A Dead Horse

Yeah … see that’s as close as I can come to an actual picture of a dead horse. I mean they have them, but they were really upsetting to me so although it’s never BEEN alive consider it my dead horse … that I’m beating. I figure it’s okay as everyone’s talking about the beta now so no one will notice. I usually have to wait a while anyway after I read something that brings out my ranty side so I can regain my words. I’m pretty much down from a Defcon 1 to about a Defcon 3 which is kinda just a few jackasses and shits thrown in here and there.

I’ve been reading the posts on sexism. I’m fairly close to Navi and Effy in this regard. Although not a feminist there are those I admire, I’m more of a can’t we all just get along and sing Kumbaya sort. I know unlikely, but there it is. I think it’s because on reflection, if I tally up the mean, hateful, things that have been done to me in my lifetime I’m coming up even on the male/female thing so my view is that it’s more a people problem. Let’s face it, us humans can be such jackasses to each other. What got me in the irate, raging, fuckity mood was the comments made to a 15 year old girl who dreamed of being a pilot. I usually try to remain calm and see things from both sides but that remark made me think that being drawn and quartered was too good for that sorry excuse for a human being.

I’ve suffered through my share of sexist behavior but I never thought of it as being “male” behavior, I thought of it as coming from an ignorant human being that happened to be male. Not that males aren’t different though. If you manage to spy on a group in their natural habitat, undetected, they are so mean to each other. Their idea of witty banter with other guys would be viewed as deplorable behavior to us woman. Sure, all males aren’t like that, my husband is some kind of a weird throwback to the “throw your topcoat on a puddle” days which means dealing with me can be a real trial for him.

I’ve not suffered any bad behavior in game as a result of being female. I’ve endured a WHOLE LOT of bad behavior, but not because someone thought I was female. It could be though, that by the time I got to WoW, my senses were so dulled I didn’t notice or it’s just that I’ve been lucky.

For example, back in the days of yore, I didn’t want to ride on THE BACK of my not yet husband’s motorcycle. If I was going to ride one I’d ride it myself, thank you. Not many women seemed to do that back then. If I was alone and stopped somewhere, I would, depending on where I was stopping, frequently get the behavior depicted above directed at me with a witty comment, you know, like yeah baby.

Okay seriously, what effect were they going for? I couldn’t figure it out back then, but now I realize they were trolls. This had to be trolling, they couldn’t have really thought that was an effective pick-up strategy, could they?

After becoming alarmed the first few times, I finally worked out an effective comeback that seemed to end the encounter rather well. It took a few trys to hone my comeback but I finally did get it down.

I thought my first was really good, but it failed miserably.

Are you injured, shall I call a urologist?

Next one worked a little better, but not much.

Thanks, I’ve got my own ride.

But this last one worked perfectly! It’s like I finally figured out how to talk like one of the guys.

First a rude hand gesture, then, FUCK YOU AND YOUR JOHNSON, and it had to be delivered with a smile. The smile was key. They’d usually laugh and wave and leave me alone like we were buddies now. Who knew! I’d learned how to speak guy.

Lots of less amusing events have taken place over the years, some out of ignorance, some upbringing, some just really rotten human beings. Since I’ve begun this rant I might as well get to EVERYTHING that’s bothered me and I’ll be good for a year or so in the rant department.

Go back in time a few more years. My first job, at a large architectural firm. It was a horrible place. We worked at big light tables and I remember the power in the building went out once and we were told to tape our drawing to the windows for light and the work WILL CONTINUE. I hid in the ladies room laughing until the power came back on.

Anyway, I had this old bat as a supervisor. On my first day she inquired about my religious affiliations and from that determined that when the rapture came, she would be saved and I’d burn in hell for eternity. That didn’t bother me all that much but it was the smug, self-satisfied way in which she told me. So already I’m not really liking my supervisor and really don’t want to end up anywhere she goes.

A co-worker and I were making arrangements to meet up and see a movie, she must have overheard us. She called me aside and told me she didn’t approve of interracial dating and I had best watch myself. So if you’re still alive out there you old bat, this is interracial dating, dating another human being is not. I’m thinking you might be in for a surprise come the rapture.

Whew, that’s feels good, I finally told that old biddy off after all these years. I like dogs. Really like them. One of the reasons I think I like dogs so much is that they don’t suffer from some of the stupidity we humans do. Do you see that big dog? He took one look at that other dog and knew right away, hey, it’s a dog. Humans seem to have trouble with that sometimes, we can’t even figure out who we are. Maybe when the rapture comes I can get a ride to wherever the dogs are going, better company.

Okay, let’s see, who else has pissed me off. Oh yeah! Now that I’m getting older … WHAT? Yes, I know I’m showing a lot of cleavage, so what! Hey, you got it flaunt it I say. ANYWAY, as I was saying now that I’m getting older I really appreciate that AARP is watching out for me so that in my dotage I’ll be protected from evil schemers who will try to trick me out of my money by sending sweepstakes notification in the mail and all. Yes, thank you, I’m really grateful. BUT DON’T YOU DARE send me another one of those invitations to join you.

