Too Much PvP Preparation?

So yeah, my little Undead Warlock is taking this whole PvP thing very seriously. She’s trying to read all the things PvP by all the PvP masters. MY problem as usual, is an unwillingness to barge into things without knowing what’s going on, ruining it for others by being a noob. And my other big problem is I don’t really learn well by reading, it helps but I have to see and do.

I’ve been browsing Gnomeaggedon and Cynwise and following links and found Psynister’s Warsong Gulch 101 post. I even learned some of the dastardly deeds those Gnomes are capable of, squeezing through places where others can’t follow, oh the evil! Psynister mentions that one of Blizzard’s failings is giving no information on Battlegrounds, I so agree. It would be so helpful to at least have a trial “walk around” in the area without an actual battle going on. But I can’t, so I study.

And that’s the problem. I think I may be studying too much. I think I may be over thinking this whole thing, because last night I apparently tried to kill my husband in my sleep.

This morning when I got up my husband asked whether I was awake in the night when I tried to kill him, because there have been other incidents. Thank heavens he AT LEAST knows I might have been asleep. I at times sleepwalk. And I’ll talk to you and everything which must be incredibly creepy.

Anyway, what apparently happened was, I at some point in the night snuggled up close, that part’s alright. Then I whipped his pillow out from under his head and proceeded to try to smother him with it! I KNOW! It’s awful. He managed to get his pillow back and inquired as to whether I was awake. I apparently (I mean why would he make this shit up unless he wants me to make spaghetti tonight and he thinks guilt would be a great motivator) answered that I’d stay right here, whatever that means. The asleep me rarely makes sense.

I don’t know if he got any sleep after that or whether he just watched me to make sure I was “staying right there.” I really like my husband. I would never try to kill him if awake, but then I’d never try to impale my face on a metal curtain tieback while awake either, and I’ve done that while sleepwalking so I’m sure he knows it wasn’t awake me.

Too much PvP preparation do you think? Should I back off a little on the studying? I can’t even remember what blog told me the “whip out pillow and smother your opponent to death.” Probably those sneaky Gnomes.

So anyway I think all is forgiven. He did leave rather early today for work. But it’s Friday, maybe he’s in a hurry to get it started so it will end and he can get home. To me. OR NOT.

17 Responses to “Too Much PvP Preparation?”

  1. Tome–while the good players of the world truly respect your diligence to your studies of warfare, I promise you – the “ruining it for others” is not a factor. Really. You win some, you lose some, and you just gotta get in there and mosh-pit it out. The strategies and knowledge only come with practice. You gotta be a good soldier before you can be a general. Battlegrounds happen so fast, that is one reason why they are easier and harder to learn to do. Just get in there, Tome. And no one wants to see your husband in an imaginary soul-drain scenario at 3AM. Poor man.

    • Yeah, considering the hours I play I don’t think there are many PvP theorists out there with me, lol.

      Thankfully he seemed amused but I don’t think I’d be that
      forgiving if he tried to smother me in my sleep. I might take that personally, he’s a better man than I am.

    • I agree, completely. You’ve read and prepared which is more than 95% of players do when first zoning in to a BG. Each one will be fluid and dynamic and interesting and reading about them only teaches you so much. At some point, you just throw yourself into the breach over and over and over again until you figure it out.

      GIve yourself at least 5 runs on EACH map before you think you should know your way around. Follow the crowd, that is usually the best tactic you can do. If there isn’t a crowd, pick someone and stick by them.

      One last thing – if you are at all concerned that you’re doing it wrong, you’re a step ahead of a lot of people in the BG. You will lose. You’ll die. It happens to all of us. I die an average of 5.41 times EVERY BG. (This is not a made up number.) On some toons I die 9-10 times in every BG.

      It’s okay. Just go in and give it your best shot.

      Also, don’t attack your husband like he’s the flag carrier, unless you’re both awake and … well. I’ll leave that there. 🙂

      • Thank you Cynwise, I’m afraid I quietly study everything to death in rl too, I need to just get on with it already.

        So far I’ve been having a lot of fun, at some point I think you learn the moves of every single NPC in game and the unpredictability of real live people is really refreshing.

        Yeah, I’m really glad he has a sense of humor about this stuff. I think he was just relieved I didn’t do a swan dive down the stairs this time, lol!

        • The reason I enjoy PvP so much is exactly that – it’s never the same thing twice. Oh, sure, maybe it’s another day in the Office of Warsong Gulch, but the teams are different, the people playing are different, and the game will be different.

          Hopefully things straighten themselves out while you sleep! 🙂

      • And I was blushing at my soul drain comment – well played sir!

  2. When I first started PvP waaaay back when, I did’nt know anything. Not even that resources were available to read! I just jumped in, died a bunch, and eventually learned how not to die so much.

    I agree with the previous posters, you can only do so much reading, which is good background to a point. Jump in there and do it! Discover the fun parts like PS’ing enemies off a cliff. (or whatever fear you have to use) Everything else will come in time.

  3. Like everyone else has said, battlegrunds are learning by doing.

    Or on my case “Learning by noobing”.

    I’ve done such retarded things in bg’s, like capping a graveyeard in Alterac Vallery only to push horde right back onto the Alliance waves rushing to kill Drek’Thar.
    Av at that time was a complete rush marathon. Everyone won more honor points if everyone played along and rushed through one Av after another. Until, I, the “hero”, thought I was sooo clever. I got yelled at alot, but I learned.

    Ps: Creepy you in the middle of the night… !!!
    I sleep walk too, but my stories can’t beat that one!

    • Lol! I like that “learning by noobing” it’s what I’ll do. I at least now have an idea of where everything is in TB now. I guess when I feel very familiar with that one I’ll move on to another.

      Yeah, I’m not sure how he can sleep with me in the room, at least these things only happen every couple of years!

  4. Sleepwalking is amazing. Sleepsmothering one’s husband is also amazing…ly amusing and scary! And I am impressed that you were researching BGs. Thank god for the Gnomeys and Cynwises out there for you to refer to. They’re smart folk.

    Oh and remind me not to sleepover at your house.

  5. Poor husband!! But wow- that you’re even considering PvP is impressive. If you learn better by doing though you just have to get in there & do it. Every mistake will be one less for the future )

    • I gave up on the studying for a while and I’m doing now but I’m beginning to get a complex as every BG I’ve been in we lose. I might the be Typhoid Mary of BGs but I’m not quitting!

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