Dying to Know What They’re Wearing

Last night I had a lot of fun attending a The WoW Factor Event on Arthas server. Ironyca of Ironyca Stood in the Fire and WoW Roleplay Gear was going to be a judge and since we were fellow Ironmen back in the day and Ironsally has a big crush on her Elford, I wanted to meet her as close to “in person” as I could, so PvP US server Arthas was it. Um … this doesn’t look like a transmogrification contest.

I don’t know what they feed the Horde on Arthas, but they certainly grow them big. Thank you Arthas server! The raid was an unexpected pleasure, I received many guild invites during the battle and the whole thing was so fun I think I might stay, even though I don’t  actually know how to PvP. Hmmm … although I do read the blogs of frightful PvP killings machines like Cynwise and Gnomeaggedon I  … er … don’t read the PvP posts but maybe I’ll change, maybe I’ll start getting my PvP on.

After a refreshing round of killing, the competition began. People were striking a pose everywhere on piles of their enemies’ bones. The WoW Factor is a collaboration between Keelhaul, creator of Disenchanting Azeroth and WoW Roleplay Gear. If you’re interested in having them come to your server or want to check on upcoming events give them a visit.

Ironyca whispered to check the live feed so I could hear the judging. Wow, the depth of their knowledge of gear was amazing. I saw pretty, or stunning, or funny while they knew the history of every piece of gear they viewed and why or why not certain combinations made sense. I hope the contestants were able to listen in. I had to leave before judging was completed, so I’ll be checking The WoW Factor for the followup to see if any of my favorites won.

Okay, since my Druid couldn’t attend which she wasn’t happy about I took this shot of two fine looking Human males for her since … you know … SHE likes them. I’m pretty sure if she had been there she would have been all over the eye patch guy.  You know her, just her type. The hatchling seems quite taken with him too. Could have been his name … which was … quite impressive too.

13 Responses to “Dying to Know What They’re Wearing”

  1. I love when folks put on Mog’ Fashion shows. There’s always a few thugs in the bunch, a few that don’t quite get what lookin’ good is and a ton of creative mogs.

    Looks like y’all had a splendid time 😉

    • It really was fun to attend, while I enjoyed the raid I might attend another on a non PvP server with a little less excitement. There were so many impressive outfits and a few um, interesting ones!

  2. (Somewhere, yes, there is a fanfiction writer who is swooning, ever so little, over those screen shots…)

    Tome, can you pass me my smelling salts!?

    Great post, sounds like amazing fun!! And, with your skills and awesomeness, any PvP server should be quaking in their boots, my friend!

    • I need to find someone willing to help with PvP. I need someone willing to be the beatee and then the beater, we could switch off, then maybe I have some idea of how to defend myself! My Druid has never even dueled if I remember correctly.

      It was fascinating and fun, I might get addicted to visiting these!

  3. I was so happy you came! What a shame I missed out on the fighting. Keelhaul was a little late, so PvP barely intervened the show in the end.

    The handsome men in the last picture are all from a guild called “WHOLESOME GUYS” that was well represented at the event.
    The hunter with the eyepatch is named Peener and he’s the best mog I’ve seen so far. Everything is going for him, the gun, the polearm, the tabard, the eyepatch. If I had to pick a winner myself, I would have chosen him.

    Contrary to last time, we didn’t point out specific winners. FIrst we did a top 20, from those a top 10 and then we just handed the remaining to people in the room whom we thought deserved a little bonus. So you could say that the top 10 are the winners.

    If you want to attend another event, may I recommend Lightbringer, which is going to be both factions. I’m not sure of the date, but I’ll find out soon.
    Supposedly this event is going to be huge, we have two sponsored Blizzard store mounts as rewards, which I’m sure is gonna make people argue and pissed at us! Maybe there won’t be PvP, but I’m fairly certain there’ll be some drama instead 😀

  4. That looked like it was amazing fun! I wish I could have seen it too, that would have been just nuts! Though I see one problem with your pics… they’re all Alliance. I assume Horde just got pwnt as soon as they walked in… so I don’t get to see the sexy horde mogs.

    • Lol, not really after they killed everyone that was flagged they went on a rampage through the Trade District. They did NOT get pwnt, I wish I had a shot of the 20 ft. tall Orc female hunter who had on a really good looking outfit!

      There’s going to be one another event on Lightbringer for both factions, maybe it will be at a time we can both attend!

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  6. […] Tome of the Ancient’s post called ‘Dying to Know What They’re Wearing’ about the event, which she attended on a lvl 1 […]

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