Hospitality at the World’s End Tavern

Okay now doesn’t that just give you the creeps. What? Well yes, I did try to click on them, how could you not. Noblegarden flashbacks, will they never end. Anyway, I don’t have much to say which will soon become evident but since WordPress ate my blog for a few hours this morning I feel compelled to write SOMETHING just in gratitude for its reappearance.

My Druid really wants the Reins of the Raven Lord, I know it’s been three or four years. She’s been doing it since the room was crowded with bird people and she needed to summon him. She did it alone a few times and got feared around the room, not pretty. She takes a break once in a while but it’s so quick now she tries to keep her appointment with Anzu every day. I feel kinda bad for him but if he’d just drop the damn reins she wouldn’t bother him anymore. But it must be lonely in there, I think he withholds them just to guarantee company.

There he is, poor dead Anzu. He’ll be back, nostalgic for those better times when he had a whole room full of retainers to carry out his wishes. Sad really. One hundred and twenty secondth try. Nada. A Boomstick. I could have armed a whole freaking army by now … with Boomsticks.

Sigh … so anyway, She arrived in Shattrath a little early. Had to wait until 11:59 for it to unlock. What to do? Being a friendly sort she decided to visit the World’s End Tavern. It must be pretty quiet around there and she felt sure Shattrath Saul and the others would welcome the company. Boy, did she get a surprise.

Well I NEVER! That’s the thanks she got for trying to be sociable. Poor thing, no Reins of the Raven Lord and Albert Quarksprocket called her annoying. She hearthed back to Stormwind where the guards appreciate her conversation. Later Anzu.

8 Responses to “Hospitality at the World’s End Tavern”

  1. My cross-dressing rogue does a PERFECT imitation of instead of “See you later,” –“Smell ya later…”

    Tome – don’t taunt the humans.

  2. I first read this and thought – WHO is that floosy druid chatting up now?? I didn’t realise she was getting yelled at, poor druid.

  3. Take heart! Sooner or later Anzu will reward your kindness for visiting daily.

  4. Oh, I haven’t multi-clicked on an NPC for ages…
    Hope you get the Anzu mount soon. 🙂

    • I was trying to remember what I could do to waste ten minutes waiting so I settled for annoying the occupants at the Tavern!

      The mount’s so common now, I see all these people with them, why not me RNG, why not me!

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