More Shameless Warlock Self Promotion

Yes, my Forsaken was so incensed on hearing that Warlocks aren’t popular, she seems to have taken on promoting them as her pet project … instead of getting to 85. I just think she likes Uldum and doesn’t want to leave. She insisted we go back before heading out to Twilight Highlands and kick that stupidhead Myzerian’s butt. Because if you defeat him and cut off his head you can turn it in for a nice reward. There’s a bounty on that sucker. If you had to dodge him while wearing that cloak that supposedly would make you hard to see (Ha!) you’ll really enjoy paying him back.

She’s level 84 with pretty crappy quest gear. BUT! She’s a Warlock, my friend, and you too can feel the power of the Warlock. (Okay, I am just writing what she’s telling me to, so don’t blame me if some of this is over-hyped.) Where’s her Voidwalker? Well, yeah, he didn’t make it but no worries, as a Warlock you can make a macro for insta-void! He’ll pop back up ready to go! The point here is that you too can be a masterful, controller of the dark arts, more powerful than your tree-hugging Druid cousin who couldn’t manage to bring him down even though she has BETTER CLOTHES!

Oh man, did you have to go there? I don’t know why you two do this. Why do you have to start something with the Druid here. She does really well in bear form if it requires living through being physically beaten on for long periods of time. This just wasn’t her thing, you know she’s sensitive about it. Can we just get on with why people should roll Warlocks and leave your feud out of this?

If you don’t stop this I’ll tell everyone that a Hunter in crappy gear can … WAIT! Okay, okay.

Anyway, as a Warlock you can take on mighty beasts that many other classes can not. If you’re a solitary type, Warlocks are for you! You don’t need no stinkin help!

You will be powerful,

calling demons to your command.

Wreaking havoc across the land.

Call down boulders of death from the skies,

with a just mere flick of the hand.

All will fear you!

(Well, this is all quite a revelation to me, I must say. She’s never said that much in the whole time I’ve known her. And look, she’s even trying to rhyme. Well I’M certainly not going to comment on the quality, I mean she’s a Warlock. Push them too far and you’ll be running around in fear. I think it’s kind of cute. She’s really worked up about this.)

I mean, come on, seriously, what’s not to like there? Just roll Warlock. Go on. Do it! You know you want to! I am not alone in this, others have taken up the call! You don’t want to be a goody two shoes, Guardian of Cenar … THAT WILL BE ALL WARLOCK! Get yourself moving to Twilight Highlands this minute or I swear I’ll take your minion privileges away for TWO weeks this time.

4 Responses to “More Shameless Warlock Self Promotion”

  1. JD Kenada Says:

    Hate. That. Cloak. Quest.



    okay, back to work…

  2. alepicoli Says:

    That´s so strange to hear that warlocks are not popular these days… when I started played, locks were known for being easy to play, independent, self suficient and cooler as hell. Remember someone saying that even my cat banging on my keyboard could play a lock (and that´s true, the oldest one love to “type” when I´m on LFR and I do more dps that way). I remember how amazing it was to solo the tiger boss on the old ZG (best mechanic I did solo, IMHO). Now, 6 years later, I figured out that affliction locks are one of the hardest classes to play. And now I have a small Alliance guild and not a single friend I brought to play wants to start a lock. What a shame.

    I’ll take up the call too, but my part will be showing the world how bony-ass undead locks can look good in all sort of clothes. BTW, my main´s name, Lindadmorrer, means something like “beauty to die for”.

    • Oh, I love that name, it’s perfect for a Warlock. One of the reasons I really like the class is the ease of soloing. If you play at odd hours like I do it’s nice to know you won’t have to worry about looking for help.

      I have to admit my dream would be learning how to be a Cynwise and become a Warlock PvP machine. Doubt it’s going to happen but I can always hope!

      /salute to another diehard Warlock!

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