The Lovely Black Dress Challenge and a Handsome Visitor

It may sound like it, but The Lovely Black Dress Challenge has nothing to do with transmogrification. I generally like to think of myself as “eccentric” rather than just full on crazy but there are times, like now, when I’m not so sure. I have three level 85 Warlocks, and like a sailor with a girl in every port, I have various levels of Warlocks on most servers, yeah, Oceanic, I’ve got two there. EU, if you’d let me in they’d be there too.

I’m really enjoying PvP but I feel like something’s missing. I can’t put my finger on it, maybe I miss old Deathwing flying around. Maybe it’s all the reminiscing I’ve been doing lately, I don’t know. I do know I loved the Psyn/Vry Ironman Challenge and I love Warlocks so I decided to try to level one to 85 wearing only a Lovely Black Dress. I have no idea whether this will be too hard, too easy, or just right. There’ll be no way to tell if it’s too easy until higher levels so I imagine she’ll probably get to at least level 60.

So there is Ms. Lessismora. She likes to keep things uncomplicated. No worrys about gear, gems, or weapons. She’s armed with a Lovely Black Dress. She can train her talents, do whatever else she wants to do or not do. Just has to do it in that dress.

Oh grow up Brother Paxton. He took one look at her and kind of cast an involuntary spell. And really, after all these Warlocks I’m getting pretty tired of being told to go ’round to the side of the building. Don’t actually ENTER the Abbey, sheesh.

If nothing else it should help my Warlocks get out of the habit of just standing there casting because of an over reliance on minions, she’ll have to get some exercise trying to keep out of range as she’s squishier than Ironsally was. So we’ll see how that goes. She may die a lot but she’ll look simply marvelous while doing it, and THAT’S what counts don’t you think. Well SHE thinks it.

Yes, well. My Druid. She’s been up to her usual shenanigans. That girl, I don’t know what to do with her. Carrying on right there by the Abbey. With all those young, young, impressionable level ones hanging about. REALLY DRUID. Navi’s Rogue came to Fenris to visit her and now I think she’s totally forgotten about her crush on Jarel Moor, the Bartender at the Slaughtered Lamb. For shame Druid, fickle much? Although I can’t really blame her, he’s really attractive in a dark, dangerous sort of way. OMG! Oh hell no! Now she’s wearing off on me! STOP IT DRUID!

21 Responses to “The Lovely Black Dress Challenge and a Handsome Visitor”

  1. Can you wear other gear?

    • No, she can only equip the dress. But then she’s a Warlock, she told me she doesn’t NEED anything else except for maybe Brother Paxton’s soul. We’ll see how this goes and if there’ll be any further entries in this category, lol!

  2. Most of my bank alts are Warlocks in Lovely Black dresses…. they don’t get past about level 6 though.

  3. My bank alts also wear that dress. But that is an interesting challenge! Oh btw BBB was talking about you, go read 🙂

  4. This explains soooooo much.

  5. Woot! I’ll be rooting for you lock # 3 trillion!! You going to have talents or go ironman style?

    • I’m going to let her have talents, just no armor or weapons. We’ll see how powerful just a lovely black dress can be!

      I don’t know why the thought of leveling in a lovely black dress tickled me but hey, why not!

      • Nice, I can’t wait to hear how it goes!! If your gonna be killin’, you may as well be beautiful while doing it! Maybe down the road you could get her a bouquet of roses or something to match the purty dress. 😉

  6. JD Kenada Says:

    Ah, you should have told me that’s what you were doing when I was on!

    Interesting idea, and I’d suggest finding guides to rares for the ridiculously good XP. 😀

    I still love the name!

  7. Think I might go pick up my embersilk gown from the cleaners and see what I can do….

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