No One Can Stand Against Me and …

a few other things. But first, yeah, how badass is that! I managed to procure the Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator to transmog my PvP helm when I make it. I’m pretty sure I really don’t even have to bother learning how to PvP wearing that baby. A rotating satellite of death right there on my head, they are just going to take one look at me and run like hell … or not but it’s worth a shot. I mean I could be hooked up to Skynet for all they know.

Here’s my non-spoiler screen shot from the beta. Oh hey, you knew I would at least take a peek. Luckily I was unable to spoil things for myself because about two seconds after I logged in, the beta would crash and boot me out. So all I got was this screen shot but I was happy.

I’ve got to hurry, my husband is off work and wants to clean the basement out again, although we’ve been through this before and he can never bear to throw anything out, ever. So I’m on borrowed time. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Noblegarden and remind you to check out the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt 3.0 at Kamalia et alia. There’s one hidden somewhere on this blog!

I’m really getting nervous about this third round of Mog Madness. It is getting progressively harder to judge. I can’t wait to see all of the Final Fifteen together, I know they’re going to hit this one out of the park. What? Wrong game? Oh, geez … I don’t think I know any basketball appropriate phrases.

Just a sec.

Okay … had to inquire, but now I’m busted and I’ve got to get to work on the basement, but those entrants are going to deliver a slam dunk this time! How’s that?

7 Responses to “No One Can Stand Against Me and …”

  1. Dunno about running, personally I’d be thinking must exterminate fast before you reprogramme my personal world destroyer and do bad things with it (like destroy the world and stuff)!

  2. All them bear butts! O.o

  3. euphyley Says:

    That looks like some pure PANDAmonium to me!!!!

  4. HAHAHA Euphy!!!

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