Noblegarden, Blizzard’s Revenge

When I realized Noblegarden was here my first reaction was … meh. I was shocked, I usually love holiday events and I couldn’t remember why Noblegarden got  that initial bleh reaction from me. Okay, now I do, it’s all coming back to me now. This is the holiday designed to bring all our nerd-ragginess to the forefront and it does it’s job well. I’m SO SURE this is Blizzard’s revenge for all the ungrateful ranting we do at them on the forums. I just know it.

I want the mount. It’s not very pretty, but damn, it’s a mount and I gotta have it. Pictured above is my Druid losing her mojo about half way through. That’s just the ONE bag of the wrong junk. I can not begin to explain the rage I felt each time another freakin’ Spring Rabbit’s Foot dropped instead of a chocolate, and what’s worse I deleted them all, didn’t pay attention I was so nerd raged, my alts might have liked them.

So yeah, you got the Druids that fly ahead of you to get the egg, you’ve got the campers, you’ve got the racy racy guys who use whatever means available to rush ahead of you and get the egg. Then you’ve got the ones on a giant drake mount flying around getting stuck in-between buildings. Then you have the ones that decide you stole an egg intended for them, so they follow you around for an hour trying to beat you to each egg … oh wait … that was me. My bad.

Now that I’m finished, because I didn’t want to tip them off before I was done, you have the Noblegarden Bunnies. Thank Elune for these guys, if it hadn’t been for them I’d still be out there. They kept rushing around missing almost all the eggs, I’d follow along picking up all the eggs they missed. Thank you guys, I couldn’t have done it without you. The only good thing I can remember is that some of the campers really did it with style. Set up a camp complete with Tol Barad Searchlight and Romantic Picnic Basket at that one place in Dolanaar where three eggs would spawn.

So yeah, it’s over. I got the mount. But I’m still having flashbacks today. Sorry alts, I can not do that again … just can’t. You win Blizzard, you turned me into a nerd-raging twit who still has a nervous twitch today, happy? No matter where in Azeroth I’ve been since then, I still see phantom eggs hiding in the bushes and have to stop myself from running off to pick them. So in an attempt to wash the memories of the gory egg battles from my mind my Hunter went to Netherstorm and tamed Nuramoc.

He’s been renamed Euphy, can’t imagine why … NO, no, Goblins are not food! Stop it! So that helped take my mind off eggs for a while.

And world traveler Navi is back! And you can imagine how jealous I was after I read that story! So anyway, while on her trip she posted pictures of many fine meals at posh places and I just couldn’t resist returning the favor as when I saw this, all I could think of was Navi’s lovely food pictures! Bon Appétit!

16 Responses to “Noblegarden, Blizzard’s Revenge”

  1. Oh my dear blogging friend – you nailed it. Every time I click on something I expect an egg to be there. Must be something in the chickenfeed Blizz is feeding us. Produce more! MORE! I am taking a huge gamble on whether or not mounts will be BoA, because I really like mounts for Zep, in her Shadow-priestiness. Seriously that is the only reason why I have her I think sometimes, for the smoke and mirrors. Don’t tell her I said that!

    • I kept a Shadow Priest to level 72 for just that reason, unfortunately my love of Goblins was greater and she met the big delete button.

      I just hope when I log into those alts they don’t start brining up eggs!

  2. euphyley Says:

    Hahaha, watch out! Little did you know, Euphy enjoys eating goblins for breakfast! mmmmmm… nom nom nom

    Reading your post was the ultimate deja vu. I literally felt like I went back in time to Sunday…and that was scary. This holiday was bad enough before they added a mount, toss a mount and there and whoa nelly! o.O It’s amazing how this holiday can turn even the most well mannered people into raging lunatics.

    • I know! After spending most of yesterday getting 500 eggs to get a mount that I don’t particularly like I’ve decided Blizzard has mind controlled me or I need to see a head doctor, lol!

  3. Noblegarden does have a tendency to bring out the childish in us — and not in a good way. When I’ve been feeling nerdragey this year, though, I just remember how embarassed and ashamed of myself I felt later when I acted on my nerdrage in previous years, and that keeps me on an even keel.

    I am doing the egg thing with, um, sixteen alts. Nine of them only want 50 chocolates for black bunny ears or pink bunny ears, and will be DONE with Noblegarden after they’ve collected their 20 Brightly Colored Shell Fragments for today. Seven are the Tauren in my alt guild on Lightninghoof, and I’m doing just the daily to get the 20 Brightly Colored Shell Fragments with them, for the guild XP. With one, and only one of those sixteen characters, I’m also going for the mount. 😛

    • I know! Every time I felt nerdrage coming over me I lay down for a while and watched the campers and took depth breaths!

      I really should do some of Noblegarden with my Undead but I don’t think I can face it yet.

      And to make matters worse, I have only found ONE EGG in the GBNEH3 and it’s yours cause you told me where it was!

    • Holy crap 16 alts? I refuse to do it on anybody else after my 600 grind.

      • Yeah, I know I’m crazy and have too much time on my hands that I could probably be spending in more productive ways 😛

        I’ve been “taking it slow”… sort-of. I’ve been doing just 20 eggs for the daily quest with each alt, for as many days as it takes to get enough chocolates for whatever she wants. With my one alt who’s going for the mount, I’ve just been doing 100 eggs per day — she’ll get it by the end of the week, and I’m not in a great rush to have it.

  4. OMgosh! How could you possibly grind that many eggs? With the number of folks around you’ve so accurately described, I dread each attempt at gathering. Yes, the mount is not particulary pretty. But also yes, Ay wants one.

    • It was hell, lol! Actually yesterday’s crowd was the best behaved bunch that I can remember. In past years there was a lot of name caling going on in chat and I didn’t see any this time so that’s a step in the right direction!

  5. I felt the same way about this holiday but you know me and costumes, even if they are bunny ears. I agree the mount isn’t much to look at but it would probably look a bit strange riding a giant bunny.

    Oh, and I think we must have the same taste in hunter pets since I have him too 🙂

  6. I’m slowly fighting my way towards mount number 2. I know it’s not the prettiest out there but it makes me think of the ugly duckling and thus needs rescuing.

    Only 300ish eggs to go although I’d put money on the fact that egg number 499 will contain a mount because I haven’t sacrificed enough goblins to the RNG Gods recently.

    I do have an extensive collection of Elegant Dresses and Tuxedo shirts though. Not to mention the pleasure which can be gained snaffling eggs from the under the nose of the guy who swore at you five minutes ago for allegedly stealing “his” egg.

    Although the short version of the above would read:

    Noblegarden = worst Holiday ever!

    • Oh no, I had the whole “doing it one time only” thing pretty much under control but you’re right, everyone including me has been running down this poor bird, oh no, I may need to rescue another one too.

      Oh noooooooo!!!!

  7. Haha, I love that food pic (even though it’s a Mists shot – MUST NOT LOOK!). I did giggle when you called Nuramoc Euphy… 🙂 I have not been a Noblegarden fan, though egg hunting is fun for my daughter, but have been so busy since I got back that I haven’t really had much time to play WoW with her (and she’s been enticed away with saving princesses on PS3)

    • From now on if I even have a screen shot from beta in a post I’ll warn you in the title but I couldn’t resist that shot as it reminded me so much of your food pics!

      Oh! I can understand, princesses are awfully important!

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