What if someone sees that. I’ve told everyone I’m 39. And who gave you the permission to go poking around in my private affairs and snooping around and finding my age. STOP IT! Thank you for caring but go help someone else. I’m still in denial. I WILL NOT BE ASSIMILATED!

So yeah, how scary is that. Now we got girls, Pandas and GRANNIES  playing WoW! Kinda the TRIPLE WHAMMIE OF SCARY! MUHAHAHA!

Oh my, I’ve typed all these words with nary a proper piece of punctuation. But it’s a rant so I guess it’s okay. I usually make one pass after I write stuff to kind of try to throw in some commas but there are just too many words, screw it.

Yes, yes, I have a point, I’m just getting to it. In Erinys’ post she talks about being taken to task by another woman player.

Someone I vaguely know from the PvP forums launched into what can be best described as a “rant” aimed at both me and the warrior. By not correcting his/her “mate” I was letting every other woman who plays WoW down.

I just wanted to say to this young woman, pace yourself. You’re going to be burnt out in a few years if you get your knickers in a twist that easily. Life is full of struggles more worthy of your energy, trust me, you’ve got to learn to pick your fights. Yeah, you don’t believe me now but wait until the AARP starts hunting you down … you’ll see.

23 Responses to “A Dead Horse”

  1. ..and I’m glad I’ll have company when every one else has been “raptured.”

  2. I’d go with the dogs as well. And if you ever figure out how to block AARP invites, let me know asap.

    btw, sorry if you had to approve comment from me again. Blame sad comp issues on my end.

    • I know! Those AARPers are relentless! I mean I know they mean well but I am not retired, where did they get that information. Unless a winning lottery ticket is in my future I don’t see me being a retired person anytime soon.

      Yup, I’m sticking close to the dogs if the skies or ground or whatever opens up, I’m going with them!

  3. I can’t imagine why AARP sends that crap to us 39-year-olds, it just amazes me. And Amen to the entire rant! Preach it!!

  4. Hmm. My mother said she was 32 until I was 29 then even she didn’t believe it anymore 🙂 and that was a good few years ago… very few you understand.
    My dog, a Cavalier Spaniel, doesn’t know she is a dog. She looks at her 65 pound sister as if to say “what are you, weirdo.?” What about her? She’s rapturous whenever we come home. Can she still be saved? Certainly deserves to be.
    Good read as usual. Thanks.

    • Thanks Martin!

      I sure hope she can be saved because we have one just like her. Our one lab sits with us on the couch, doesn’t like to go outside and get his feet wet and definitely thinks our other lab is his pet dog.

      Your mother is a woman after my own heart!

  5. This is why I ❤ you, hun! And at 5:30am, I need illustrations, so tytyty to those!

    Yah, wasn't there a book about learning everything from your dog? I think they have the right of it… a couple minutes of butt-sniffing and everyone is best friends. Sounds pretty simple to me. Though, until it catches on more, I promise to keep to myself.

    Oh wow, yah, it is late… I mean early.

    ~ Effy

    • Lol! That lovely lady up there would certainly be an eye opener!

      Yes, dogs know how to live. I’d love to get to lay about all day, have people tickle me and feed me treats while all I have to do is look cute, and occasionally move when they bring out the vacuum!

  6. OMG! That picture above is disturbing me to no end… and I know you’re not like that in RL!

    • I know! I scour the interwebs for cool and disturbing pictures and I was so happy to be able to fit that lady in somewhere finally! Trouble is now I don’t know where she came from but I guess she has a home here now.

      No, I don’t really have an outfit like that!

  7. How did I miss this post? THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU AND THINK YOU’RE THE BEST.

    Wait.. we’re both female and you’re married. I hope they don’t get torches and pitchforks on us 😦


  8. Good read. You put it perfectly right at the beginning…”it’s a people problem”


    • Thank you Quori! I try to keep things simple and that approach to bad behavior has worked for me so far, there sure are days that I’m a bad person, just have to keep working on it.

      • There are always going to be days where we are bad people. Sometimes its intentional, other times its completely accidental,, the worst times is when we are just being ourselves and someone else JUDGES us for it as not up to THEIR standards or ideals and then LABELS us as a bad person. Yeah, kind of a touchy subject for me because I truly feel that happens far more often than folks realize.

        Regardless, you are fully correct…issues like this are HUMAN issues. Not men OR women….all of us. If we cannot solve our problems together, then we won’t be solving anything. And I for one and very very tired of seeing folks draw up battle lines and decide who’s on which side.



  9. You wrote that post you weren’t going to write Ancient! I wanted to wait for everyone to reply before I put in my word and said

    You go, PERSON! Though it doesn’t sound as good as you go, girl! LMAO

    I have to laugh at HayFayFays comment – it was hilarious and made me laugh.

    “Wait.. we’re both female and you’re married. I hope they don’t get torches and pitchforks on us 😦


  10. […] hit on a exactly what I have a problem with in our society as a whole with this post here. I think it’s because on reflection, if I tally up the mean, hateful, things that have been done […]

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