And the Winner is …

Yesterday I kept waiting for the results of the final round of Mog Madness to be posted. I hung out at the pet shop in Dalaran for a while and then did a tour of Stormwind, killing time. I had an idea of who the top three were, but wanted to find out the winner with everyone else, so I didn’t cheat and tally the scores. But that Simon Cowell of Azeroth out waited me, so I didn’t find out until this morning!

Congratulation to all the competitors. They did an incredible amount of hard work over the weeks, while we got to enjoy viewing their efforts every weekend. I have an idea how hard this was because over at the Harpy’s Nest Erinys has a post about Saga’s Worst Warlock Competition. I tried to while away the time waiting for the Mog Madness results by dressing my Warlock in hideous (to her) outfits and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be and all I ended up with was a Warlock that’s not speaking to me.

Big congratulations to the winner, your outfit really scared the bejeezus out of me! I feel a little sad this morning. I’ve opened all the packages and now all that’s left is the cleanup. I’ll get over it. I’m almost positive JD has something else up his sleeve, but while I wait to see what that might be I think I’ll go torment my Warlock some more.

Thank you JD, Effy, and all the competitors for a wonderful and exciting five weeks of mogging goodness!

2 Responses to “And the Winner is …”

  1. I can only imagine the level of difficulty each of the competitors went through each week designing an outfit and gathering together the gear necessary. I should think that the challenges the judges went though was probably as great.
    Following the posts, everyone seemed to have a wonderful and exciting time.
    Congrats to the winners, all participants, judges and everyone who lent their hand along the way!

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