I did she looks perky and cute, someone you’d want to buy magazine subscriptions from if she came to your door.

So I kinda gave up and the outfit above is the final result. I think it looks appropriate for the Annual Moonglade Guardian of Cenarius, Lodge 12 Meeting. Since she’s feral she never gets to wear a dress so she was excited. And she was so pleased to finally be able to wear a pretty hat that works with … those ears. I hope she BEHAVES herself at the meeting and doesn’t break into dance. And for all I know she’s probably wearing plate under there somewhere, but anyway, that’s my Druid’s sexy outfit.

WHAT? I’m sorry but your ears ARE a fashion challenge, you know they are. An Undead? You dare me to sexify an Undead? Oh, you’re so on. Hmmm, what works with pokey bones? Help!

10 Responses to “Guardian of Cenarius, Lodge 12 Meeting Outfit”

  1. The Stormwind Guards might prefer wholesome and cute to savage and slutty 😀

  2. That is stunning – please, let me enter it for my leather contest?!?!

    Stormwind Guards–word on the street is it’s split between the Gingers and the Mary Anns. Tome knows what I’m talking about.

    And the Undead challenge – since they dance like they’re at a Grateful Dead concert, and many folks find the scent of patchoulli and armpit hair, um, sensual, this could work!

    • Thanks Matty! I don’t think it’s legal really. I’m pretty sure either the bracers or gloves are a Horde side quest item. When I do an outfit with WoW Model viewer I just pick what I think is pretty with no regard to whether I could actually wear it.

      I shouldn’t have let that Druid dare me like that. Okay, Grateful Dead, I’ll have to start looking for some tie-dyed gear!

      • I second admitting this for Leather and Lace! She looks very cute and wholesome! You should be happy that she is trying to get the attention of the “right” type of guy,

        I agree that long ears and horns (and Worgen faces!) do provide a fashion challenge.

        And yesterday was pretty exciting! I hope JD got lots of entries (or will very soon from those who found out about the Mog Madness yesterday)!

        ~ Effy

  3. Ooh, what a fun outfit — she looks quite… wild. Your title for it is perfect!

  4. I don’t think she looks slutty. I think she looks Feral and Wild! And I was thinking the NE’s would look slutty but I was wrong.

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