A greater boon, of worth untold …

Matty at Blood & Sugar had an idea for a writing challenge:

So, what I would love to hear is a short piece, poem, limerick, drabble or ficlet, on how you obtained (or didn’t) your favorite weapon(s). Yes, this can be complete fiction, a wish if you will. A boon is a gift, a blessing, or object infused with supernatural aid qualities. You may interpret as you wish.

Matty’s pretty highbrow so I wanted to impress her. I figured if I used a piece of some impressive quote in the title it might distract her from the whole, I don’t think I have a favorite weapon thing, and the whole, well, never mind, you’ll see.

I really don’t have a favorite weapon. I looked at all the polearms available and really didn’t see anything I like. I think I’m a staff girl myself. But I can’t cross-transmog so what to do, what to do? I know! I’ve read about some of the trials and tribulations of Mog Madness contestants while trying to acquire either Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit for round two of Mog Madness, and by the way the results are in! Another incredible round!

So I thought I’d share their pain and give it a shot. Magtheridon … be afraid … be very afraid. I’m coming for you. I headed to Magtheridon’s Lair to see if he’d cough up the Glaive of the Pit for me. So we fought … and fought, and fought, fought, fought and fought. I answered the phone and we fought, I did my nails and we fought on. And then finally, after an excruciatingly (I hate it when the spell checker gives me a pass, I’m sure they’re wrong, I’m sure I didn’t manage to type excruciatingly properly twice) long time the big stupidhead started to keel over.

Crap, this was boring, retelling it is boring. I hope that jerk AT LEAST has the damn weapon on him. NO. HE DID NOT! I was somewhat mollified to see he at least had a Chestguard of the Fallen Defender I could use. Now I have my third piece of the Malorne Harness. I know, I’ll go try them on. I don’t have a favorite weapon but I think I like this Tier 4 set. There, maybe that’ll be entertaining.

So I’m standing there in the Aldor Bank in Shattrath trying this stuff on with my Mechanical Chicken, asking the tellers what they think and you know what? I’m trying it on with my ACTUAL favorite weapon and I don’t think I’m that into that look anymore. Geez, I am really batting zero on EVERYTHING. No favorite weapon story for Matty. Kinda lost interest in my whole Malorne Harness thingy. How can I save this. I KNOW! I KNOW! I’ll go shopping, that’s the ticket!

Success! I found the Headdress of the Sleeper for only 5.99 gold! Can you believe it! Such a deal! I was really excited, who doesn’t like to hear a story about a great AH deal! Of course now I have to figure out what to wear with it, but really the hard part of the outfit is done. The hat. Always the hardest for a Night Elf. Okay, that’s the end of the story.

I will now be motionless in Stormwind for the next few hours consulting MogIt. MogIt is without a doubt one of the greatest boons to transmoggers everywhere. I will stand here with all these other motionless characters until I find out what works well with the Headdress of the Sleeper. They’re all either doing the same thing or Stormwind has been struck with some sort of freezing disease. Or yeah, they could be trolling chat.

6 Responses to “A greater boon, of worth untold …”

  1. Tome, I love this. Damn, you crack me up, girlfriend! And I needed this to dry my tears over losing the last round of the contest…boo hoo hoo! Well, snap. Can’t be good at everything. Hey, maybe I’ll start my 2,398th Ironman character! Death by a thousand pixel cuts! Hooray!

    • Thank you Matty! Yeah, I think they’ve got ringers in there, those moggers are so good I think they’re professional moggers not amateurs!

      I really enjoyed the Ironman with a side of death. The no-death really wasn’t fun to me. I was so concerned with accidentally dying of one of the various methods I’m so skilled at, falling, flight masters, AFKing while underwater!

  2. Okay – that settles it. Hachette will go on. I agree, it requires way too much caution. I could sit in just kill various animals in regions that are always a few lower levels, and where’s the fun in that?

    And the bug in the spawning zone–who knew? Well, now I do. 🙂

    • Yay! Caution, we don’t need no stinkin caution! Go Hachette! I found Ironsally’s 3 or so months some of the most fun I had in WoW. No worrying about leveling professions, no worrying about reps or buying enhants. No worrying about a bazillion spells, everything simplified, I loved it.

  3. Matty I think you did so well to get to second round, and besides, I am going to cheer you up by writing some crazy ridiculous stuff for your little challenge. Oh wait, I’m writing on the wrong blog again darn it. Oh well, Matty reads your blog Ancient, as much as she reads her own, so I’m sure she’ll get my message of encouragement. We ❤ Matty!

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