Warlocks and Sanity

Isn’t she lovely? I was so impressed by the transmogging skills of the competitors in Mog Madness, I thought I’d try to make my Forsaken look lovely. I found that a busy robe, with lots of pattern seemed to help hide … you know … protruding bones. And a big chunky belt to ADD to her waist, I mean who wouldn’t want THAT problem. Anyway, I told her she could pick any screen shot and I’d stick her in it and that’s the one she picked. I don’t know, maybe she’s a Jaina fan, she doesn’t say much, could be. She’s become extremely lazy on reaching 84. We have to stop fishing and get that last half level done, but before she’d agree she wanted me to say WHAT!!!! WHAT do you mean people don’t like Warlocks!

Yes, we were both horrified by Cynwise’s reports on the state of warlockery. Come on people, Warlocks are the most fun ever! I have about ten! Weird yes, but I have to try one of each race, and then spec. They are like the pizza of WoW to me, I just can’t get enough. Does that make me crazy? I don’t know but I’m starting to wonder, or this computer is haunted.

I was cleaning up my desktop and saw a text file named “imagine” sitting there. Huh? I don’t remember saving anything like that. So I opened it and found.

“are these your imaginery friends? They are real people! I;m  sure they are dear.”

WTF! Who did that! WHO! I know it’s not my husband, he’s knows how to spell imaginary. No one else has been in here so that leaves the dogs and they swear they didn’t do it. One of my characters? Am I sleepwalking in here in the night and doing this stuff in my sleep? Creepy, really creepy, and I’m really telling the truth. I know I’m like the queen of embellishment, but this file is sitting RIGHT HERE, I’m not making this up!

It’s really kinda bumming me out that I might be losing THE REST of my mind. I didn’t say playing a Warlock comes without risks mind you. This whole thing has the stink of dark magic and demons. I admit it. But if I have to lose the rest of my sanity as the price of playing a Warlock, so be it. It’s worth it. Come on Ekkrileezinulog, let’s dot up this place and take it down!

What? Yes dear, I’ll be there in a minute. Just finishing up a few things. Muhahaha … to the ground! FEAR ME! I DINE ON THE SOULS OF BABY KITTENS FOR BREAKFAST! FEAR … coming dear.

13 Responses to “Warlocks and Sanity”

  1. She does look lovely! I think that outfit suits her very well indeed!

    • Thanks Kamalia! I hope I saved the model viewer file as when she gets all grown up and 85 I’d like to see if it’s something I possibly could get for her. I didn’t pay attention when I made it so don’t know what she’s wearing!

      • Hmm, let’s see… Frozen Shadoweave Robe/Will of Edward the Odd, Astralaan shoulders, Arcane Hat for the major pieces. Not so easy to identify the belt, boots, bracers/gloves. It looks like they should all be reasonably easy to obtain by watching the AH closely, though the robe and the hat will probably cost a pretty penny. The belt might be on the AH if it’s a tailored model; otherwise, I think that style of belt only shows up as a boss drop.

        • Oh Kamalia! That’s amazing, I’m writing them down. The sad thing is I think my Human Warlock could make that robe for her. Just wish there was inter-faction mail for other an heirlooms.

    • JD Kenada Says:


      See people? She was just hustling you all when she said she knew nothing of Mogging. That way she could lull you into a false sense of security as she picked part your outfit thread by thread in her voting process!

      • Ah Ha! You’ve revealed my cleverly concealed plot to lure them into complacency!

        No, it’s just that Navi told me how fun MogIt was and since then I’ve been spending way too much time making outfits in game and then out of game with model viewer. Next step is to make an outfit that I can actually have her wear.

        • JD Kenada Says:

          Haven’t I been talking about MogIt for a few months now?

          .I’ll just shuffle off to the meat aisle back alongside the chopped liver…

        • Oh, she tipped me over! I kept thinking oh, don’t you get that, you’ll be sitting in Stormwind or Org for hours using it. Finally gave in and I’m sitting in Stormwind and Org for hours, lol.

        • JD Kenada Says:

          You’re not alone. In fact, I have a trial account (it was a backup in case I stopped paying to play)…it’s great because MogIt can still use ALL the data in the game despite a mere trial account. Also, no Real ID so I get peace and quiet to work 😀

  2. She does look very nice. 🙂

  3. You know what’s spooky? I put that same dress on Zep this morning before I read your post.

    Lovely, lovely!

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