Self Serve WoW Post

I wanted to talk today but I don’t really have anything interesting to talk about. I know, never stopped me before but yeah, I’m stumped. So I thought I’d just do kinda a self serve post today. I’ve supplied everything you need up there. It will probably even work out better than usual cause you can just pick what you want. I don’t use all that stuff up there but hey, it’s your post, knock yourself out, use some grammar on this baby.

I’m even going to provide the rl and in-game screen shots. You can’t have a post without the pictures so I’ve provided those for you. You may proceed. If anyone out there who’s not as lazy as I am comes up with a post using this stuff, let me know. I need stuff to read and I would rather read your stuff than something I wrote about anyway.

I had hoped my journey to the dark side of PvP would get me at least SOME kind of post but alas in spite of my ineptitude I’ve got nothing. I’m worried that my server is mellowing. Okay, okay, you’re mostly on your own now!

Oh yeah … chotskies … I haz um.

Morning in Orgrimmar before …

I spent all that money and all I got was this …

Oh geez, who knows.


Hope it was good!

8 Responses to “Self Serve WoW Post”

  1. You have inspired me. I would like to do a variation of your first photo. Later. Much later.

  2. Waking up and stretching, the gnome felt hungry. Thinking time for breakfast she sauntered down to Aimee’s sweet stand. After all, it’s the best place in Dalaran for tasty treat. So much choice spread out before her, what to snack on today?

    Eat from the jar marked drama perhaps, crunching down on all those sweet emotions. Just as her tiny hand was reaching for the candy, her magpie eyes alighted on the sticks of rock labelled punctuation. Such pretty brightly coloured sticks, she found herself wondering if their centres would have fullstops printed all the way through.

    Then out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the sticky salty tears. A smile spread across her face as she filled her basket with their gooey goodness because as everyone knows “A tear a day keeps the PvP blues away!”


    So glad none of your pictures contained anything which could even be loosely described as a chocolate egg. I think I’m now allergic to the very mention of them… not sure what will happen when I actually see one again 😦

    /hate Noblegarden.

  3. I did wonder if this was an anti Noblegarden post. Was I right?
    I am dreading logging in. This stupid thing never gets my details right.

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