One Transcendent Moment

Yeah, I’m not talking about sex, not yet at least. Not even talking about being, yes, Kingslayers. Talking about something else entirely but I’m getting ahead of myself here, let me back up.

JD’s sendoff party started in Kara. All Sasche was worried about here was her clothing, as everyone looked just marvelous, and the only thing she’d transmogged was her hideous belt. And what is up with those Tauren minion whisperers?

Look at my minion! Navimie had my Felhunter entranced, he wouldn’t come when I called, he just ignored me, geez. And then I noticed that my Ancona Chicken decided that they preferred Kamalia to me! Well I never! Euphyley and I were left petless. It must be Navimie and Kamalia’s calming presence. Or something about us Undead makes them uncomfortable, nah, that’s silly. I don’t know why being together with everyone in pixel form was almost as good as actually meeting in person, but it was. Kara was great fun, I love that place. But now the second half of the sendoff was soon to start and I was kind of hoping a meteor would land in the backyard or some other acceptable excuse to … um … bail.

Oh dear … oh dear. Yeah, it doesn’t help that I’m a shy introvert either. Back when I started playing, WoW was my first MMO. I stupidly thought people would come together in groups and play, have fun. Not so much. By the time BC was drawing to a close I had enough of nerdraging and unpleasantness. And this was before LFD when it was moderately better, because by the time you got a group together you got to know people a little. I usually knew the names of their rl pets by the time the group was complete. Less anonymity, less likelihood of jackassery, but I still couldn’t take it. Druid went completely feral and pretty much stayed away from humanity.

Imagine you’re really gullible and someone tells you sex is sticking SOME part of you into a electrical socket. That’s how you do it. So you do it. Wow, not much fun. Ouch. Figure you did it wrong. Try it again. Crap. You really, more than likely, won’t try it too many times. You feel bad, you heard people talk about how they enjoy it but hey, that isn’t your experience so you quit trying. So yeah. I quit sticking things into the electrical socket of groups. I never raided, ever. I stopped doing anything other than a quick holiday boss.

So yeah. Arthas. Don’t know squat about Icecrown Citadel. I did view videos of the Arthas fight beforehand, but all that stuck was to be terrified of defiles and if you’re lucky enough to be killed by Arthas toward the end, DON’T RELEASE. Imagine my surprise to find there were like a gazillion other bosses in that place. Who knew!

In preparation I did install DBM but I was afraid it might scare the crap out of me more than help. Matty told me about GTFO so I installed that too, and still didn’t GTFO all that often but it helped.

I can’t believe how luxurious it feels to have someone heal you. No wonder DPS get crazy. And yes, you should fear defiles. The entire platform was a swirly black mass, really. My only option would have been to jump off, but I’m afraid of heights. I was my usual uncommunicative self.

As I’ve written about before, my set-up is a little unusual, not conducive to, you know, communicating, which isn’t usually a problem. And I missed a lot of chat because I was busy taking a total of 62 screen shots. I just couldn’t stop.

So when this happened I knew we’d done it. I just lay there basking in the glory of death. We’d done it. And I only got lost once. And no one put up those stupid numbers so I didn’t have to know how bad I did, it was just … fun. And you whisperers, thank you, you know who you are. And thanks to our fearless leader, Effy, who led us to take down the only expansion bad guy I really did miss not getting to see.

This was what I thought it would be like when I started playing WoW. This was what I had been looking for. It has taken almost six years to find it. So thank you JD. I’m glad you’re staying, but I’m also glad you almost left. Without you almost leaving I would never have known what it’s supposed to be like. Thank you all, Horde and Alliance, for a most wonderful evening.

24 Responses to “One Transcendent Moment”

  1. I would never have known that you hadn’t raided before — the entire run went very smoothly! I totally expected us to wipe at least once from Defile, because it’s one of those mechanics that you just have to see before you can handle it. (I have never known anyone yet who was able to avoid Defile their first attempt.)

    I’m glad you had fun and I hope we get to do this again in future. 🙂

    • JD Kenada Says:

      We both benefitted from this in similar manners and as I said in chat last night, I’m so very glad you came. I did forget your mentioning of being an introvert in-game so I was surprised at how quiet you were.

      Khizzara is right. I didn’t understand defile at all until I saw it in action, but that’s how I’m also wired. Khizz, Effy, and Laz did an amazing job running the show.

      I’m intrigued to see all the screenshots people took.

      • The really funny thing is I took a million of us floating there, okay maybe only twenty. I just wanted to ensure the moment would last.

        Even if my fingers were closer to keys I probably wouldn’t talk much more. I just enjoy watching the wit of others in chat, more a listener than a talker with the one exception of here!

        • JD Kenada Says:


          Talking before and after is just as good as talking during as far as I’m concerned!

    • Thank you, it must have been because of you, Effy and Laz’s direction because I was a raid virgin other than old ones on my own.

      I had a really good time although I know it’s sometimes hard to tell since I only seem to get talkative here!

      Only sad part of the evening was poor Sasche was hoping to see the man of her dreams, Frank!

  2. euphyley Says:

    Or maybe the pets just think cows look tastier, eh? 😉

    Hehe, that was a lot of fun last night. We should definitely do something like it again!

  3. You nailed it, Tome. I am thinking maybe the cannibalism of the undead might make the stray chicken nervous, but that’s just me. The secret is, Tome, raiders die more than succeed. They get the water bucket thrown on them about a hundred times before they see where the witch is. Don’t let them make you believe any different. That was a blast, and now I’m wondering why I’ve been sticking things in light sockets, too.

    • Well, you and Euph are making Sasche feel better, I forgot Sasche’s whole cannibalism thing as I told her to never do it when I’m around.

      The older I get the more I avoid anything I don’t have to do that’s unpleasant, and people bickering and throwing blame around is unpleasant. Constructive criticism done well would be most welcome but it’s pretty rare and pretty much an art.

      The absolute hardest part of any art class was the critique. I didn’t mind getting them but hated giving them!

      • Mataokashama is so very right about how raiders die far more often than they succeed. Out of curiousity I just checked the statistics for my main. I started raiding on her during Wrath. Since then she has:

        Killed raid bosses — 1046 times.
        Died to raid bosses — 3400 times.

        Raid bosses are more than 3 times as likely to kill me as I am to kill them.

        It’s even worse when you consider that most of my boss kills were farm content, where there was very little chance that I would die.

        Failure is far more common than success, but there’s nothing like the feeling of beating your head against an encounter for days (or even weeks) and then finally, FINALLY defeating it.

        • I can’t even imagine doing that at the appropriate level for the first time. Ouch! But I can imagine how good it felt when you finally defeated him or any other encounter you worked hard on, must be great.

  4. That looked like so much fun! I almost wished I was alliance so I could go too, but never mind there will be other fun things to do!

  5. Hey Tome, glad you had fun. I absolutely love raiding with my guild. And the 10 times I have actually done that in the last 6 years were great. I miss it heaps but just don’t want to trouble 9 or 24 other players when I ask every 10 mins.

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