Forsaken Love and Serial Altoholism

Come back here! I’m going to beat you like a rented mule! Oh dear, I thought something was up. My Undead Warlock is in general a taciturn young lady, and running around Tol Barad shouting about beating mules is not like her at all. Since I’ve known her she seems to stoically accept her fate and move on. I mean she’s had to, too much thought about her past would drive anyone to beat a mule.

She did find a few things out though. Apparently some people are aware of the fact that Warlocks are supposed to be dangerous in PvP so they’ll take one look at her and run, I don’t think they’re familiar with what beginner, homemade, PvP gear looks like so, whew, one less death for her. HAHAHA! Joke’s on you! But that’s not what’s making her cranky. Nope. It’s love. I eavesdropped on a conversation she had over a pint with Gamon. I’m really not surprised she choose him to tell her sad story of unrequited love.

Yes, she’s in love … from afar. She follows Mog Madness apparently and found the man of her dreams, yes, Frank. I mean who could blame her, really? He’s obviously a man among … um … dead men. She carries his picture with her, poor thing, and I don’t think I’ll say anything about yelling at strangers cause she’s got a lot on her mental plate right now.

So I feel a little guilty because I’m so happy. I WON SOMETHING! And it’s a wonderful something! I came second in The Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt 3 hosted by Kamalia! It’s a headshot/avatar image to be drawn by Vidyala of Manalicious! My only problem is I keep changing my mind about who to pick. I’d decided on Ironsally but then I don’t think that’s really fair to my Druid although she says it’s okay. Must make up my mind.

Oh yeah, altoholism. Okay, look at that picture.

WTF! I have all these things to do and I delete a character and roll a Rogue. What is that about anyway. I don’t really like to play Rogues. I deleted my last one at level 72 to make room for another character. What am I doing! I’d always wondered why, for an altoholic, I don’t have more characters. I generally have about 25 or 30 at any one time. Then it hit me. I’m a serial deletist, I don’t want to say murderer so I’ll call it deletist cause that’s what you type. Anyway, I think I’ve killed deleted hundreds of characters since 2006 because of my insistence on keeping them on one of two servers. So not only am I a altoholic, I’m a SERIAL altoholic, geez.

And why the rogue if I don’t like playing them? At the character creation screen I build the look first and then that dictates the class. Weird I know, but does she look like she’d wear a dress? I think not.

26 Responses to “Forsaken Love and Serial Altoholism”

  1. Grats on the Egg Thingy Win 😀

  2. euphyley Says:

    Grats on your win ancient!! =D

    Mayhaps you should enroll in Altoholics Anonymous eh?

    • Thanks Euph! I know! There was a time I would roll a certain class, now I just look at the screen and think hmmm, looks like a Rogue to me and go for it!

      • euphyley Says:

        Haha I certainly hear ya with the alt thing though. I don’t quite choose my classes quite so willy nilly, but I certainly know where your coming from with deleting in order to remake new toons.

        I’m glad they added a new character slot in mop, kinda sad they didn’t just put a scroll bar in there though so that we could have all 50 toons on one or two realms though. =(

  3. Good morning, fellow deletist. We’re a rare breed, we are. There is no shame in what we do, there is only more room for even more alts.

    • There is a morgue somewhere in Tirisfal that has a few, “failed experiments” of mine. Ran out of ink for toe tags, and must go grind some more.

      And grats on the art! That’s like Carl Kasell doing your voice message from Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me. Since in my former life I was an artist, I thought to myself, gee, Matty, maybe you can draw your own prize? Drawing my own prizes is what I seem to be doing a lot lately. Hmm. Paging Dr. Frankenstein? 🙂

      • I was so excited, I remembered reading about them and thinking I would so like one of those prizes but I’m a lousy treasure hunter. Just must pick a character and commit to the choice.

        If you draw it let us see it!

    • Morning Psyn! After I realized that I was a deletist I remembered you saying you had no problem deleting a character either, so I wasn’t alone.

      I guess it’s all about the trip than the destination!

  4. And a theme song suggestion for your poor girl:

  5. Haha! I love that your warlock has taken a shine to Frank. Perhaps I should try to put together a proper “gentleman caller” outfit for him so that he can pay a courtly visit to the young lady. XD

  6. Grats again on the win Ancient!

    LOL you and your stories. I don’t think I’d be able to delete my 85’s ( I have 5) even my little alts I have trouble deleting but I’m glad they’re adding another slot to my main server too 🙂

    • Grats to you too! I can’t wait to see your appearance on “From Draenor With Love!”

      I used to feel a twinge when I deleted them but now almost no one is safe except for the Druid, Ironsally, Forsaken, and my first, a Hunter.

  7. Now get as ruthless in pvp as you are at deleting and the world will tremble before you!

    Also rogues are sneakily awesome, if only for the pickpocketing fluff you can pick up.

    • I can only hope, lol! I do throw a mean Embersilk Net though!

      I’ve been having an enormous amount of fun stealthing around pickpocketing, not actually leveling. I seem to love to start over and enjoy the new skills!

      • Hey, new to the WoW blog world here.

        I had to comment on this, as I, too, am a serial deletist, to the point where I select guilds based on whether or not they’ll let me put at least some of my alts in, and forgive me when I delete one and make another.

        The nice thing about starting over and over again is that you get that whole instant gratification. Somewhere around 82 or 83 I start to weep, despairing, as 85 seems so far away. But I gotta say that level 20 is always around the corner.

        • LOL! I know, I just spent about half an hour with a GM saying this, this and this one will be deleted, can you invite this, this and this one.

          I always get a little sad when one hits 85, outside of my Druid, my first character and my Warlock none of them has secure employment!

  8. Grats my friend! I was hopeless in that egg hunt 🙂 I didn’t want to send in my pathetic attempt at egg hunting. I can’t wait to see your prize!

    Do you know that deletist and elitist rhyme? I think I have to write something for you again 🙂

    • I was hopeless too! I think I may have won because I actually submitted my tiny list while others thought they hadn’t found enough to bother submitting! I didn’t find near as many as Cyrme.

      I know! I saw that and thought, now if I were Navi I could come up with a poem!

  9. Congratulations!

  10. […] outcome of Frank’s Mod Madness entry: He has an admirer.  He caught the eye and the fancy of Tome of the Ancient’s female Undead Warlock, and she’s been longing for him ever since.  Poor TotA has had no […]

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