Mog Madness Round Three Results are In!

Well yeah, give me a minute. I really wanted to use this screen shot because really, I’m just looking to sight see in the beta and this is … I know! Blizzard transmogging Pandaria! See, it does fit!

But what you really want to know is who is going to move on to Round Four of Mog Madness! Thanks to all the competitors, round three was the toughest round yet. Just head over to Judge JD’s post to find out who will continue on to Round Four of Mag Madness!

You can find Round Four Rules here, and good luck!


11 Responses to “Mog Madness Round Three Results are In!”

  1. LOL. I’m glad you had a bit of a looksie. Love the spin you put on it 😛

    • I just love this screen shot! I was somewhat annoyed that everything was so normal in beta and finally found this.

      I am looking for weird and unusual sights and this was perfect!

  2. Wait, wait, we have to fight giant pink boxes? What is their debuff? What is their quest line? Oh, snap!

    • Yes! Yes! See that poor little dead Panda, I think he was zapped by Panderia’s giant pink version of the Borg!

      I’ve managed to find my comfort zone in the beta, wander around looking at things and taking screen shots. I won’t be doing any of the 85 and up quests, just sight seeing. And dodging the dread Pink Borg of Death!

    • JD Kenada Says:

      Gelatinous Ooze.

      Hated those buggers in D&D.

  3. I have to not look. I am not doing any beta peeping!

  4. And I hate this wordpress/gravatar thing

  5. […] Azerothian, Effraeti, and Tome of the Ancient have teamed up to bring Mog Madness to the WoW blogosphere! There will be five rounds, and each […]

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